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Klonor ends formal Alliances (no, this is not a revolution)

27-11-2003, 01:55
In the past decades, all the Alliances that Klonor belongs to have crumbled. Their members withdraw, their leaders take no role, nothing is done. They are pointless, since they don't do anything. As of this moment, we withdraw from them all. We will still honor individual nation to nation agreements, but the formal organizations no longer hold sway.

Alliances we have withdrawn from:

Chromestar Alliance
Extra-Solar Union of Systems
StarCon Space Treaty Alliance
The Anti War Alliance of Negotiators
The New Jewish Alliance

We hope to remain friends with the members of these alliances, but we no longer recognize the Alliances themselves. Have a nice day.


Duke Solomon Klonor
Hegemon of The Klonor Empire (
Founder: Galactic Alliance
Founder: Inter-Stellar Alliance Organization ( ( (
27-11-2003, 01:58
We think alike. That's why Xanthal dumped most of it's alliances too.
27-11-2003, 01:58
Um, if you disavow all those alliances. What happens to the Inter-Stellar Alliance Organization?

Not that it was real active before you denounced it's members.
27-11-2003, 01:59
I officially (and unofficially) never had any role in the ISAO besides starting it. It shall continue as it did.

Besides, it never did anything
27-11-2003, 02:03
Since you're recognizing the futility of formal alliances, does that mean you finally will stop starting them?
27-11-2003, 02:07
I only started two. One (the GA) was a huge success. The ISAO never really did start, since nothing (and I do mean nothing) ever happened