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Diplomatic Conference In Sagesquagmire (Trium Only)

27-11-2003, 01:19
*Evendim rushed around the Palace making sure everything was acceptable for her many visitors that were to arrive shortly.

She was extremely nervous and was concerned about the impression she was going to make. She knew most of the visiting nation's delegates were from Space and Future Tech Realms, yet her simple beginnings were only limited to the medieval. She liked the way her Empire was run, but she felt most overwhelmed by Space Nations.

The only thing close to Future Tech was the Wheel. A machine not unlike a teleporter. (ooc: think stargate basically guys) She could send out a signal anywhere in the universe for one to materialise so her people could travel through relatively quickly and safely...


She stopped jumping a mile high at the sound of her advisors voice.

"Yes Squilth"

"come come we must have you inspect the visitors quarters and the conference hall where we will be holding the meetings."

"yes yes, i will be right there"

She followed her advisors through the large mahogony doors of the Banquet hall and sighed at the opulence of the decoration.

"Squilth! This is far too much! We dont want to blind our guests, nor do we want them to think we're trying too hard to impress them. Tone it down a little! And for Lanas Sake take down that picture!"

She pointed at the huge picture of herself sitting, musing over the hall above

She quickly inspected the guests quarters and although she was slightly disappointed with the old curtains hanging in the centuries old castle she knew that she neither had the money nor the time to arrange new ones on such short notice.

After looking over the kitchen and the food that was to be presented to the arriving dignataries... she thought she should go and freshen up a little.

She made her way through the castle, via the private ways to her room. Sat on the bed and prayed to Lana that all would go smoothly.

Putting on her finest Green Velvet gown and placing her long golden hair in an intricate style with many emeralds and lots of gold she began to pace back and forth waiting for her first arrival.....
27-11-2003, 04:54
She had arrived in one of the new skimmers, a disk-shaped quicksilver craft that resembled nothing so much as the classical 'flying saucer' -- though a very small one, suited for no more than two occupants. This one carried only one: Sakura Kitsuki, agent of Ravenspire, Minister of Intelligence, High Queen of the Kin, and self-appointed envoy to the Triumvirate.

Sakura was a redhead, standing about five and a half feet tall with the athletic build of a dancer or an acrobat. She had dressed in one of the cheongsams she favored -- this one, silver, with black and white trim in curved lines that suggested yin-yangs without actually representing them. She wore a bracelet of ivory on one wrist, carved to depict a line of cranes, and an ivory hairpin in the shape of a crescent moon, and no more jewelry. She almost looked like a normal, slightly underdressed (but formal enough to pass) woman in her mid-20s -- except that she wasn't human, as her ears and tail, resembling a fox's, attested.

She approached the palace confidently as if she'd lived there.
The SLAGLands
27-11-2003, 05:55
(OOC: Great to see you back, Sages. Thought you had vanished.)

I've been granted clearance on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs--a subsidiary of the Ministries of Community and Commons--to attend this event. I look forward to meeting you all at last.
Chevre Leilani Pollux
Minister of Commons
The Emerald Heights of The SLAGLands


She never was one for fancy transportation. Space vessels, personal aircraft, or even limousines escaped her. Chevre arrived in Sagesquagmire by commercial plane, and she intended to arrive at the palace via public transportation.

Just like the rest of the squabble, she thinks, chuckling as she adjusted the bun in her black hair. That's what Minister Wololo would say. Pretentious prick...

The [taxi/carriage/whateversortofpublictransportationyouhavehere] came to a halt, and Chevre made absolutely certain to generously tip the driver as she left, lugging her lip red suitcase behind her.

If you've got a nickel, you make a friend. An age-old bit of wisdom passed on from Chevre's father long ago, one she hadn't forgotten. And as Minister of Commons, her duty is, above all else, the people. Even abroad, she feels the obligation extend. SLAGLanders aren't the only people in the world, after all.

Chevre wears a floor-length, shoulderless black gown that flowed across her short, slim figure like water. She looks over the grandeur of the castle with a smile, trotting toward it with an obvious hop in her gait.

She notes the presence of the fox woman approaching the castle with her and immediately recognizes her as a resident of Ravenspire. Sidling toward her, Chevre offers a low kowtow to Sakura.

"How do you do?" she says, her voice high-pitched and jolly. "Chevre Pollux, SLAGLandic Minister of Commons. You must be the Ravenspire delegate, I assume? It's a pleasure to finally meet you."
27-11-2003, 06:27
"So... Chameleon is indisposed. Sabolom?"
"Eh... Nero?"
"Dang. Well, at least tell me the Flagship is available for transport."
"No, sir."
"Crap. Ah, well. I haven't been to one of these things in a while. I guess it'll do me good. Think I should take Fíora or Galan?"

A feminine voice came from the next room over. "You're taking Galan! I've got to worry about the Téni matter!"

"Right then. If we don't have Flagship, what do we have?"
"Well.. there is an Aquilla left, m'Lord."
"Oo... even more impressive. Right, well, inform Galan, we'll be leaving ASAP."

A large purple trilaterally symmetric electrogravitorcraft slowly made its way over the horizon, attempting to be as impressive as possible. Touching dow in the most convenient large space, The Steward and Master Galan exited, and started the long walk towards the castle, in their usual attire- Inbhailígh in black gold-trimmed vest and trousers with white shirt and black beaverskin hat with an eagle feather, and Galan in his gold-fiber v-neck with black denim pants and a grigri.
27-11-2003, 09:00
Evendim walked to her window high above the courtyard where everyone of her visitors would be entering, she quickly glanced to make sure that there was a man stations at every point above the square to reap the full advantage of height should anything go wrong. She was convinced nothing would bother her meeting,

Out of a very strange thing, she couldnt explain it more than being a 'thing', she saw a woman, or what she thought was a woman walk towards the castle with inexplicable confidence... she was most impressed by the sight of this woman... she caught the glint of something coming up the road towards the castle, and instinctively looked at it with suspicion....

She looked as a most uncomfortable looking public transporter that pulled up outside the gates.... she wondered who the hell would be coming to the palace in one of those... She saw a very slim woman step out of the vehicle with a very very red suitcase

With her first arrivals... she didnt want to see too eager, or put herself into harms way, so she immediately sent Keyoke, her most trusted man to greet the new comers...


Keyoke ran towards the entrance hall in he full emerald regale... he hated wearing anything else except his warrior garg, and felt most uncomfortable and very out of place...

He stood beside the door waiting for each of the women to make their way through the huge Castle Gates.


The Castle Gates read in Bright Emeralds:

Castle of the Acoma and Lana.
27-11-2003, 10:13
"Sakura Kitsuki. Likewise." The foxgirl bowed to Chevre from the waist, hands at her sides, in the Ravenspiric fashion. "And you're right about my country. Ah, that's really not necessary, though," she said, referring to the kowtow. "I don't really care about standing on formality. Although I guess this place sort of lends itself to that."

The pair were passing through the Gates, and Sakura indicated the soaring stonework. "We built smaller in Ravenspire. Even the old capital didn't have anything that matched up to this."
27-11-2003, 12:24
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27-11-2003, 13:02
Keyoke smiled at the woman commenting on the Acoma Gates...

"The gates, they were a gift, from the first Inchindar Light of the Empire over 500 years ago, they were given to Empress Evendims great great great great etc etc Grandmother Mara De Marani Acoma. They are somewhat of an eye sore from afar, but up close the Emeralds that spell the name shine like nothing else on Tsuranuanni.

Excuse me... I must introduce myself... My name is Keyoke Hikani. First Advisor to The Empress. I have been instructed to show you to your rooms. And then advise you of times and whereabouts of certain events this evening."

Keyoke Looked both of the ldies up and down very respectfully...

"Please dont assumed the Empress is being rude for not greeting you personally... she is quite indisposed at the moment and will be present at the conference and dinner to greet everyone as a whole."

"So ladies if you please will show you to your respective rooms."

He led them down a corridor and up a number of stairs.

"I dont wish to alarm you, but when you walk in to the room i will give you, you wil notice the decor will change.... it will change according to your mood each time you enter the room. If you try hard enough to recall you may have the room mould to your favourite room or place on your home planets. That is the benefit of having a Goddess of Love and Lust... she makes us comfortable."

Keyoke smiled at the two, and hoped they would enjoy their experiences on Sagesquagmire.

"The conference will begin as soon as the other guests arrive... there will be a bell that sounds to inform you of the commencement, and there will be a personal squire for each of you while you wait, and for your convenience during your stay... they are trained to provide any service desired for their assigned master or mistress. They will run for food, drink, baths anything so please feel free to use the service provided."

He stopped at an Amber wood door and opened it for Chevre "here you are my lady, make yourself at home."

He motioned for the fox woman to follow him and he only walked a few more feet to a very large Oak door and pushed it open for Sakura "And your room my lady"

Keyoke smiled and waited for a few minutes before returning to the entrance hall.
28-11-2003, 03:46
The trip from the Ring was uneventful, which was a relief for Andrew Seal, the Prime Minister of Khenala. The past few days events had been very stressful, but had come to a successful conclusion, allowing him to move on to other matters, primarily, his sponsorship of the nation of Sagesquagmire for Triumvirate membership.

And so he, and his brother/personal advisor James made the journey from Titan to Earth on the personal invitation of the leader of Sagesquagmire, Empress Evendim.

"Happy to be out of the office?"

Andrew blinked, turning to his brother as he was shaken out of his reverie. "Ah, yes. It's been a while. I was beginning to feel--"

"Imprisoned?", James finished, with a chuckle. "Yes, I know. I was nearly there as much as you were."

Andrew returned the chuckle. "True enough."

They both looked forward as they walked through the castle gates, to the waiting advisor Keyoke.
28-11-2003, 03:50
Inbhailígh and Galan walked up just behind the Khenalans.
Upon being noticed, Inbhailígh gave a low bow while twirling his hat.

28-11-2003, 04:17
Inbhailígh and Galan walked up just behind the Khenalans.
Upon being noticed, Inbhailígh gave a low bow while twirling his hat.


Not one to be startled, James turned first to the two approaching Eniqciri. "Greetings. Here for the conference, I presume?"

Andrew turned as well, extending a hand in greeting. "We have not had the pleasure of meeting. I'm Andrew Seal, Prime Minister of Khenala. Nice to meet you.", he stated, bowing his head slightly in respect.
28-11-2003, 05:11
"Aye, that we are. Inbhailígh Crzleídzí, High Steward of Eniqcir, and my son, Galan, um... not really anything until next month."

Galan gave a respectful nod. "Greetings. He forgets, my unofficial title should be Keeper of Familial Peace."
The SLAGLands
28-11-2003, 06:19
Chevre listens quietly to the greetings and dialogue of Sakura, nodding with a sincere interest, hanging on her every word.

"It is quite marvelous," she replies, "and something I've never seen before in all my travels. I certainly hope I'll represent my country well within these walls."

As the greeter from Sagesquagmire approaches the gates, Chevre kowtows, grinning politely.

"Chevre Pollux, SLAGLandic Minister of Commons," she says sweetly. "It's an honour to finally be here. I must say that your palace is most exquisite--an obvious testament to the grandeur and dignity of the Holy Magic Wheel Empire of Sagesquagmire's culture and people."

Chevre observes the grand interior of the palace with an equal respect, nodding her understanding at the mention of the Empress's indisposal. Such things happen to important people, I suppose...

She kowtows once again as the door to her room is opened, whistling quietly as she observes its interior--peaceful, quiet shades of green and blue, a homely quilt lying across the bed. She giggles slightly as she steps inside, taking in the scenery forged of her imagination as she collapses on the bed, feeling its yielding surface beneath her long fingers.

She raises her head just long enough to say "Thank you" before collapsing it on the bed again--seemingly entirely at peace.
28-11-2003, 07:00
"I'm sure it will be very comfortable. Thanks." Sakura smiled languidly at Keyoke. "Goddess of lust and love, eh? That sounds more pleasant than the usual sort of dominant religion. But what happens if two people should enter the room?"

In her case, the question was mostly academic. But in spite of her usual suspicion toward magic, she recognized this as potentially useful.
28-11-2003, 07:08
James and Andrew both return the nod to the two Eniqciri and continue the approach to the Castle Gates.

"Out of cuiousity, have you had any contact with Sagesquagmire?" asks Andrew. "This is our first visit and our first contact with them. I do not know what to expect."
28-11-2003, 08:10
"I'm sure it will be very comfortable. Thanks." Sakura smiled languidly at Keyoke. "Goddess of lust and love, eh? That sounds more pleasant than the usual sort of dominant religion. But what happens if two people should enter the room?"

Keyoke smiled at the womans question, truly expecting to have it asked more than once during the conference.
"The room will only change if the two people both wish the change, if they're thinking something along the same lines... If the two are after love then it will change appropriately. Enjoy your rooms intricate pleasures..."


Keyoke made his way back to the gates to greet the newest arrivals of the conference...

Once he reached the gates he saw another three visitors arrive, three men were approaching the entrace.
28-11-2003, 08:14
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28-11-2003, 11:37
James and Andrew both return the nod to the two Eniqciri and continue the approach to the Castle Gates.

"Out of cuiousity, have you had any contact with Sagesquagmire?" asks Andrew. "This is our first visit and our first contact with them. I do not know what to expect."

"Nope, nope, first time for us, too. But surprises make things interesting."
28-11-2003, 15:26
As the men walked underneath the gates Keyoke made his way before the men.

"My name is Keyoke, I am the first and most personal Advisor to the Empress Evendim. You are very welcome to Sagesquagmire."

Overhearing the mens conversation beforehand, Keyoke thought it polite enough to comment

"You will find many surprises in our Nation, and especially the Palace. Do not be alarmed. The Acoma Palace is the safest place in this realm, with acception to the Light of the Empires Palace, Evendim's Political Home, in Kentosani."

"Please follow me sirs, and i will show you to your rooms immediately. I must apologise on my ladies behalf for her noticable absence at the Gates, but she finds it more appropriate to wait until all visitors have arrived before making introductions."

Keyoke led the men up the same Hall Way he had escorted the Ladies Chevre and Sakura earlier.

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29-11-2003, 00:12
29-11-2003, 16:08
29-11-2003, 19:22
"You will find many surprises in our Nation, and especially the Palace. Do not be alarmed. The Acoma Palace is the safest place in this realm, with acception to the Light of the Empires Palace, Evendim's Political Home, in Kentosani."

"Please follow me sirs, and i will show you to your rooms immediately. I must apologise on my ladies behalf for her noticable absence at the Gates, but she finds it more appropriate to wait until all visitors have arrived before making introductions."

"Should that imply that said surprises are alarming? The Lady's absence is quite understandable. I rarely have time to greet people personally myself."
29-11-2003, 19:51
Wilson was late. But he was there. Leaping off the shuttle that had dropped like a dart into the outskirts of the city he raced inside. He hadn't had time to change thus he was wearing the regular uniform instead of something formal. Still it looked like the sword was appropriate. He's grab a doublet or something off a servant.

Once he was inside he took a quick look at the local clothing and what the other ambassadors were wearing. Waving a servant over he handed him two heavy di-coins and gave him whispered instructions on what to obtain. There had to be a restroom somewhere in the place...
29-11-2003, 21:54
After walking into their rooms, both men were slightly suprised that each room was exactly what they hoped for, and began to prepare themselves for meeting the Empress.
30-11-2003, 01:36
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30-11-2003, 01:48
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30-11-2003, 04:26
The trans-orbital holo-comm system is used very rarely. In this instance, instantaneous communication between the Titan colony and the homeland is brief, but vital.

The flickering, pale images of the Parliamentary leaders of the Colony and Emperor Gorrm are arranged in a semi-circular fashion.

"......and how goes Advisor Bosska's diplomatic mission?"

"Currently engaged. Unknown time of completion."

"We seem to be extending our influence far, at the cost of deployable diplomats. We will, however, send Admiral Shaar. She has shown interest in seeing the ways of diplomacy, as opposed to drilling and training our Defense Forces here at the Colony. We will send her to Sagesquagmire, and see how she does."

"It is decided then. Her cruiser will dock at the Orbital Shipyard, and a shuttle will be prepared to meet her on arrival."

"Very good. Now then, we will need more information on the abilities of your new Battle Carrier......"

<<Official Communique>>
<<Destination: Sagesquagmire>>


Admiral Shaar of the Sakkran Space Navy has tendered her application to attend your diplomatic event, which we find acceptable. She is already enroute and will arrive in one standard day. An Honor Guard will accompany her. The following is a list of our environmental needs for comfort.

<List sent in encrypted packet>

Thank you, and may you walk on warm sands.

Emperor Gorrm
<<Transmission ends>>
01-12-2003, 05:15
01-12-2003, 07:37
Admiral Shaar departs from the conveyance which brought her to the reception hall in Sagesquagmire. Mounting the steps, her clawed feet make a clack clack sound. Dressed in her ceremonial midnight-blue mantle, with a black vest and pants, her slate-grey scales stand out.

Standing at 7'8", she looks down upon the greeter. "I believe I am expected. Admiral Shaar." Her voice sounds deep, yet smooth.
01-12-2003, 11:44
Keyoke looked up at the creatures that spoke to him, and he was taken very much by surprise.

"Uhhh Yes.. you are expected... please I am Keyoke i will take you to your room in the interim while the Empress prepares herself for the formalities this evening."

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03-12-2003, 06:17
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01-02-2004, 07:12
The Empress took one last look in the mirror as she exitted the room to go greet her guests.

The Green of her dress made her golden hair glow, the emeralds too shone with amazing clarity.

Three loud bell rings sounded through the palace signally the arrival of a great one of the wheel.

Evendim cursed and yelled for Keyoke.

"Keyoke! Go see what they want, i cannot speak with them right now! Tell them that they are quite welcome to sit in on the conference, but at this point i am looking out for the nations wellbeing!"

"Yes madame!"

The Empress regained her composure and summoned the courage to attend her first real meeting with other members of the World. How she became to be a leader of a nation in that universe she still cant truly remember.

Breaking herself from the reverie, she opened the door and proceeded to the great hall from where she could hear music and laughter of people having a good time.

Walking down the halls her honour guard formed around her... reaching the great Mylas wood doors of the Hall, she paused before the doors creaked open revealing the people she was about to meet for the first time.
The SLAGLands
01-02-2004, 07:25
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02-02-2004, 11:56
Andrew and James were quietly chatting amongst themselves, as the Sagesquagmirian Empress entered the room. Andrew walks forward to greet her, with James only a step behind.

"Madame Empress," he began, "on behalf of the Imperial Commonwealth of Khenala, I thank you for allowing us the pleasure of meeting within your nation. I am Andrew Seal, Prime Minister of Khenala. This is my brother and Minister of Foreign Affairs, James Seal." He gestures to his brother at his side.

James nods respectfully. "Madame Empress."

Andrew continues. "It is our pleasure to meet you."
02-02-2004, 20:43
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02-02-2004, 23:29
Following the Khenalans, Inbhailígh and Galan rose, both giving near-90 degree bows, and the Steward removing his hat and subsequently replacing it with a flourish.

02-02-2004, 23:31
03-02-2004, 03:48
Admiral Shaar rises, dressed in he best finery; a purple and black silk gown with a gold sash from the left shoulder to her right hip. Fetlock guards in matching gold leaf adorn her jack-legs.

She extends her dewlap full-red, and offers a short bow.

03-02-2004, 07:59
Evendim greeted each of the representatives in turn.

"Good Evening, Welcome to Sagesquagmire. I trust youve all been attended to in my absense. Again i must apologise for my late arrival...."

The Empress proceeded to the seat that had been placed for her around the massive round table in the middle of the hall.

"Please sit, everyone, we will enjoy some wine and food before we get down to the nitty gritty of this meet."

The Empress threw about 6 cushions off the chair before she sat.

"Please feel free to customize your area as to make yourselves most comfortable. Or dont do anything at all... stand if you like"

The Empress smiled, knowing she was just mumbling about nothing. She blushed slightly and motioned for the pages to take their places.

"Please sample the Cho-Ja Honey Wine, it is the pride of the Empire..."

She took a big gulp trying to disguise her nervousness...

"So how was everyones trips and arrivals?"
04-02-2004, 09:19

05-02-2004, 03:09
"I hope this isn't construed as rude," said Galan, "but do you ask that becuase you really want to know, or just for purposes of 'small talk'?"
05-02-2004, 03:09
"I hope this isn't construed as rude," said Galan, "but do you ask that becuase you really want to know, or just for purposes of 'small talk'?"
05-02-2004, 03:20
The Empres turned to the man, looked at him and smiled to herself

"Not rude at all, I ask for both reasons, i am curious as to your experiences in my palace, and was hoping to generate some conversation whilst finding out whether all was satisfactory."
05-02-2004, 04:23
"Ah, well then, your palace is very nice, and the trip was kinda long, but cushy, since we've got a really big ship."
05-02-2004, 04:24
"Ah, well then, your palace is very nice, and the trip was kinda long, but cushy, since we've got a really big ship."
05-02-2004, 04:59
Admiral Shaar blinks, and sips the wine. "The accomodations are quite adequate. Could use more manual controls for environmental settings, but altogether not uncomfortable."
05-02-2004, 06:00

"I am not entirely sure how the Triumverate goes about conferences such as this, so i will answer any questions you find crucial to ask, and i will tell you anything you wish to know about myself, my nation, my motivations and my hopes for the future."

"This membership is most important to myself and my people, and although the nation of Sagesquagmire is not a huge industrialised nation, the ideas and hopes of the people and country are big."

"So please, feel free to ask anything when you wish"
05-02-2004, 06:08
Shaar looks up from her glass at the Empress, and leans forward a bit. "Very well. Considering the Triumvirates position on sovereignity, what do you feel is the best course when dealing with nations that practice slavery and the like?"
05-02-2004, 07:49
The Empress thought for a moment.

"Slavery was once practiced in Sagesquagmire, the old empire before the last turn of the wheel made a great profit by selling the inhabitants of the Lost Lands of Tsubar to the Thuril Confederation. After the war with The Kingdom many outlanders were sold as slaves. After coming to know many slaves as a child in my house, and when i became the ruler of these great lands i have made it a punishable offence to buy and sell any human, or cho-ja."

"We do have a minimum wage for any person who choses to take a job in the service of a lord or lady's house."

"As for the nations that practice slavery, it must be a world initiative to make slavery a practice of history, just like that of slavery in Sagesquagmire. There should be heavy penalities and consequences for any country who openly and closedly practices slavery, should they be found out responsible figures must be dealt with appropriately."
07-02-2004, 12:40
The SLAGLands
08-02-2004, 07:54
Minister Pollux took a long, slow sip of her wine as she listened to the Empress's brief statement. Her small smile did not fade until the statement's end, at which point she lowered her wine glass.

"Madame Empress..." she said in a plaintive tone. "You've been most gracious, and for that, I am grateful. So... forgive me for pressing you further on this issue. Where I come from, we believe strongly in specifics. Were you to ask me my stance on a particular issue, for example, I'd feel obligated to spell out a plan... or at least something precise."

She leans forward a bit in her chair. "What I am saying, Madame Empress, is how precisely do you plan on implimenting measures for making slavery a 'practice of history.' What ARE these 'heavy penalties and consequences' of which you speak?"

Minister Pollux smiles a bit and leans back. "Of course, being that you desire membership to Yut, I don't doubt that you've thought this through thoroughly."
08-02-2004, 10:27
The Empress thought again, this time carefully weighing her words. Slavery, even in history was never something that really affected the Empire, but had hurt herself for years. The laws that she had enacted in the last few years were fairly brief, but did clearly outline the punishments for crimes such as people smuggling and slavery; death.

The Empress looked up at the people sitting at her table, looking at her waiting to answer.

"The laws of the New Empire, passed down by the Light of Tsuranuanni, although fairly new and not as immaculate as some, are however clear when it comes to capital crimes and their punishments. The Laws are posted in the City Hall of each Town and City. And my soldiers routinely discover and imprison anyone who has been found to be commiting a crime against the state. The courts then assess the case, the evidence and the situation of each of the accused and hand down a verdict of Not Guilty, or Guilty with sentencing of either Honourable or Dishonourable Death. This is the practice for crimes such as treason, murder, and slavery."

"In the past lunar cycle, we have only had three honourable death ceremonies. In death, the Sagesquagmire people travel the wheel of time once around, and if honour is not awarded then their life on this plain ceases. It may be frowned upon in many cultures for one who has commited treason or murder to be given the choice of their own death. Honour involves having the right to chose, you may fall on your sword, if you do not, the supervising guard will do it for them. This ensures a further life on the chain."

"The punishment for slavery, along with similar crimes, is dishonourable death. It is hard to practice dishonourable death ceremonies, as it is the worst punishment possible. As the priestess of the Temple of Lana, i try to take a moderate approach to these issues. We currently have quite a number of Slavers and Smugglers held in our dungeons, awaiting death. A prospective Death Row. It is my decision as to when they will be put death, and as a consequence i have only ordered two dishonourable deaths in my three years as Empress, both were murderers. To be honest i am hesitant to order dishonourable death."

The Empress sighed.

"Im not sure how well this cant be improved to meet the Triumverate's standards, but as i have thought it through quite thoroughly, i do hope that this is satisfactory."
09-02-2004, 05:26
The Steward leaned forward over the table. "I don't think it will really influence the decision much, but I'm just curious, why allow honor to a criminal?"
09-02-2004, 14:49
Having not quite explained the honourable and dishonourable death system clearly enough, the Empress again drew breath to answer.

"When the Tsurane people die, by sword the soul of the person escapes into the wheel to begin a new life, by natural death the soul has grown and fullfilled the time in the body of one human and leaves to be reborn. Some believe, and some can see the age of ones soul through the eyes of its holder."

"We honour those who deserve to be honoured for the life they were given, we do not honour their crimes... Although one has commited a grave crime should they not deserve a dignified death? Punishment for crimes such as slavery and murder is dishonourable death where the death is via hanging. Ones soul cannot escape to rejoin the Wheel of life when no wound is made physically to allow its cycle."
11-02-2004, 09:51
"Similar customs once prevailed among my people," Sakura said. The foxgirl had been watching silently until now, but with interest. "Ours was a warrior culture, though. Given your choice of deities, am I correct in assuming you would not say the same of your own?"
12-02-2004, 05:08
Evendim looked at the foxgirl and found a sort of comfort in the explanation of some similar histories.

"We have many gods and goddesses, and all believe in the honour of death. Even those gods that reign over the less 'wholesome' faiths. Being the Priestess of Lana who upholds the honour of love, death is very important to myself. We practice healing, and we try to ward death, but when it occurs we take the passing through the wheel extremely seriously. Honour must be upheld at all costs!"

Eve sighed. Feeling quite emotional.

"Is there anything else that you would care to know on this subject? Or shall we move on?"
12-02-2004, 06:12
Maria sat, watching the proceedings.
As the representative for the First Among Equals at this conference, it was mostly her duty to listen. However, that didn't mean she couldn't add her own comments.

"Honor is a rare quality in these times. Deceit is rampant in the world, and as such I shall be very straight foreward. These are dangerous times to be joining the Triumvirate. Arda has grown restless in its failings and seeks to unleash its anger. While I'm confident that we would succeed if worse came to pass, how do you feel about joining the Triumvirate in such times?"
12-02-2004, 07:01
"The World is a very dangerous place most of the time, and the Nation of Sagesquagmire having not been in the spotlight at all in the past would be quite like to become a larger known entity. With wars and conflicts the Sagesquagmire people would only want to do anything they could do to help their allies."

Eve paused and looked around the room.

"The Triumverate is an extremely powerful force in the world, and indeed in the universe, and in these turbulent times, I would not feel safe if I did not have allies such as yourselves. It would be an honour to be included amongst your ranks. At any point whether during peace, or conflict, membership of the Triumverate would be a great privelege."
12-02-2004, 07:53
Maria smiles She almost sounds too peachy. I suppose it is a natural reaction to being rather nervous, put a smile on, but still.

"Empress, please try not to be offended by the words that follow."
"In the past we've delt with nations, ex-members, who behaved much as you do right now. Always a sweet word.
These words often hid flaws in their character. We've since split with those member states, and as you may understand, they've left an undesirable taste. Again, I trust your words are true, but I will ask you, speak bluntly. There is no need for sweet words at this table, you will not be punished for speaking frankly. Infact, I encourage it."
12-02-2004, 08:21
"Of course, blunt it shall be then."

Eve took a deep breath

"I am a small nation, I am not a powerful nation, but my intentions are pure. I feel I can offer much to the Triumverate when asked. My alterior motive is obviously for protection against those who will stop at nothing to control those of us who are less influential.

In the end, with war and/or peace, i will uphold what is good and true... loyalty and honour."
16-02-2004, 07:05
*coughs in the silence*
18-02-2004, 11:37
Sakura spoke next. "And assuming you were given the choice, in what ways would you prefer to offer assistance? Or, I suppose, what role would you prefer to fill?"
19-02-2004, 05:26
OOC: I dont quite understand the question.... so ill answer in short to what i *think* you mean...


"If given the choice, I would volunteer for any position that would involve peacekeeping, diplomacy, or internal affairs."
22-02-2004, 06:46
OOC: Sorry this is taking so long, its been a bad week.

"Empress, what can you tell us about the nature of your other alliances and your roles in them?"
23-02-2004, 05:03
Andrew looked up in particular interest at Maria's question.

"Yes, that is something I was meaning to ask myself." he began, smiling broadly. "Surely your Empire has had successful dealings with the international community, alliances and such. What role does your nation play and what is your opinion of them?"
24-02-2004, 06:35
The Empress had to think a little about the question before her response.

"I have been affiliated with a number of alliances, and a number of them have failed to make it anywhere in the world realm. To name the ones that were in some way worth mentioning would be the WMNK, where I was merely a Senior Member, and played little or no role in the whole scene, seeing as at the time of my membership it was beginning to break under the load of GDODAD related disagreements."

The Empress took a deep breath and continued.

"I am a fairly regular visiter of the WBO and SATO, although I have not been thrust into any real situations where my assistance has been needed. However of late it seems that these two alliances have appeared to have faded off a litte. I find this most unfortunate as there were a lot of good nations involved."

"A member of the short lived Nation States University as a senior student."

The Empress then laughed a little.

"I also joined the Order of the Seraphim a number of months ago, and have since just been sitting in the background watching the goings on. The Nation of Sagesquagmire plays absolutely no role in Order politics, being merely a low echelon member. The founder nation Praetor has left the Order for unknown (ooc) reasons. The members of the Order dont seem to really be up for doing anything big at all, and to be completely honest they mainly just sitting around complaining about Yut and Arda. They are obviously completely unaware of Sagesquagmire's interest in the Triumverate of Yut."

The Empress paused and continued with her frustration.

"That there seems to be plenty of infighting for leadership, Sketch doesn't seem up to the task of running anything more than a flea circus!"

"Of all the alliances I have involved my nation in, I was truly hoping that becoming a member of the Triumverate would bring something a little more worthwhile to my people, bring something more than useless in-fighting and utter redundancy!"

The Empress calmed herself.

"I have also become a member of Ur Trade Pact, and other small alliances within my old region."

The Empress finished off with a charged glass.

"To new and hopefully far more fulfilling alliances in the future."
24-02-2004, 06:46
Admiral Shaar raises her glass. "I will toast to that. But tell me, since i'm not certain it has been broached. What do you bring to contribute to the Triumvirate?"
24-02-2004, 07:06
The Khenalians appear somewhat uneased at the mention of Sketch, but there is no visible "negative" reaction per se, and they appear to take it in stride. "Certainly something I can toast to. Cheers!" replies Andrew, attempting to keep a good-mannered air about him.

James appears thoughtful, but says nothing for the moment, raising his glass to the toast.
24-02-2004, 07:53
"What can my nation bring to the Triumverate?"

"We may bring many things, and really anything that is required will be supplied within reason.

Militarily I will have a percentage of my forces set aside for the soul use of the Triumverate. Including both human and cho-ja units. As well as providing the blue prints and designs for the Tsurane Wheel, our main line of transportation. The Wheel is something of a teleporter (Think stargate) and can be set up on very small and very large scales, making inter and extra-realm and space travel very simple."

"Trade wise the practice in the nation of Sagesquagmire is open for negotiation, depending on what must be traded within and with-out of the borders."

"I also bring a nation who has not once been to war, has no enemies, and believes in peace and peaceful resolutions to conflicts."
29-02-2004, 14:39
*drinks some more.... starting to feel a little warm from all the absent drinking in silence*
29-02-2004, 17:22
*bump while I think of more questions*
01-03-2004, 07:50
ooc: we've been at this almost 3 months... do there have to be more questions? I start back at University for my third year tomorrow... excuse me for being a little impatient... i just wanna do stuff!
01-03-2004, 08:01
ooc: we've been at this almost 3 months... do there have to be more questions? I start back at University for my third year tomorrow... excuse me for being a little impatient... i just wanna do stuff!Sorry, my schedule is teh suckz0r. NS posting time == 0.

Maria smiles politely. "I do believe that is all the questions I have for now, save for one. Would we be able to receive a tour of your fair city?"
01-03-2004, 08:13
Shaar sips some more from her glass, and casts an eye on the EMpress. I have one more question. What manner of diplomatic exchange will be made? To clarify, will embassies of all Triumvirate nations be constructed, or a singular embassy to house the various ambassadors? And to follow that, will there be ambassadors sent to the varying nations?"
02-03-2004, 08:47
"I would be pleased to show you all around my nation. I have lush forests, beautiful lakes, and the Holy City itself is something of a sight. "

Turning towards Admiral Shaar to speak

"There will be a Triumverate Embassy constructed in the Holy City, naturally something of small palace size. It will be big enough to house all ambassadors, and families if need be, very comfortably. The reason as to why individual embassies for each nation would not be plausible, as per the lack of space within the city square. "
02-03-2004, 18:38
"I have no more questions, then," Sakura said. She smiled. "I look forward to seeing your city, though."
03-03-2004, 00:47
"If no one else has any questions at all, I would be delighted to begin the tour of the city. As for the rest of the country, I may give you each a guide, at this time it would be implausible for myself to show you myself around such a large country. The city on the other hand is well within my capabilities."

The Empress smiled, and as she began to stand, she felt a little hazy on her feet.

"Perhaps in the morning?"

Eve laughed, and began to stand again.
04-03-2004, 06:39
Maria looks at her watch and nods. It had been a long day and she was tired. She savored sleep more than most. Her job entailing long hours and she was pleased whenever she could sleep.
"Yes, the morning would be best. The day has been long and fruitful, but I fear I must retire for the evening. If someone would kindly show the way to my room?"
04-03-2004, 06:48
"Agreed. In the next cycle it is, then. I hope my presence will not be missed, but i'm sure my aides are competent to handle most situations." Shaar finishes her glass of wine, and stands up, straightening her robes. "Is there an adequate level of humidity in the chambers?"
05-03-2004, 08:15
"As im sure you experienced before, each chamber is specifically taylored to the occupants mood and preferences."

Eve stood up and motioned to the squires standing nearby.

"Escort our guests to their rooms, and bring them anything they wish."

Turning back to the table

"I shall take my leave this evening. I hope that todays round of questions and the conference in total has helped you all to come to a decision. I shall wait upon your word."

Smiling and looking at each at the table.

"Have a good night, sleep well."
05-03-2004, 08:17
ooc: i dont know how easy it is gonna be to actually show you around. But I could do it if you wish.

Also, when should I find out whether youve accepted my membership?
05-03-2004, 16:28
OOC: Good point. Give us a general tour I suppose. The delegates should probably ask for some places not on the tour as well.
Anyways, after the proceedings wrap up here, we'll take a report before the rest of ToY, a hearing of sorts. You'd come to the hearing, incase any clarification was needed. We'll vote and thats when you'll be notified.

Anyways, I'm going to have to delay any of that till the weekend, I've got some midterms to take, and a flight home after that. I'll try and post on Sat.
07-03-2004, 07:38
OOC: What in particular do you want me to show you? If you give me some ideas ill be able to think of some way to show you :P
09-03-2004, 18:14
OOC: What in particular do you want me to show you? If you give me some ideas ill be able to think of some way to show you :PHmmm
How about: Government buildings, landmarks, popular civilian hangouts, along with various neighborhoods (covering all social and economic strata)
15-03-2004, 07:34
OOC: ok i can do that, its going to take a while though

When am I going to find out whether I can call myself a member of the Triumverate of Yut?
16-03-2004, 08:33
The night had ended late so the palace awoke late.

The Empress however was up earlier than her guests to organise the tour she was going to lead through the Holy City of Kentosani.

She looked over her plan, and decided that it did not need to be followed in ecplicit order, if any one guest would like to see a building or site of their particular interest then shed be more than happy to make the concession.

Having assumed that most guests would have seen the grounds of the Palace she decided to begin the tour with the Revolution Square, the centre of the city, with radiating roads and lanes from its edges. Anywhere in the city was viewable from the Square and was the ideal place to begin.

Eve waited in the entry hall for her guests to make their way down to the doors. The bell had rung 30 minutes before.

All she had to do now was wait, for both her guests, and her applications eventual acceptance or rejection.
16-03-2004, 09:26
ooc: take your time... :)
16-03-2004, 09:47
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