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Iuthia Prepares for Construction of Second Carrier

26-11-2003, 17:36
OOC: I'm near future tech, as in 2050+ but feel free to say something anyways, just bare in mind this.

After much thought of our current space related forces and defence, we have decided to prepare for the construction of a second Carrier to vastly increase our Fighter/Corvette forces in the stars. While we have yet to develop FTL technology, we feel that leaving the solar system is not an objective we are currently interested in, as we have no desire to conquer the stars at this time.

Like the last time we constructed a carrier, we will be using our Scaffolding Station, originally produced to construct the first Carrier we have ever had, to build this second Carrier. It has since then been customised to house many support personnel as well as fighters and corvettes of it’s own. But now we are converting parts again to house the parts and finally the hull of this large capitol ship that will have a overall mass of 600’000 tons when completed.

Like before, the carrier is a large capital ship that contracts and houses small strike craft as well as constructing larger frigate class ships to assist in defence and support. The Carrier will be able to house 50 fighter class craft and 25 corvette class craft. apSoBrDo/Carrier.bmp?dc=4675443628059313238

The construction will be aided by the our previous experience with building a Carrier before as well as the added bonus of TVC’s spider drones we hope that this project will take around 8 years to complete (8 days RL) not including the two years (2 days RL) from now that will be used to collect the required material to start production of this ship. This construction will be monitored and defended by our current space forces as well as some of our own ally’s space defences. After this we hope that our Missile Destroyer capitol ship plans will be completed and simulated successfully.

OOC: Ah yes… this is a repeat of a long dead thread I made back when I was only 800 million people large, I constructed both the Scaffolding Station and the Carrier in 18 years with the assistance of TVC who donated some spider drones for testing. We beat our estimate by 7 years! Of course, I actually waited and posted about it in the 18 days that it took in real time… don’t you love actual R & D threads that don’t have the limitless resources of Future nations that have barely an 8th of my population.

Anyways, this project if now happening and yes, it’s the Carrier from “Homeworld”, I only know of very few nations that didn’t steal other concepts to show picture of their ships… just because mines been done quite a few times before, doesn’t mean I didn’t put thought into it. That said, this picture is from my own copy of the game and actually features my nations colours.

Here’s a OOC link of the capabilities of my space forces… please feel free to post, it needs a bump it’s on the 8th page of my posts list. (
26-11-2003, 17:47
Need anything? We can provide the Spider Drones with upgrades, as the ones you have are...well...quite old. During the years that have passed we have, of course, been able to make improvements to the design and efficiency. Spider drones are now available in several sizes, and various types are available. In addition to welding, towing, repair and inspection functions they could fill as the models that you posess, several new functions have been added. Because of this, they can integrate with other manufacturing systems to provide you with the benefits of:

- Possibility to function as Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
- Computer Integrated Manufacturing
- Numerical Computer Networks
- Flexible Manufacturing systems
- Automatic Identification Systems

Also, the current line of Spider Drones has enhanced average life time, uses less energy as compared to a higher relative output, and has lower maintenance costs.
26-11-2003, 18:47
Our Government is currently concidering your proposals and will get back to your shortly* however we are sure that their satifaction with the last models will make it a resounding "yes" when the decision is made. Some time in the future we may also be lucking into FTL technology and Ion weapons, though at the time being they are not a priortity as we have a limited space budget (moreso then then the rest, space is a passing interest in Iuthia) and we are happy with our current systems.

We will be getting in touch in the future either way as your are the most helpful company we have dealt with to date... and you may quote us on that in your next advert.


Kartek Jinaw
Engineer General

* OOC: By this I mean I'll get back to you once I can be bothered, I'm a lazy get and I'll probably do it some time tonight or tomorrow... but seeing as I've said this alot to WV's, it could take longer.
Lunatic Retard Robots
26-11-2003, 18:54
LRR offers very capable upgrade services. We can upgrade any HWU ship to the most modern of standards!

We will:

-Add an Alcubierre warp system or a traditional subspace drive
-Add an integrated ship AI
-Add EM shields
-Add fast-tracking plasma cannon turrets or point defense laser turrets or flak turrets
-Totally reconfigure the bridge and command areas to make them easier to work with
-Add a repair bot bay + repair bots

please take this offer, I beg you! The LRR economy is desperate for income!
26-11-2003, 21:08
If LRR wishes to compete for Repair Bots, we can assure them our Spider Drones are vastly superior.
Lunatic Retard Robots
27-11-2003, 01:12
If LRR wishes to compete for Repair Bots, we can assure them our Spider Drones are vastly superior.

Its not like you need the contract. And plus, our bots are pretty good. I bet yours don't have plasma torches.
27-11-2003, 11:17
Well they do have those, as a part of their repair and construction capabilities. But it is of course silly to wage competition over a project in which all involved could make a nice profit. How about we find a way to use both of the droid types? TVC Drones could focus on construction, towing, assembling, and the functions stated in the previous post. Then, both of our Drone types could be used for repairs to both the Scaffold and the Carrier. Also, we would be more than happy to allow your drones to be stored on the carrier while it is on missions, making our drones the ' home base' repair force, and yours the drones for 'en route' maintenance and repairs.

Especially if Iuthia agrees to such a proposal, we think this venture can be profitable for the both of us.
27-11-2003, 12:52
Seeing as The Vortex Corperation have technology highly compatable* with our own, we are allowing them to evaluate our current fleet and suggest which bots are the best for us, along with a detailed quote and report on why that model is best** for that operation. With recent increases in our budget we will be worrying less about price though anything too expensive may be refused.

As per normal, inspection is restricted from weapon systems and the computer core, which will continue to rely on manual repair.

As for Lunatice Retard Robots, we will have to take your offer into concideration but we would like to state that we are not interested in many of the systems you have specified, AI and Command Upgrades are subjects we would like to handle on our own for security reasons and we would have to gain a trust with you before we would want to entrust you with producing our weapon systems and FTL systems. We may be interested in purchasing the technology and then intergrate it ourselves, but otherwise we wouldn't be interested.

We would have to test run repair drones in the same manner that we tested TVC's repair drones the first time. Such "samples" would be fitted with our own tracking devices and then resticted from assential systems, any bot deviating from this will be destroyed and compensated for providing it can be explained.

Thanks for your time.

* Though superiour for numberous reasons like funding and starting tech level.

** OOC: This is not needed in the post, just say you gave us one.
27-11-2003, 14:42
ooc: exactly how much detail do you want in that report :? . I don't have that much time on my hands, you know :D
27-11-2003, 14:49
ooc: exactly how much detail do you want in that report :? . I don't have that much time on my hands, you know :D

OOC: Didn't you read the foot note? You don't have to actually write a report, just state that you'll give me such a report and we'll assume it covers what I need, with exceptions to things I may wish to bring up out of interest.
27-11-2003, 15:31
ooc: I like that


After extensive testing, research and field exercises, TVC scientists have concluded that the Spider Drone models currently employed in the latest line of variants are highly adequate for a whole array of duties concerning the Iuthian carrier construction.

The appropriate documentation and findings have been transmitted to Iutihan scientists, so that they may issue a second opinion on the subject. As a slight secondary study, the Spider Drone was compared to the LRR Repair Drones, for as far as we are aware of their features. The results showed a very positive outcome for the Spider Drones, and have also been transmitted to the Iuthian engineers.
Lunatic Retard Robots
27-11-2003, 17:04
Ours can withstand mass driver slugs from point-blank, and are fully autonomous. They also can tow, haul, replace wiring, fix wiring, identify unknown problems, and replace sections of hull up to 5m x 5m. But I think the Vortex Corporation misunderstands us. These are repair drones, optimized for already built ships to use for making repairs.

But Iuthia, you can sure by the tech. We are really desperate for money.
27-11-2003, 17:25
Ours can withstand mass driver slugs from point-blank, and are fully autonomous.

That's not very realistic, is it?
27-11-2003, 19:02
After much consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we should award TVC with the 10 Year contract for their repair bots, which double as construction bots. We are hoping with their aid they will be able to beat the old bots time by a whole 18 months ahead of schedule, though this remains to be tested. Needless to say, this contract is worth billions a year to TVC to keep our bots up-to-date and in full working order.

This said, our early testing of the LRR repair bot models show that they are less effiecient then the TVC models but make up of this downfall with improved armour and durability, as such we will be using these models in a 4 year test contract on 5 Assult Frigates (see earlier link for stats on these) which are currently in service, following combat trials we are due to have at some point in the future we will evaluate their effiveness over the upgraded TVC repair bots. This contract is estimated to be worth millions to the LRR companies.*zB3w70YSpHfl57PVhnCvq*h2*d6G40eLqGjgEYJ5viK Q3a5Z72jQEsdJlZmP9w/Assault%20Frigate.bmp?dc=4675443623848081897Assult Frigate: It's mass is on average around 45'000 tons

We would like to ask each nation to quote us on these contracts cost (per annum) so we may finally agree to send you our monetary funds paid in USD. They only need to be rough guestimates but if the cost is seen as too high we may have to barter.

Finally, we are opening up a contract deal for any nation that can fulfill it best, though we are looking once again to nation who specialise in repair bots.

We have recently become interested in some repair systems on a small scale for strike craft such as corvettes, we have deamed that fighters are too small to repair and could not effieciently carry the extra require materials needed for repair. However, Corvettes from the Light version to the Heavier Versions have suffient space and power system to house such devices, though you will have to convince us over serveral of the below subjects:

Durability - We need them to be able to take some "weathering" damage like what you may get from micrometeorites and radiation as well as combat damage. Please state wether the bot can safely work during combat and during relatively high G's.

Cost Effectiveness - Need to be cost effective so we can replace irreperable ones without damaging our economy and budget.

Power Drain - Does it use the ships power, if not then how much power can it hold? How long does it opperate for? Ect.

Charging Time - Does it need charging? How long does it have to be offline to charge? How much power does it use?

Speed of Repair - Simple enough, we need something which can at least repair while they go from way point to way point so to reduce the repairs needed after the mission and to allow it to fight for longer. Can if repair during combat?

Simple upkeep - We would like to be able to repair them without having to pay large sums of money for a external repair man, however, we can understand if this is not the case.

The contract will be awarded to any nation that can come up with a suitable drone that doesn't have to fulfill this list, but at least tops the others and doesn't cost us our budget. Here is an example of what you will be working with and as normal the stats are in the link at the top of the thread.!I*aqI2m7DlltVXwMIaWXrQH8EX7SU5MVseFOswaUt8NcZ18Zp vKBhvkzCisaoxzc30NA/Heavy%20Corvette.bmp?dc=4675443623764870882Heavy Corvette, Mass: 750 tons.

OOC: Next time I'll word it better, but you weren't comparing your bots with LRR's, I'll do that so it's fair... though it still works IC as we can disregard it as advertisement.

Just for referance, I will be limiting how bigger technology I'm going to buy becuase I'm still trying to retain my "Near Future" status without using trade to get around it. I will probably do something with LRR but I won't buy anything which is too... technological... though I think you are getting somewhere with the "we desperately need it" route, we may not be all that good for compassion in Iuthia (on of the worst) but we have a leader who thinks otherwise.
27-11-2003, 19:08
Early estimates indicate we can realize said contracts at the annual sum of 2,9 billion. As for the new Corvette repair systems, we fear we cannot help you. Our ownn method is using extremely suffisticated repair bays on board of support frigates and carriers, where corvettes and fighters can temprarily withdraw during battle and be repaired. This does however create the necessity of installing repair bays on every strike craft carryng vessel, as well as the disadvantage of the extra technicians and engineers needed for operations and maintenance.

If you find a suitable contractor for such an internal repair system, TVC would be interested in also engaging in outsourcing activities with such a manufacturer.
27-11-2003, 19:17
Early estimates indicate we can realize said contracts at the annual sum of 2,9 billion. As for the new Corvette repair systems, we fear we cannot help you.

Very well, we will wire you half now and half at the end of this fiscal year... it's standard practice in Iuthia to trade like that and while we are prepared to change that arrangement we would prefer not to.

Thanks for helping our project once again and may this year be a successful one for TVC... hopefully with these addition funds you and avoid the reccession some nations are feeling.

OOC: Well, I've started a thread in II about it with more formating then this one, they will listen becuase there is money to be made and they love that crap over there.

Do you like the nice ship pics? They aren't too big and I've got them in Iuthian colours! I love you screen shot and web hosting. Man... I was happy when I got that working.
31-12-2003, 00:10
31-12-2003, 00:18
After some near misses and resource shortfalls, the final fitting and safety checks are made on the Carrier before finally being able to claim it is complete... 2 years were lost in getting the starting materials for the project, followed by another 9 years constuction time due to the unfortunate plasma incident earlier in the construction and a serious shortage of funds in the 7th year.

Now the craft is preparing to detach it's self from the scaffolding station in preparation for further tests.

All drones have been tested and retested, proving themselves to be invaluable.

The carriers names has yet to be chosen, but we suspect it may be named after TVC in some way or another.
29-03-2004, 03:36
Bump for upcoming space fighting...
Spacer Guilds
29-03-2004, 04:27
Though it is obvious that you have this project well planned, perhaps you would consider Skherian Shipyards or CMC materials in future space construction projects?

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