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OOC: RP campaign, reply if interested

26-11-2003, 17:04
I have recently had the idea of running a campaign with real stats for all nations that wish to compete. It is using an old system that was developed by myself and a friend.

Here is the handbook we wrote up modified for NationStates
The Handbook
Explanation of battle system: This handbook is an explanation of all rules I plan to use in this campaign, should people be interested. Use the find feature in your browser and type in the topic you want to quickly move to that topic (Ctrl+F in IE).
Table of Contents:
01. Explanation of Battle System.
02. Punching and Kicking (Unarmed combat)
03. Skills and Magic in battle
04. Specials in battle
05. Skills and Magic out of battle
06. Modifiers
07. Life Points
08. Rewarding Experience
09. Glossary of Terms
01. Explanation of Battle System:
Combat is turn-based and run on a fighting system created by a friend of mine and myself in a fit of boredom and attempt to revive an old play-by-post RPG. The system is commonly known as the Battle Point (BP) system. A common attack may look like this:
Bob: Bob rushes at Jeff and slashes.
Mod: Here the mod would perform a hitroll to see if the attack is a hit or miss. The formula for performing a hitroll is:

[Accuracy]+[1d20] +[modifier] > Armor of opponent
The mod would look on Bob and Jeff's character sheets (usually in an excel spreadsheet. is a great office application that can handle these spreadsheets).
(Note: Accuracy is character accuracy and weapon accuracy)
[5]+[7]+[0] =12>=5 - Hit
Damage is decided by taking a percentage of the total damage available. The percentage used is decided by a 1d100. There are two sets of total damage for each character, long and far range and depending on the weapon used by the character the damage could be larger for either one (a pistol would deal more damage at close range whereas a rifle would have better long range damage).

Let's say Bob was attacking at a far range with his weapon:

Mod (con't): [1d100]=[28]
The mod would then check Bob's character sheet and look at weapon damage at the far range for the total damage. For the example and the sake of simplicity we will say the total damage is 100. Bob would deal 28% of this which would mean 28 HP is deducted from Jeff.

This attack would cost Bob a certain number of BP and Bob may continue his turn so long as he has BP remaining (BP is spent on healing, attacking, defending, and such).
Bob may end his turn if he wishes and let his current BP be added to his maximum BP for a longer turn next time.

02. Punching and Kicking (Unarmed combat):
Damage for unarmed combat is decided by the character's strength. Accuracy is just the characters accuracy and the dice roll is a 1d10. Everything else proceeds as it did before but instead of looking under weapon damage for damage dealt the mod will look under the unarmed damage box.

03. Skills and Magic in battle:
BP can be used for magic and skills in the battle. There are no set skills or spells for your characters. A player may suggested skills and spells their characters and must be approved by the mod.

04. Specials in battle:
Specials take BP but also cost XP and can do damage to the opponent, can attack more than one person, can heal the character, can heal the group, and or whatever you want within reason.
The more a special does, the more it costs.
Your character may receive a bonus if the special is RP'ed well. Example:
Bad RP: "Bob uses his special on Jeff."
Not very exciting is it?

Good RP: "Bob closes his eyes and begins to concentrate. He manages to focus his concentration onto the very molecules of Jeff in an attempt to cause Jeff to combust!"

Still kind of cheesy sounding, but you get the point.

The mod would use whatever formula for the special (different specials may require different formulas depending on their effects) to decide on the success of the move.
If the move is successful then the mod will post the after effects that came with the description of the special:
Mod: Bob's concentration causes Jeff to temporarily combust into flames deducting X amount of HP!
If it is a miss the mod will post how the defender dodged and activity will then continue as normal.

05. Skills and Magic outside of battle: Skills and spells may be used outside of battle but they will cost XP instead of BP.

06. Modifiers: There are various factors that can affect your chance of hitting your opponent. Some examples of these modifiers are:

[+2] for something like a scope on a gun affecting accuracy
[0] normal
[-1] for something like blurry vision
[-2] blind, dark room, etc.

07. Life Points:
Every main character starts with ten life points (An example of main characters would be my few characters: Ebian Akushitsu, Rothen Harcoll, and Niko Kosimov).
Life points come into play once the character has lost all of his/her hit points. The character loses one life point for every time s/he is hit after s/he has no hit points left. If the life points reach to zero, the character is killed.
A character may be dragged out of battle by another character, protected by another character (skill), the enemy just decides to stop attacking because he thinks the player is dead, or the player just gets lucky. Don't worry though, most of the time a player will not be killed unless they no longer want that character or unless they fight a ruthless opponent, which the mod cannot control.
A character can be brought back to life with special items or a very hefty price.

08. Rewarding Experience:
Currently experience is only gained from fighting (payout varies) and accomplishing missions (set payout). Eventually I hope to figure out a way to reward experience for practicing skills, selling rare items, accomplishing, etc.

For levels 1-5
x = number of players
y = level of enemy
* =multiply

Experience will be rewarded with-
([yd10 + y] * x) to find the experience from an enemy for each player.
-or in English means-
A number of ten sided dice (equal to the level of the enemy) plus the level of the enemy is found and then multiplied by the number of fighters on the winning side to give the amount of experience for each player.
Group up guys, the more you have fighting the higher the payout. ;)

Bob(level 3) and Jeff(level 5) subdue an escaped prisoner(level 10)!

So the formula would be:
([10d10 + 10]) * 2

So we'll look at the maximum output (100 total rolled):
([100 + 10]) * 2 = 220 experience per player!

09. Glossary of terms:
XP - Experience Points
BP - Battle Points
LP - Life Points
XdY - X is the number of dice rolled, Y is the number of sides on each die so 3d10 would be 3 dice and each having 10 sides.
Should other terms be added? Let me know and I'll put them here

battle system originally created for and used by e Hope Avalon RPG created by Natooken ( and Insyder/Ebian Akushitsu (
The system is free to be used by all so long as these credits are included in the posting of the rules. An email would be generous to see also.

Modifications to system done by Ebian Akushitsu ( for NationStates