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The Iron Tower (first RP, Open)

26-11-2003, 14:14
Engineer Wallace looked up at the rain-soaked spire of jagged metal before him, which had been there for as long as anyone could remember.
Due to it being nearly-pure iron, it had rusted only slightly over the centuries, leaving the occasional brown stain streaming down it's otherwise solid grey surface.
Wallace looked at the base of the tower, where he had set up his equipment in an alcove which looked like a doorway.
One of the two soldiers there gave him a nod.
He picked up the blowtorch and lit it, and started cutting through the ancient metal.
A few minute later it was complete:
Wallace kicked down cutout section...
26-11-2003, 14:36
((OOC: Might join in. What roles you need filling? I can RP anything from tentacle monsters to Japanese schoolgirls and anything else you can dream up. ^.^))
26-11-2003, 14:58
OOC: There's something in the tower. Surprise me! :)
26-11-2003, 15:06
*The section of the iron wall falls inward, revealing a grosume scene. A large pile of human corpses, all severly decayed and bloated with maggets. If there were maggets in the corpses, then that must mean there's a hole somewhere for the flies to get in. The corpses are too decayed to tell what gender any of them could have been. It looked like whoever they were, they all died a very horrible death...*
26-11-2003, 15:29
Wallace sniffed the reeking corpses and noted the little pools of liquidised flesh before turning green and retching.
Private Wurst and Corporal Hallon looked distinctly uncomfortable.
they had smelled the sickly sweet, putrid stench of an old battlefield before.
Wrinkling his nose, Wurst knelt down and turned over the nearest corpse.
something caught his eye- it looked like a bullet entry wound near the base of the spine, but it was too well-defined.
It was as if some lunatic had stabbed them with a very sharp apple-corer.
Hallon looked down the stinking hallway, it's walls smeared with old blood.
at the end was a door frame, but the door must have rotted away.
"You two, get behind me, whatever made these corpses might still be here"
Wallace fell in behind Hallon and noticed a strange sound; like a cross between creaking and and a distant gale.
"I suggest we draw our weapons" said Hallon, unholstering his XM1014 Semi-Automatic Shotgun.
Wallace drew his Desert Eagle and Wurst unslung his Hk G36 Assualt rifle.
"let's be ready for whatever's in this tower."
26-11-2003, 15:37
*The stench of death hung heavy in the air, and from somewhere deeper inside came the sound of dripping water. The end of the hall revealed a fork, a spiral staircase leading up, and another door, the wood on it rotted and mildewy. The sound of dripping water is loudest behind the door...*
26-11-2003, 15:41
Using his size-12 boots Hallon kicks at the rotting door...
26-11-2003, 15:47
*The door gives way easily, and comes off it's hinges.
*Beyond is a room, from the looks and arrangement, a kitchen. A few dirty pots hang from the ceiling, and a skelton lays in the corner. There's a piece of bundled up cloth in it's hand.*

((OOC: I feel like such a DM. ^_^))
26-11-2003, 16:10
*There are several wet snapping sounds as the crew step on the sundered door.
Wallace scanned the room and saw a rough stone sink with a pump style tap, from which water was dripping.
Wallace tried to work it but only succeeded in bending the copper handle.
"Hey Wurst, look at this!"
Wurst hurried over to where Hallon was standing, and Hallon pointed in the corner, where the skeleton was lying.
"Definitely older than the corpse we saw earlier"
"What's that?"
"What's what?"
"That thing in it's hand"
Hallon knelt down and tried pulling pulling out the matchbox-sized bundle of cloth, but to no avail.
He pulled out his knife and prised open the skeleton's fingers.
Inside the bundle was a silver key: (

Wallace looked up at the tarnished pots. A funny place to live, he thought.
"We're gonna see if this key does anything upstairs, you better come with us."
Nodding, Wallace turned to follow them out the door when he heard a rattling sound behind him...*
26-11-2003, 16:15
((OOC: Not quite what I had in mind, but that works too.))

*The rattling sound grew louder, followed by popping and creaking as the skeleton suddenly stood up to it's feet, grabbing a rusty kitchen knife off a nearby counter. It lunges towards Wallace, rusty blade raised high in the air to strike at the intruder!*
26-11-2003, 16:29
*Wallace whirled around, raising his DE as he feared the worst,
and managed to squeeze off a shot which hit the skeleton in the ribs, causing it stumble and bury the rusty, chipped knife up to the hilt in his shoulder instead of his heart.
Cursing through his teeth, Wallace slipped to the floor as Wurst and Hallon rushed in.
The skeleton turned and fixed it's eyeless sockets on the two soldiers.
It whipped it's hand down and ripped the blade from Wallace's shoulder, inviting another torrent of foul language.
It lunged at them as the two soldiers opened fire.
Wallace was peppered in fragments of bone as the shots hit home...*

(OOC: What do you mean by be serious? :? )
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-11-2003, 16:32
I would like to join. Just tell me what to do and all and I will bring someone in.
26-11-2003, 16:37
((OOC:Der Fuhrer Dyszel: You can wait outside, Wallace is leaving the tower; If he survives his injury! If he doesn't you can be home base who hasn't heard from the trio since entering. )
26-11-2003, 16:40
*Against the superior firepower of modern weapons, the skeleton goes down easy. The bones clatter to the floor, no longer animated. Wallace would live, but the wound would need to be treated quick, or else it may become infected from the rust.*
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
26-11-2003, 16:50
Sounds fine to me.

Sergeant Nicze sat upon the ground. He waited for a response from inside, but nothing so far.

He picked up a stick nearby carving pictures into the ground. He was an active man, who had to occupy himself with something.
26-11-2003, 16:55
"Keep pressure on that wound, get out of here as quick as you can, and get backup! Who knows what this tower's gonna throw at us next!"
"That damn skeleton got up and attacked me!"
Hallon lifted Wallace up by his other shoulder, and saw him off down the entrance.
"We must look upstairs, this key might give some clue what the hell is going on!"
"It's a good thing we're prepared" Said Wurst as he checked his ammo.
"I have a couple more clips but not enough for a battle" He said, looking up.
"Hopefuly it won't come to that" But Hallon looked pensive.
Both of them left the roomn and headed up the staircase...


Wallace walked gingerly past the fetid stench of corpses and out into the open air. Where the hell was that radio? he thought as he rummaged through the medkit for butterfly plasters...
I'm pretty sure I bought one...
Damn. Can't seem to find it. Better find where the sergeant is then, he can't be too far.
26-11-2003, 17:00
*The two climb the staircase to the second floor, only to find that the passage further up is blocked by an iron gate. The lock on the gate is triangle shaped. It looks like it needs a special key to go further. The door to the second floor is broken in half. Light filters in from outside somewhere, but it's mostly dark. A flashlight would be helpful about now...*
26-11-2003, 17:03
Lighting a flare, Hallon takes out the key he found earlier.
He inserts the key into the lock and carefully turns it...

26-11-2003, 17:08
Sorry for double-posting but I have to hold this off until tomorrow;
but's it's really good so far.

I'll bump the thread up tomorrow and hopefully I'll have some better ideas as well.

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26-11-2003, 17:09
*The key doesn't fit, it's not the right shape. It looks like the key to this door is elsewhere, either on this level, or one of the corpses downstairs. A chill wind howls through the hall outside the half door of the staircase...*
26-11-2003, 17:11
Sorry for double-posting but I have to hold this off until tomorrow;
but's it's really good so far.

I'll bump the thread up tomorrow and hopefully I'll have some better ideas as well.

Parents want to use comp. :cry:

((OOC: I see. Hmm, it was fun. See ya tomorrow!))