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Plasma Cannon research completed - (Secret IC -Self RP)

26-11-2003, 05:43
*Letter to Minister of Defence Mark Schmidt*

Minister Schmidt,

As the Defence Ministry has pleaded for, we finally have finished research on the Plasma armament and are prepared to work on a fully functional ground emplacement for the Ruhrian Army Artillery Brigades. The Research Deparment of Lexicon is already assembling the pieces needed for a prototype. The following is a brief rundown of how the plasma cannon, either handheld (the size we have been testing in the labs) to large scale battery emplacements.

In generating electricity for useful, or public purposes certian basics are known by all electronics technitions, this letter is for the engineers. All of you know that the more current that is drawn from a generator, the more horsepower is required to generate the electricity. 1 Kilowatt is equal to aproximately 1 horsepower.

These are the basic main functions that must be preformed for this device to operate properly. A smoke ring generator is used to generate a super heated one turn coil of plasma. In vacuum tubes the hotter the element the more electrons are ejected into space, and the hotter a space be it filled with a gas or exist only as a superheated vacuum will conduct electicity reducing resistance with an increase in temprature. This is to be designed as a plasma conductor ring, and is only to be considered as a loop of wire that is shorted in a generator. This loop is generated by burning a gas that is part oxygen, part hydrogen, and flourene in a small dome shaped chamber. This has its own ignition system, or more plainly a spark plug, later in this message I will disclose the style of circuit that is required to support this first firing chamber. Three jets combine the gases in a nozzel that could easily be compared to a tourch and is parallel to the circumfrance of the domes base, and the spark plug is actually in the center of the circle looking down from the top. The domes upward curve is calculated based upon the rate the gas burns from the center of the dome. Dead center of the dome, and not it's base is a hole. The reason for the curved dome, and the position of the spark plug is to insure that the gas that the smoke ring is composed of is superheated when it reaches the acellerator, which in more detail will be described later in the message. To properly measure, and asses the amount of gas required, and the firing based on a measured amount of gas an ultra high speed camera is required to check the formation of the smoke ring, and that it is definately white hot as it exits the dome. Later mechanical check valves will be used in a two step fasion first the chamber fills, then the preloaded measuring chamber loads after the valve which fills the combustion chamber has finished its job, and closed. The exact size of the preload chamber cannot be desided until the exact amount of gas to burn has been found. There should be three of these two step valve systems linked together as one mechanically for this specific chamber, one flourene, one hydrogen, and one oxygen. When the device complete a thermister will be attached to the combustion chamber, and a mechanical overide safety added. This thing can overheat if it fires too many rounds too fast, and this chamber will require cooling fins for the metal used, and the dome like appearance will be lost in the end design. Choose your metals wisely, and remember the size of the plasma ring is not everything, and within a half inch can be literally a load of amo you could never have lifted alone..

In this device is a second main functioning system that must function exactly timed in respect to the first. This actually will place a second MOSFET into the circuit which drives the ignition system, and a delay between the first pulse, and the pulse that triggers this MOSFET. Inside the device is two pistons facing eachother, on two springs opposing eachother, and another combustion chamber. Each piston has a permanent magnet, and a coil which is shorted at it's ends around it's middle as a simple spool with a thick core and bobbin. The top disk should not be less than 2 cm, and made from soft steel encased in a sleeve of a hardened steel. The springs are used to counter the force generated by the pistons moving in opposite directions and eliminate the mechanical kick because of their weight, and resting inertia. Since, the moving coils are shorted to themselves they only act as a means of generating a kick voltage and current if the two pistons move inside of a second coil so there is enamel on that wire. The enamel is applied by melting glass down and negatively ionizing it, and positively charging the wire as it is run through the kiln, from one bobbin to the next. I know it's a bitch to thread that through there, but temperature ratings are everything here, and high temperature coatings are found at high temperatures, and fiberglass is flexible. Special wire inside, special wire outside the combustion tube. There should be four holes two on either side of the weapon in the front, and in the back that allow the gases to escape from behind the pistons and around the springs. Both pistons are of equal weight, and both springs of equal weight, and length. When the ignition system fires the gases placed between the two pistons they move in opposite directions to enable the highest possible number of watts to be generated at the highest horsepower available by the gas pocket burning between them. This energy is used to power the accellerator coils that will push that little smoke ring we made up to a very high velocity but, there is a trick to that because there is no timing circuits for the coils that do the work of accelleration. Inductive reactance, and delays caused by the number of turns is used after the prototype, and lab switching arrays find the highest preformance delay between coils. Then a spark gap is used as a single switch between all of the accellerator coils in parallel. There are a couple of specifics you must remember when designing the firing tube, the diameter of the accellerator tube should be 3 times the diameter of the smoke ring to be tuned properly. Take good look at chain saw engine designes before you takle this project, and be selective about your metals, for internal sleeves around the combustion chamber, using a soft steel again for magnetization factors. Remember horsepower to Kilowatt ratios, this could probably give you a few kilowatts on demand.

The first switch is actuated by the trigger, and fires propane, and oxygen mixture between the two pistons, when it reaches its maximum velocity the spark gap fires. The delay is then found that will enable the smoke ring to be in a position that the first coils magnetic field will be ready by shape of core form. The hollow spools are funnel shaped and the narrowest part is facing the smoke generator. The narrowest part is tuned, the widened is only slightly wider by a half cm of its radius, and not the diameter. Then each coil that has been wound based upon the inductive delay caused by the number of turns of the same diameter of wire is then stacked from the shortest delay, to the longest, or the least number of turns to the greatest.

As requested, once the field tests are completed we will have the Defence Committee of both Ruhr and the BDI to inspect the unveiling outside of Lexicon in the Ruhrian Mountains. Once completed the plans will be turned over to the arms manufacturer contracted and we will then work on the next research projects including:

All-Wheel-Turning for various military vehicles
Orbital Artillery Units (AKA: Ortillery)
Single-Person Crew Heavy Armoured Assault Vehicles

The tests are scheduled to be complete by the 15th with a ground-to-ground turret. We hope to see you at the unveiling to Parlaiment.


-Colonel Hideaki Saito-
Head of Ruhrian Army R&D

OOC Disclaimer

You guys aren't supposed to know about this developing technology, this is just an RP to show you all I am working on it and not to expect me just 'popping it out of the hat' in the heat of battle. This is expensive, and I have been waiting a while for this.

This is SECRET IC and self RP. Actually, its done....heh, I have no more patience to write a dignified response.

26-11-2003, 06:01
Now that there are over ten views, people can attest to this and I can let this die.

-Ahh, the power of technology.