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Lovalan Touring Cup Signup Thread

26-11-2003, 04:01
A man in a business suit walks up onto a podium with a stylized "LTC" lettering on it. "Greetings, to all motoring enthusiasts of the world. It is time to take back the image of automobile racing from those... 'NASCAR'... people. It is time to return the image of racing to the images of Europeon road racing, to long touring races that are just as much a contest of navigation skills as of pure, raw speed. We invite all nations with a fine motoring tradition to enter in the new Lovalan Touring Cup. A true, fine race in the great touring tradition, the Lovalan Touring Cup is open to all nations, pending approval from the commisioners."

A Ashton-Martwell Venture (OOC Note: A take off of the Aston-Martin Vanquish) drove up in front of the stage.

"Lovala will enter the Ashton-Martwell Venture. David P'Uva, Susan M'Ila, and Ralph P'Voo will be our team. " The three walked up onto the stage.

The man resumed. "Here are the rules:
1. You, like us, will choose one team of three: Driver, Navigator, and Mechanic. All must be in the auto whenever it is on the course. For them to exit, it must pull over to the side and turn off the engine.

2. You must choose one car to carry you throughout the whole race. You must provide race officials with the serial number of the vehicle to guarantee that it is the same vehicle.

3. The race covers 1000 Kilometers of highway. The roads will be closed off as needed for the safety of drivers and Lovalan motorists. Gasoline stops will be along the way.

4. You may not tamper with competitor's vehicles.

5. Any violation of said rules will result in expulsion from the race."

OOC: And a few OOC Rules

6. You must either choose a real-world car and rename it, like we did, or make an IC design with very detailed specifications.

7. Please no posts flaming us... I do not like NASCAR is real life, but I have no problem with those who do. The character of the race official does, however.
26-11-2003, 19:26