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Bad Lands

26-11-2003, 02:17
Hi :) , I am founder of the Bad Lands. I won’t bore you with reasons why you should join my region except if you want to. My region the Bad Lands is currently rebuilding our community after a UN Delegate destroyed it. :cry: We really need great countries that can ether help us rebuild by doing the important job of getting members or do nothing and either way we will think none the less of you. If you simply are on the run from the law and need a place to crash… OK! 8) Or if you are conducting a series of evil experiments on monkeys… :? I guess that’s OK too! 8) So if you want to come to our region great! If not no hard feelings ( :shock: except I’ll bomb you to kingdom come, a remote little island know for their marvelous hula-hoops! :shock: )

:twisted: Killer Kangaroos :twisted: –know for their exquisite means of killing people by either jumping on them, kicking them or punching them.
:shock: :shock: 8) 8) 8)