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The Formation of the CSL

25-11-2003, 22:54

A cool october evening dawned in the quiet city of Findlay. The town was overlaid with a blanket of thin clouds colored by the setting sun, trapping the cool air.

The town hall, it's brick structure accented by the bell tower, lay in the center of the town, peering over the two and three story buildings to the south, the tree dotted park to the east, the sprawling residential neighborhoods to the north, and the stadium and wheat fields to the west. At it's steps leading into it's doors sat a man, reading a book. He seemed not bothered by the steam that escaped his mouth upon every breath, or that he was not wearing a jacket, but rather intent in his book. To him each word revealed a new detail in this world he had become lost in, but he did not care, for the world of words far outbested the world that he lived in, and what he was about to experience.

Soon, the fading sunlight he was reading by was cast away by a shadow of a man, whose footsteps he had heard approaching. Not looking up from his book, he muttered the words "Thanks for meeting me here."

"Didn't take that long to get here. Maglevs move really fast, and Arkham isn't that far away. So... why the informal meeting?"

"Well, it just seems that inside an office, it's not as relaxed.. and there's press waiting just outside the doors. Here," he jestured to the nearby doors of the town hall "we are outside the doors ourselves."

"Yeah, so what did you make me come over here for?"

"Well, my good friend, I had a vision. There are some 40 odd major universities in both of our countries, correct?"

"43 with attendances over 50,000."

"Right, right. Well I was thinking. What if we had a sports league for.. well, every sport? It'd be a great way to benefit popularity for the universities, gain TV ratings, and find athletes for our pro leagues. Think about it.. we could have any and every sport that the university is willing to sponsor."

"That take years, even decades to implement, even if it were to pass parliament and council."

He then removed a folded sheet of paper from the back of his book and handed it to him. "In there, you'll find council approval, as well as letters of implimentation from Alotion International University, Toryo College, and Koehler-Rathje University. I've got Kingsford, now you get Oglethorpia. Take this to Parliament. We're going to have a College Sports League."
26-11-2003, 18:45
(bump) Waiting for Oglethorpia to respond...
28-11-2003, 07:57
Association of Football Office Complex
Los Polverines, Porlamar

A young woman gave Football Director George McDouglas a sheet of paper; yellow in color, the standard for all government notifications and documents.

"What's this?" he asked his young secretary.
"Read it," she replied.
"Oh, right," he said, setting down to reading the slip of paper.

Parliament has passed the 'CSL Provision' 78-32, allocating funds to the Association of Football for creation of a national authority to regulate collegiate sports, facilitation of a Kingsford-Oglethorpia collegiate football league and other miscellaneous topics necessitating funding.

Be it resolved that Oglethorpia and its people in general benefit from professional sports, we hereby submit to provide funds to create an Oglethorpian sporting authority to regulate collegiate sports.

Further, Oglethorpia will support the formation of a "Collegiate Sports League" with neighbors Kingsford and any other interested nations within the Emerald Heights.

"First," George McDouglas said to his young secretary, "contact Kingsford. We'll need to confirm with them our interest in a Collegiate Sports League."

"Next, we'll begin forming a national sporting authority for the proposed CSL and organize the football teams of the colleges across the nation to participate."
"Right," said McDouglas' secretary.


To: Proper Kingsforder Sporting Authority
From: Association of Football Director George McDouglas
Subject: Collegiate Sports League

We in Oglethorpia would be glad to take the necessary steps in setting up a binational, and possibly larger collegiate sports league.

We are also willing to begin contacting colleges for participation and take steps towards the formation of an Oglethorpian sporting authority to handle such a collegiate sports league.

George McDouglas
Association of Football

The Bureaucratic States of Oglethorpia
28-11-2003, 20:52
The Governor of Athletics, Brent Lavalais, sat at his neatly organized desk. The world cup had just happened, and he had nothing to do. All of the sudden, he heard a ringing. It was the phone. He looked at it's dust covered black figure for a moment, before picking it up.

"Brent Lavalais, Governor of Athletics. How may I help you?"

"Hello, Brent? This is Julie Andrews, secretary to George McDouglas. He told me you had contacted him earlier?"

Brent had suddenly gained interest in this conversation. "Yes, yes... about the CSL."

"Yes. He wanted to know how much support you'd gained from different universities."

"Let me check." Brent opened a drawer and pulled out a stack of papers, each with a fancy letter head. "I have Alotion International, Toryo College, Vagabundo University, the University of Dublin--"



"How many?"

"Oh! oh. 21."

"Thank you. Have a nice day."

"You too."
28-11-2003, 21:31
Association of Football Office Complex
Los Polverines, Porlamar

McDouglas looked at the yellow parchment he had just received in the day's mail; the CSL movement was already...moving.

He began reading the sheet of paper.

Participating colleges:

John Cleese University, Los Polverines
Porlamar State University, Los Polverines
University of Porlamar, Sheffingham
Davenport University, Sheffingham
Miskatonic University, Arkham
Weiland University, Villa Arica

John MacGillivray University, Tripoli
Maracaibo State University, Tripoli
University of Maracaibo, Lundcastle
McClendon University, Lundcastle
Hanford College, Hanford
University of Córdoba, Córdoba

"Good," he said to himself.

He faxed the message to Brent Lavalais, Kingsforder Governor of Athletics.