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The Recession: A State Of The Confederacy Address

Stone River
25-11-2003, 21:59
/The doorman of the Stone River Congress came out to perform his one public duty.

"Mr. Speaker! The President of Stone River!"

/President Robert Davis entered the House chambers to a huge standing ovation. He shook hands with several people as he made his way to the front of the room. As he arrived at the podium in the front of the chamber, the Speaker of the House declared, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the President of the Confederacy of Stone River." Once again, the room erupted in cheers for the President. Once the cheers finally quieted, President Davis began.

"My fellow Confederates, I have called for this State of the Confederacy Address to speak to you about the recent happenings in our economy. As you well know, a recent UN Resolution called 'The Rights of Labor Unions' was recently passed by the majority of the United Nations Member States. (A few boos are heard from the audience.)

In accordance with UN bylaws, the resolution has been enacted in the Confederacy of Stone River. Unfortunately, this has greatly effected the state of our once powerful economy. I will not try to sugarcoat the effect of this resolution upon the Confederacy. Our stock markets have plunged since the enactment of this resolution. Our income taxes have been forced to skyrocket. Before, they were in the single digits. Now, they have shot all the way up to 14%. This is perhaps the single-greatest crisis our government has faced since our recent war to defend Trixia against Communist aggresion.

Thankfully, our economy has not completely collapsed from the effect of this new legislation. Despite this setback, our economy is still good shape for the shape that it is in. Our economy is still strong, but not nearly as strong as it once was. However, there is more at issue in this case. At this time, I am going to speak at lentgh about the United Nations.

The Confederacy of Stone River has become extremely disillusioned and disgusted at the actions of the UN. The leftist nations of the world have chosen to impose their will upon us. They are trying to shape us into a form that they see fit. Stone River chooses to be a capitalist nation. We will not stand to be told how we should conduct our business.

We are particularly disgusted at this fact because of what we were promised. We were promised that the United Nations would be a fair and unbiased forum for all nations of the world. With the passage of this new resolution, the United Nations has shown that it is not fair, and it sure as hell is not unbiased. (Majority of crowd erupts in applause, though some liberal congressmen show disdain towards the President)

Therefore, I have seen it fit to deliver an ultimatum to the United Nations. If another resolution that promotes socialist ideals comes to a general vote in the United Nations, and it shows any signs of having a majority backing, the Confederacy of Stone River will not stand idly by and watch as our political freedoms are taken away. We will immediately dissolve our membership in the United Nations, and will go about governing ourselves the way we see fit! (Standing ovation from majority of crowd.)

With that said, I assure you that we will overcome the abuses of this resolution. Our economy will regain the power that it once had. Our nation will once again be the powerhouse that it once was. I ask that you join me in making The Confederacy of Stone River great again. Thank you, good night, and God Bless the Confederacy!"

/As the crowd gave its final standing ovation of the evening, President Davis descended from the podium and made his way out of the chambers, once again shaking countless hands on the way.
Stone River
27-11-2003, 01:29
News Update.

The Confederacy of Stone River has made good on its threat to abandon the UN, due to the introduction of a new 'socialist' resolution to the UN floor regarding alternative fuels. President Davis explained, "Our economy was hurt enough by this idiotic Union resolution, and now they have the gall to introduce yet another anti-commerce bill. Enough is enough. We will not be dictated about how we should run our nation by the elitist liberal nations that now have a stranglehold on the UN. The UN is a sham, and we disregard its authority from now on."