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Cape Suzette Opens to the World

25-11-2003, 20:15
OOC:Factbook entry on the further detail of the city to come alittle later. Cape Suzette is only a city in a region that is to be created later, so when the population gets to large only 10 million will belong in Cape Suzette while the rest will be in the region that I'll create later itself. I'll be mostly RPing the city, and the industry HQed in it, Shere Khan Industries.

Cape Suzette Gazette:
Port and Air Space Open-
The cities port and airspace have been offically openned once more in a grand ceremony today held throughout the city. The port and airspace which were closed throughout the Great War to non-military vehicles saw the first civilian vessel pass through the Cape Suzette cliffs in almost ten years. The vessel a civilian cargo hauler belonging to Shere Khan Industries was carrying a shipment of automobiles produced outside of the country.

The mayor along with other city officals today expressed their joy and announced publicly that "Cape Suzette will be from now on,and forever a bastion of trade and freedom." Regular civilian flights through the Cape Suzette cliffs are expected to begin once again within a few more days. It remains to be seen however when the international traffic will flow once more into the harbor city of Cape Suzette.

Shere Khan Industries announces deal with Cape Suzette Government-
The city of Cape Suzette announced earlier today that they stuck a deal with Shere Khan Industries for the aquiring of several dozen more SKI-40 Tigers(Specs to come later). The fighters are going to an expanding Cape Suzette defense force as the Cape Suzette guns which sit atop, and within the enterance to the cliffs(further detail to be seen in the factbook)are scheduled to be upgraded over the next six to eight years incorporating new developments in projectile weaponry. When asked Mayor Taylor announced "We keep a defense force not to be militaristic but to ensure that our way of life is protected from those who would wish to raid, and those who would change our way of life.)

Cape Suzette seeks to have other nations open embassies in the city-
Mayor Taylor seeking to re-establish ties with the outside world has sent forth an invitation to other countries of the world asking that they send diplomatic staffs to the city. The ambition project of setting up the embassies is to be covered in part by the city itself with most of the remainder to be covered by the intrepid Shere Khan Industries. Forty percent of the cost is to be covered by the city while another 45% is to be covered by SKI. The remainder 15% of the embassies construction cost is to be made up by the nation undertaking the job. Nations interested are being directed to the newly established City Department of International Relations.
25-11-2003, 20:18
OOC: Tale-Spin? was that the name of it? lol

Raysia is full of cities like this, I'll keep my out for your RPs ;)
25-11-2003, 20:20
OOC:Yup, I figured it would be rather cool to RP the city and the country that it was attached to.
26-11-2003, 05:40