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OOC NS International law question

25-11-2003, 20:06
OOC: I am wondering what treaties, conventions, and other instruments regarding the laws, regulations, and regulations of armed conflict exist here in NS. Please post what threads exist.

(a search turned up 64 pages of mostly unrelated threads that I do not want to wade through. Thank you for your understanding!)
25-11-2003, 20:13
And here is a collection of real instruments and treaties related to the Laws Armed Conflict:
These are commonly referred to as the Geneva conventions, but are so much more.
The Evil Overlord
25-11-2003, 21:10
I don't believe that there are universally-recognized laws and treaties anywhere in NS. The Dominion generally follows the tenets of the so-called Geneva Convention, but is not a signatory, and refuses to submit to any extranational group or organization- no matter how ostensibly altruistic they are.

Generally speaking, the propsepective combatants work out the details of this sort of thing in advance (if they don't, they ought to).

Do a search for the Geneva Convention here on NS, and you should find a list of signatories, if that's the info you're looking for.