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25-11-2003, 19:12
This is:
Trixia's Application for Black Diamond Membership

Feel free to read. But keep posts to a minimum; it's for one nation in particlular.

Brief summary of my nations government

Trixia has had a few governments in the past, but mostly they have been capitalist ones with the belief that the only use of communism is for the unemployed.
In Trixia if you are claiming the dole, you have to work for it, this works by them being given a broom etc.. and told to clean their street.
The governments of Trixia have been very anti-jobseekers, people without jobs are frowned upon, and this is good for the nation as people really do try hard to get jobs.
We had a communist government once, but after a week a capitalist revolution, led by our leader, Trix Redski, retook power and we are now a capitalist government again.

UN Catergory: Shifts from 'Capitalist Paradise' to 'Inoffensive Centrist Democracy'

A brief history

Trixia was founded on the 25th of June 2003. And since then it has been in a few wars, joined and made a few alliances, and generally tried to help out as many nations as it can.
Our past has left an impression on the NS world as Trixia being a funy, good natured nation, I hope!
Obviously I don't know exactly what you all think of my nation, but thats what i try to portray.

My nations military

I have 1.5% of my nation as military. Which gives me a present standing army of: 12,240,000.
In times of extreme war it can double to 3%
And in times of 'if we don't win this one we're all dead' war it can rise to 50% :wink:

Infantry: We have Stormtroopers, Imperial Guard and Kylien Shock Troops.
Armour: We have AT-STs, AT-PTs and FST class tanks.
Air: We have TRX class fighters and ragtag bomber squadrons.
Spec Ops: The STS (Secret Trix Service) acts as our special forces.

National Description

Geography: Tundra, snow everywhere except the far south, which is deep forest. The north is peppered with mountains, known as ''Trixia's Spine''

People: Most are Atheist, Pro-Business and Hard-Working people. Known for their individuality and ambition. Trixian people love their nation.
A rundown of race %'s.

Human - 60%
Dwarf - 5%
Elf - 15%
Kylien - 15%
Dragon - Unknown, all census' carried out proved, unsuccessful...
Other - 5% (minus unknown dragon %age)

Technology: Near Future. We have just started deep space exploration and making advanced space stations.

Culture: Trixia's culture revolves around it's medieval past. Knighthood is still given to heroes to the nation and families coat-of-arms are held dear.
In trixia, the only religion as such would be Chivalry, but it is more of a belief than a relgion.
Also the dragon, Trixicon, is in many childhood stories and a symbol of Trixian culture.

Population at time of Application

816 Million.

RP Proofs

My War Ones:

Some Others:

That concludes my application. I hope it meets all the criteria you need. Sorry for having to post it here but Invision scares me... :wink:

Trix Redski
Lord Imperial of Trixia

And seeing as noone else'll see this thread, it'll be my kylie photo store :D't%20Get%20You%20Out%20Of%20My%20Head.jpg
25-11-2003, 19:52
25-11-2003, 19:52
25-11-2003, 22:24
A few things:

If you do become a member, you will need to register at the offsite forum where meetings will take place.

Also, while your RP has more context than most players on this game, I would like for it to have a little more. The BDI is an alliance of RPers, and while I respect yours, I hold the alliance up to high expectations.

Overal good work, and I will get back to you later when the rest of the Members are on.

Thank you for your time,

-Dmitri Carver
25-11-2003, 22:52
Thankyou Ruhr.

I have already signed up with your offsite forum. But didn't really want to post all this there.

But if i am accepted, I will post there for meetings as you wish.

I am honoured that you find my RPing of a good standard. And also take on board that there is room for improvement.

Thankyou once again Ruhr.

Trix Redski