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Caldor Industrial; The Fugitive (Character RP, All Welcome)

25-11-2003, 18:16
A prayer answered: but we're afraid to ask!

The Church was dark and shadowy, no one was there. He was safe for now. A neon sign hanging over the alter spelled out "Consumers for Christ" in colourful light.
Jack Wilkins sat down on one of the many benches, advertisements on everything from curtains to candles could be heard whispering away in the background. He prayed.

"God, I am not a religeous man, but I have tried to do good in my short life. I have always bought presents for my family, I have always purchased expensive goods to symbolically lay at the altar. I must therefore be a good man! Why are they chasing me?

He separated his hands and walked over to one of the confession booths.

"Salesman." He said, referring to the Priest in the neighbouring booth.

"It has been many years since my last confession, I have never confessed before really."

"Go on." Said the neighbour with as kind a voice as he could muster.

"I have killed a man. I am so ashamed!"

A tear swept down his cheek.

"There there! It will be alright, my son. The Lord shall forgive thee and offer thee a place amidst the great paradisal shopping mall when you mount the escalator to heaven if you complete the following tasks from this day forth!"

The answer was almost there...

"Yes, Yes!

A few seconds more...

"You must buy a present for the family of the deceased! You must buy a present for the CEO of the company! You must buy presents for all the corporate security people! Then you shall be forgiven. Bless you."

The neighbouring booth emptied, their was no answer nor solace in the church.
25-11-2003, 18:26
*Adds "Consumers for Christ" to the list of Banned religions in Raysia*
25-11-2003, 18:44
The Wheel was always the way to progress

CEO Sebastian Caldor, confined to a wheelchair watched the various screens that littered the west wall of his office.
His assistant, Vladimir Walz was briefing him on the usual foriegn developments.

"...and sir, the company has pulled through the recession thanks to your new policy of bribing the stock market."

Caldor's lipped curled evilly and with great satifaction.

"Excellent! Any domestic things to worry about?

Walz checked his briefing papers...

"Yes sir, we have a fugitive on the loose. He murdered one of your lawyers. One of the Consumer for Christ Salesmen informed us that he was hiding in their local chapter, we sent Corporate Security round to check on things but the bugger had already left."

Caldor was amused.

"Killed one of my lawyers eh? And that is a crime how?
Oh very well, just apprehend him, bring him to me!"

He vividly emphasized the 'bring him to me' part by extending and retracting his arms.
He wheeled his wheelchair back behind his desk...
25-11-2003, 19:02
The Running Man

Jack Wilkins was running, running for his life.
The Corporate Police were fast on his trail, armed with pistols and wearing what appeared to be suits.
Two shots darted past Jack's head. Jack turned left down the alley.
The sense of achievement that he had now run his fastest was aleviated by the terror of the idea of being caught by Caldor's goons.

"Quick! In here!"

A hand grabbed Jack and pulled him through a door.
The Police ran past the door.
25-11-2003, 19:06
Opinions on my RP so far would be great.
25-11-2003, 19:58
Anyone. I hate it when hardly anyone answers.