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To begin anew.

imported_Sentient Peoples
25-11-2003, 06:21
DIPLOMACY, n. The patriotic art of lying for one's country. - The Devil's Dictionary

One by one, the holograms snapped into existance around the table. Eight humans and Cortana, her normal blazing purple. Of the humans, three were female, and the other five, male.

The nine beings made up the Executive Council to the Imperial President of the Federation of Sentient Peoples.

D'ron stood, and in eight other rooms, exactly like this one, his hologram did the same.

They'd used the system for years, but never before had D'ron felt more grateful for it. He wasn't sure why, though.

"Do any of you have business to discuss before I begin why I called this meeting?"

Nine heads shook.

"As you are all perfectly aware, a little over a month ago, we formally withdrew our membership in the Triumvirate of Yut."

Bruce looked especially abashed at this. He'd been upset, thinking he was losing his job, and screwed up the message the first time. That had almost cost him his job. But he continued to listen to the President.

"Anyway, when we withdrew, I alone made the decision. And many people have wondered why. Well, I'm going to tell you now. It is because I firmly believed that the Triumvirate consists of more than two levels of members. Firstly, I see the original three members, and had no problem with their superiority. Then there was the inner circle, those nations whose actions would never and will never be questioned, no matter what they do. Then another level, that is those nations on the outside of the Triumvirate, those nations which have membership, but are just kind of part of the Triumvirate of Yut, deriving a fringe benefit. And lastly, there were the nations falling in between the previous two categories. The nations that wanted to assist, to be part of it, and got their benefits as well, but were never either truly accepted or truly acknowledged as being part of the Triumvirate. This is where I felt the Federation lay."

"Secondly, I saw our position in the Triuvirate as making us vulnerable. Perhaps not in the military sense, but when examined logically, if it ever came to a war between Morgoth's Imperium and its allies, and the Triumvirate, we were the logical first strike target. Of the Earth bound nations, Menelmacar and EOTED were too strong, and in reality, the SLAGLands and Reploid Productions, while magical, and each strong, were too weak to be a threat. That left us. I don't know of anyone amoung us that wanted to be the target at the end of Morgoth's hammer."

"Those were the primary reasons I chose to withdraw our membership. But something happened then I did not expect."

Are you sure that you understood what happened, which of course includes what was meant to happen and what might have happened? - Iris Murdoch

"All our relations with the Triumvirate collapsed. Completely. Well, nearly. We still maintain trade with Angelus, and of course, the seperate alliance with Menelmacar. But we have no relationship with the rest of the Triumvirate nations, either individually or as a whole, and I did not wish for that collapse. Sure, we could claim it was the fault of the snobs who rule Saturn Space with an iron thumb, but that would be a lie. The first step in fixing the problem is admitting that we caused it. Well, we did. Through our inaction, we destroyed every vestige of relationship with the Triumvirate we ever had."

"Yes, we burned bridges when we withdrew, and since then, we may have collapsed those bridges' very foundations. But we need to see which bridges can be rebuilt. We must renew our relationship with the Triumvirate of Yut."

D'ron looked around the room. "What are your thoughts? I don't pay you good money for nothing." He grinned, and recieved smiles in return.

Johnathan Currey, Minister of the International Relations Directorate, as was approriate, was the first to speak. "Sir, I assume you do not intend to the Federation to ever seek readmission to the Triumvirate?" D'ron shook his head. "Well, in that case, the major question is how to proceed. We have one recent example of what not to do, so I suggest we look at that first."

"The Dawn?" Cortana spoke up now.

ALLIANCE, n. In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other's pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third. - The Devil's Dictionary

Currey nodded. "Precisely. They followed their own traditions, and it got them a very nice fruit basket, probably not worth the energy cost of sending a transmission to Titan. They approached the Triumvirate as a whole, again, I think, a mistake."

D'ron interrupted. "So what are you saying we should do?"

"I think our best bet is to work through what we have. Firstly, we attempt to improve relations with, first, the nations of the Triumvirate with which we have something in common. Angelus, through trade. The Dread Lady's Dominion, Reploid Productions, The SLAGLands, and Menelmacar, through our mutual positions on Earth. Then we try and move into the bigger picture, picking up the Mars nations first, as their closer relative position means we do more indirect trade with them. Then we try those nations confined to Saturn space."

"So with whom do you suggest we begin this process, 'Nathan?"

"Our relationship with Menelmacar is already strong, so there is little need for further work there, though neglecting that alliance would be foolish. For Angelus, we shall need some time, as our trade is not that heavy, and I'm not really sure what we have offer them. Therefore, we should begin with the SLAGLands and with the Dominion."

"Fine. Use any resources you need, but don't break the bank. D Section is at your disposal, but no covert intel gathering missions, please. Find out how best to approach those nations, and then do it. Anything else?"

Heads shook around the table. They all knew their jobs.


One by one, the holograms faded from view.
Foe Hammer
25-11-2003, 06:27
OOC: I don't get it. Was your nation plundered, your military destroyed, or did you just cut off relations with a bunch of countries?
Liverpool England
25-11-2003, 06:28
25-11-2003, 06:33
*TAG, and I love the quotes from the Devil's Dictionary*
25-11-2003, 08:10
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Anyhow, tag.
25-11-2003, 08:18
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imported_Sentient Peoples
26-11-2003, 20:11
As was usual in the Federation as well, small pieces of the Executive Council did meet face to face. Holo conferences were only for the whole Council.

Such was this meeting.

Currey was the first to speak to the three humans and the EI Hologram in front of him.

"Well, I don't have the slightest clue how to approach Angelus." Currey laughed briefly under his breath. "Their culture is so different, and our relationship consists only of trade. Do you have any ideas?"

Arthur Williams, Minister of Commerce and Transportation spoke first. "Seeing as the Angels posess a massive industrial base, and huge levels of technology, I'm not even sure what we actually do trade with them. I've got people looking into it, and I'd love to increase trade, but I don't see how. And trade is really the only option I see avalable."

Currey nodded. He'd been afraid of that. His proposal in Council was sound except for the small fact that no one had any idea where to begin with the first nation he'd proposed. He glanced at John and Bruce, but got blank looks from them as well.

Cortana seemed to have been waiting for this. "I know a way to at least begin a dialogue."

Currey looked at her sharply. "How?"

Indicating John, Cortana spoke. "When we proceeded with the massive military change and upgrade program two months ago, we decommissioned all units, except aerospace fighters, with not fully sentient AI, and removed it from those units we did not intend to scrap, replacing them with fully sentient EI like myself. That leaves us with nearly 500 just sub sentient AI that I refused to allow deletion of. Problem is, we lack the ability in the Federation to give these AI full sentience. I think the Angelans could do it. Currently, we've got all the AI's stored in a big simulator program, so we've just have to transfer them out to Angelus. I propose we allow them immigration status to Angelus, assuming they will take them. If so, I will accompany the AI to the World Disc."

Currey smiled. That was an excellent plan. And one likely to work, as well. All it needed was Angelan cooperation. And Cortana would be able to do what needed to be done, or at least, start the process. "That sounds good, Cortana. Get started on that immediately."

This might work after all.

"The next nation on the list is the SLAGLands. What do we know about them?"

Williams spoke first, again. "Well, their culture is extremely important to them, and they seemed to have refined it to a commercial art, at least in some ways, especially through Granny Slag's and the International BillCo Charts, along with a huge music export industry. Also, they would be seen as extremely liberal in the Federation, as demonstrated by Bodyguard Barry's penchant for pranking, and their almost complete lack arms and military. They are a free culture, respecting the rights of the individual citizen above just about all."

Currey blinked. That was very different from the Federation, true. It might require extra careful handling as well. "Hmm. I think we better do a little more research, but it looks like a cultural exchange of some sort might be in order."

John spoke up abruptly now. "We did release the First Army Orchestra and Chorus' first album into the SLAGLands. Perhaps, if it is successful there, we could arrange a tour."

Currey blinked yet again. That was surprisingly thoughtful and diplomatic coming from the gruff Minister of War. "That sounds like a plan. We'll wait and see on the SLAGLands then. And lastly, of the initial round, the Dominion of Dread Lady Nathicana. Suggestions?"

John spoke again. He seemed to know what he was talking about, as well. The man was becoming almost scary. He was good at everything, or at least, everything he put his mind to. "Firstly, they are a highly suspicious and not very forgiving culture. They are not going to look kindly on our abrupt withdrawl from the Triumvirate, and not be forgiving of it. Also, our strong support of the Dawn, especially during, and in light of recent events, may make us seem even to be a threat to them. I think the first contact should be light, and informal to the greatest extent possible. Again, I think trade relations might be the way to go. As their culture is somewhat martial as well, we might try introducing the FAOC to them as well. See how that goes over."

Currey nodded, thoughtful, and silent for a moment. "Bruce, you've met the Dread Lady, haven't you?"

Bruce nodded. "I was her escort at the President's wedding, at least until she left with Cavile."

Currey nodded again. "What did you get from her in that brief time?"

"Not much. She is a very striking woman, and she knows it, and how to use it, but not to the extent of overdoing it. She is very in control of herself, I'd imagine, most of the time, and may or may not regret instances when she allowed emotion to decide for her."

"Alright, I'll order the little people to continue studying the problems with the SLAGLands and with the Dominion, and Cortana, you're going to see about Angelus, correct?" Nods all around. "Well, I think that is about all we can do here. Let's get back to work, and make this happen."

The three humans and Cortana departed, leaving Currey behind his desk. he began writing orders for the different pieces of the International Relations Directorate, for the continued monitoring and research of the situation.

Then he though about who to send. To the SLAGLands, that was hard. Depended on the situation when they went, probably. With the FAOC? Farragut? No, too hot headed. Best to send a civilian. How to make it impressive, though. He might go himself, and bring his wife. She loved going to new places. And they'd done an airshow in the SLAGLands before. Perhaps an orbital insertion of the FAOC would be the ticket? Maybe. How would they take that obvious display of power, though? Don't want to come across as too arrogant. Orbital landing, then, accompanied by a squadron of unarmed fighters? Perhaps. Worth looking into anyway.

As for the Dominion, perhap it would be best to send Bruce, and Williams, especially if it did come down to trade. Bruce, cause he had met the woman before, and for all intents and purposes, she was the government. And Williams, well, cause trade discussion were what he did.

That would work. Probably. He fired off his notes, comments, and a transcript of the meeting to the President, to review at his leisure, and then Currey returned to the other tasks at hand.

OOC: The continuation of Cortana's work with the Angelans can be found here (
29-11-2003, 01:38
Edwin looked at the SP file and Tagged it for future reference.
imported_Sentient Peoples
01-12-2003, 21:05
An officer in a GF Captain's uniform came into Minister Currey's office, and snapped to attention.

"Hello, Captain Ellington. Please be seated."

"Hello, Minister Currey. What can I do for you, sir?"

"Got a little job for you, perhaps. You know that your album made number 4 on the international charts, correct?"

"Yes sir. We were quite happy with its performance, even if it only stays up there for a week."

"Yes, well. How would you like to go on an international tour?"

"A tour, sir? What about our military duties."

"Well, the First Army is not on active duty at the moment, is it?"

"Well, no, now that you mention it."

"In that case, what would you need for a tour?"

Ellington thought for a moment. "Information on what songs are popular in the target countries, a few days to prepare anything we don't already know well, and a dropship to transport us all."

"Okay, Captain. I'll see what we can work out, and let you know what we come up with."

"Yes sir." Sensing finality, Ellington asked. "Will that be all, sir?"

"Yes, Captain. You may go."

The conductor of the First Army Military Orchestra and Chorus departed, a slight spring to his step, which was kept at military regulation size.

OOC: Link to Continuation with the SLAGLands here (
imported_Sentient Peoples
02-12-2003, 08:35
"Bruce, Arthur. I just want to wish you well on the situation with the the Dread Lady's Dominion. Good luck."

"Of course, 'Nathan. We'll let your people put another couple days on it, but I've already decided where to get an opening." Arthur smiled as he said this.

Currey looked up from his terminal, as Bruce's head swung towards Williams. "Oh?" they spoke together.

"Yes. As we all know, the Federation vineyards, while decent, are nothing to brag about. But the Dominion vineyards...." Williams sighed.

The other two chuckled. They both knew Williams to be a 'wine snob.' And the Dominion did produce excellent wines. Perhaps that was the trade opening they needed.

Currey smiled. "Alright, Arthur. Run with it. Bruce, give him whatever help he needs."

The two younger men nodded, and departed, leaving Currey to worry about his trip the next day. Fortunately, he'd alerted his wife, Fae, earlier, and she was worrying about most of the minor things like clothing and such.

He just had to worry about the business end of the trip.
imported_Sentient Peoples
04-12-2003, 04:21
Bruse stared at the blank holographic computer screen. He'd told Williams he didn't need to do this, as D Section of the Intelligence Division indicated Nathicana wasn't even in the Dominion.

The only reason Minister Currey had assigned him to the Dominion was because of his prior meeting with the Dread Lady herself.

But what was he supposed to do?

And damn it, he had no choice but to send the message. But what message to send?

Wine. Focus on the wine.

OOC: Link to Continuation with the Dominion here (
imported_Sentient Peoples
11-12-2003, 07:55
D'ron looked down at a report from the Commerce and Transportation Directorate, specifically, from the Office of the Under-Secretary for Offworld Trade.

It appeared that Sunset was selling Habitation Domes, already constructed, on the Martian Surface.

He read over the dome description provided.

They are fully equipped - tied into the transit network and other infrastructure.
Artificial gravity, fusion plant in the basement, and an arcology wide network second to one.
They are either built into existing craters or are deep shafts carved out of the rock.
They also have a spaceport, and a 200ft thick dome keeping things comfortable.
Artificial projected 'sky' on the inside of the dome, realistic enough you won't know it's fake if you just woke up in there.
Construction facilities and many comforts already built in.

Etc, etc, etc. Finally, the conclusion.

Sir, if we can, this appears to be a very good deal. And I recall you mentioning something about wanting offworld colonies.

D'ron thought about it for a moment. He did indeed wish for offworld colonies, if possible. But there were very expensive. But the cheapest way to get a colony, for sure.

He sent the orders. Enquire, discreetly, among the major industries, to see how we could support this.

This could be good. It would gain a place to interact with the Martian Nations, increase trade, hopefully, and definitely improve the relations with Sunset, and hopefully all of Mars.

D'ron grinned. Some good news for a change.
11-12-2003, 08:08
Senate Commerce Chair Lopez looked over the list. 20 arcologies, a variety mixed between shaft and dome with anywhere from 1-5 million people. Villanova's project had left them empty and the corporations that owned them had come to Lopez to see if he could help get them occupied.

He sighed and pushed back from his desk. Who would want them though? They were either on the northern border with Eniqcir, the southern border with Kekkosmaa, or in the still mostly uninhabited area on the DLN and Sunset border. Well equipped, sure, but for hundreds of billions? That kind of cash was hard to come by, and the corporations wanted to sell more than lease.
imported_Sentient Peoples
12-12-2003, 06:26
D'ron looked down at the report.

It appeared that the private sector was willing to help fund the hopefully planned expansion to Mars.

Mining and Construction Interests aside, it wouldn't hurt to get a look at Sunset's technology, even the civilian stuff, though T Section of the Intelligence Division wanted to look anyway, assuming the deal went down.

Well, time to move up the time table.

D'ron examined the map more closely. There. Three one million person domes in a rough triangle on the border between the Sunset Territory and that of the Dread Lady's Martian Holdings.

Dragonstar Shipbuilding and Reardon Construction had even offered to construct the fighter base that would be needed. At cost.

That was simpling amazing.

200 billion Federation Credits were being offered to assist the government, with the understanding that it would repaid over the next three years. Then, of course, those companies would have lower rental fees from the government.

But it was simply amazing. That guy needed to be promoted. All this in one day. On the other hand, with a holdings on Mars, off-world trade would increase considerbly, there by upping his responsibility.

D'ron smiled. That would be promotion enough.

But he'd need to assign some people to the project. He began to consult the list of names of available civil servants...

OOC: Continued communication with Sunset found here (