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The CMDA seeks Recognition

25-11-2003, 05:30
The Camera comes alive as "The Blue Star" plays loudly, the Confederate Seal flashes up as the feed pumps out live from Richmond Virginia. The New Captial for the Confederacy of Mason Dixion America.
(Prounounced May-Son Dicks-Son)

The scene is that of the New Congress building, formerly the State's Parliment and Governent buildings. Men in suits stand up and applaud, as a man in his mid Forties slowly comes up to the Podium hands on the sides.

He is dressed in a Grey Military Unfirm, very much like one would see on re-enactors, back when the United States was Whole.

a smile, as he brings his hand up once, and tthus the house slowly quiets. with a nod, he starts off

Lee: Countrymen, Brothers, Confederates!

Lee is cut off by more cheers, and even a few huzzahs, like before he calms the crowd down

Lee: Gentlemen. We have finally accomplished, what we have dreamed to do, since the 1800's when our Forefathers saught to fight for freedom and equal States rights. Finally we have suceeded.

While Slavery then was an issue, this time, it is not, it is for the yearning, of a pure and new way of Governing, With God, back in control of his people, and back in our sacred halls of Law, Congress, and even Education. I am proud to have you all here. Like such States, as Texas, Georgia, The Carolinas, Tennesse, Alabama, Mississippi, and yes Our beloved Virginia!.

More cheers come out, but Lee lets them cheer, a smile coming to his face as he holds his hands up.

Lee: We have finally done it, and those who did not wish to join, did not, Sadly Florida is lost to us, but we will Manag. We, are a large COuntry, with good men, good people. Even after such a long War, and struggle, to get us, where we are now.

Now all we ask, is that the Legitimate Nations around and far away from us, Recgonise us, and accept us, into this world. We have nothin to prove, and only our freedom prized for now. God as our Witness, we did it without the help of the lot of ya'll, now recognise us, before God and all the world, as the Country we have been destined to be.

This I do ask and seek most Humbly, while we have little now, and much rebuilding to be done, We will offer what we can, open and seek trade with those who wish it, and back our brothers and sisters who come for help.

We too know how it is to feel oppression, and how it feels to shrug off it's shackles.

Now we are free men. Men in a truly and soldi bound Confederacy. May God bless and keep the states
Heal the families that have been seperated, and help us persevere into this new era of Change and growth.

Thank you and God bless.

And President Lee starts to walk down as CNN or whatever Global mean os news cuts back to commentary and other events.