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-The Bajoni Storefront-

25-11-2003, 05:24
Welcome to the Bajoni Storefront.
Bajoni Storefront (

Bajoni products are reserved for the chosen few:

Martian Nations (The Planet Mars)
"Most" GDODAD Members
Old, trusted friends & allies (Thelas, Aelosia, Crimmond, etc)

A few rules:
1. No excessive buying. Remember, I have to produce these. You can order them in large quantities over years though.
2. No running.
3. TG me for "confidential deals"
4. No weapons in the store. This is a clean environment.
5. No smoking.
6. No shirt, pants, or shoes, no service.

Enjoy your visit:
Bajoni Storefront (

-Empress Nisha Redoran
~The Nocturnal Empire of Bajon~
28-11-2003, 03:16