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Diwaniyah erupts into civil war!

25-11-2003, 04:34
Al Quds al Arabi Newspaper

BAGHDAD (INA) - After months of intense negotiations with the Kurdish factions in the northern cities of Muqtada and Zafeq, Kurdish terror groups broke off contact with government authorities this morning and called to rebellion their followers. Their joint statements, from the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have ordered that "any necessary means will be used in order to create an independent Kurdish state, including acts of terrorism on civilian and military targets."

No less than thirty minutes later, the first fighting broke out in the north. In the city of Muqtada, at approximately 6:45 AM AST, PUK forces seized the Ba'ath Party Headquarters and several government buildings with little fighting. The Diwaniyan 3rd Infantry Division had engaged with a firefight these "peshmerga" terrorists, but were overwhelmed and the whole division surrendered by 9:00 AM AST. The city was secured by the PUK by 12:00 PM AST.

In the city of Zafeq, Kurdish "peshmerga" terrorists attacked the 6th Infantry Division and the 1st Armored Division. Heavy fighting went on before the KDP terrorists were forced to flee. A pursuit by the Diwaniyan army units was mounted, but the majority of the KDP terrorists were able to get away.

A radio station in the north, named 'Free Kurdish Radio' began broadcasting sometime during the day using stolen equipment from the government's Radio Diwaniyah 102.3 FM.

The Diwaniyan government has been paralysed by the attacks, as they were not expecting such an attack. They are also worried about the quality and the morale of the divisions to fight against the Kurdish terrorists. The 3rd Infantry Division, with approximately 9,450 soldiers, surrendering the enemy with most of its equipment and manpower still intact has not helped the government at all.

Not only is there fighting with the Kurdish terrorists, but there are also unconfirmed reports of fighting between the 34th Infantry Division (Regular Army) and the 2nd "Al Medina" Armored Division (Republican Guards) in positions outside of the city of Dharwaniya. The government has denied the reports, and when we attempted to travel the city, we were turned back by a checkpoint two kilometres from the city. We did, however, hear fire in the distance and the soldiers at the checkpoint did seem a little on edge.