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Automagfreek embassy in Copiosa Scotia to remain open

Copiosa Scotia
25-11-2003, 01:09
From The Askland Point Post, 24 November 2003
Reprinted by permission

After a brief discussion, the National Assembly decided Monday that the Automagfreek embassy in Daiel would be allowed to remain open.

"These are dangerous times. There are those who believe the events of recent weeks signal the beginning of another cold war between democracy and totalitarianism, and if that is the case, it would be unwise to cut the channels of diplomacy which might preserve peace," Assembly majority leader Jeffrey Nolan (L-Coburn) said.

The decision came only a day after Imperial Forces closed relations with Automagfreek, and two days after Russian Forces' seizure of the Moscow Automagfreek embassy.

"Those were rather rash decisions by the foreign affairs departments [of Russian Forces and Imperial Forces], and they may come to regret those decisions in the near future," representative Scott Morton (I-West Scotia) said. "Damien Dreadfire, for all his supposed mental problems, has been by far the most reasonable of the GDODAD leadership, and cutting relations will only serve to unnecessarily provoke the GDODAD."