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Whats up with my economy?

24-11-2003, 23:23
Well, Mave is officially in a depression, having dropped several brackets over the last 24 hours. What on earth is going on?
24-11-2003, 23:26
MODALERT, this sounds like it goes in Technical, or maybe Moderation
25-11-2003, 00:30
To help your economy we suggest you use a mix of subsidies to help kick start economic growth as well as favoring the industrial side of any debates.

For instance, if Unranium is ever discovered, allow a small number of mining siites as opposed to none.

Renardian Chamber of Commerce
25-11-2003, 00:35
This actually happened to me once. I was in the allconsuming economy then I checked about 10 minutes later and it was in srong area instead. I did dismiss 1 issue about the poets one (i hate that one)
Sigma Octavus
25-11-2003, 03:18
Probably because you're a member of the UN.
25-11-2003, 12:19
Check out:

This thread. (
I'll add your thing too