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Akilliam prepared to arm minor powers

24-11-2003, 23:07
The Empire of Akilliam, in its desire to spread influence and power abroad, is prepared to sell or loan weapon systems of varying natures to small, insignificant powers. We will sell or loan these weapon systems to nations of under 50,000,000 people.

The Empire is selling weapons of the following nature and type, bear in mind that these have been modified and stripped of confidential systems:

B42 Hellhound C
--Medium strategic bomber. Popullar among bomber pilots of the Empire, the Hellhound employs speed and maneuverability to avoid threats. It is capable of carrying conventional or nuclear payloads.
----37mC per system.

Wolverine Class Missile Cruisers
--Frigate sized vessel, with a single purpose; to deliver the maximum number of missiles to a target. Capable of thirty-four knots, it is an excellent first response naval vessel for far away missions.
----230mC per ship.

Pilum IIA Missile System
--Standard cruise missile of the Empire, employed in the Wolverine Class Cruisers and modified versions of the B42 Hellhound. 600mi maximum range, 500mph.
----2mC per missile.

Hastus IVAH
--Attack helicopter. No stealth systems. Uses a 12.7mm cannon and is capable of carrying 60 Hydra rockets and 8 Hellfire missiles.
----15mC per system.

Testudo MkVII
--Main battle tank of the Empire. Employs a 12.5cm main gun, copula mounted and bow mounted .50calibers. Top speed 40mph on good ground, 30-35 on poor ground, 10-30 on terrible ground.
----4mC per system.


All bids shall be made here.
The Senate of Akilliam