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Billionth Citizen Born in Fyreheart.

24-11-2003, 23:02
"My fellow world citizens, today is truly a historic day for The Republic of Fyreheart. Today marks the birth of this great nations one billionth citizen."

"This child is known as Kisa Rouma, and was born to Mary Rouma and Johonis Rouma. They shall be recognized later this week at a government ceremony."

"I would like to take this opportunity to be a bit nostalgic. The history of Fyreheart is a long one, with many bumps in the road. From long ago with the tyrannical rule of Aqualaan Fyreheart, to a 10 year civil war, to his ousting by his brother, our former leader Amethyst Fyreheart. From Amethyst healing a war torn countries wounds to us beginning to stand alone. From isolation to the establishment of relation with our first ally, The United Socialist States of Nankin. To the RGGA. To us making steps in military advancement. Through two civil wars in the last 40 years. To numeroud alliances, from the affrementioned RGGA, to UNAOTO, to M10, to the present day United Emirates and The League Against Global Dictatorship. Invading Rukemia after a heinous act was commited. Saving Rukemia from the wrath of Melkor. Thereafter invading Rukemia. To our present day environment, of standing for peace and all that is right."

"I have said it before, and I will say it again now. I am proud of this nations history, even with all the black marks it may have, for they add to our journey. We shall continue to fight the good fight. To stand for all that is good, and just in our world."

"I am declaring today a national holiday. Let us all bask in the glory that is Fyreheart, and wish her well for another one billion people!"

Prime Minister Nathan Hurst
"The only thing neccesary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Member of United Emirates
Member of The League Against Global Dictatorship
Ally of United NationStates Anti Oppression and Tyranny Organization
24-11-2003, 23:10
We congratulate the nation of Fyreheart on this population milestone.

OOC: Welcome to the billion club :-)
Mendacious Weasel
24-11-2003, 23:17
Aleturaldean Government House
Ministry Offices
Foreign Affairs

The People of Aleturald (also known as the Dominion of Mendacious Weasel) would like to extend our congratulations to the People of Fyreheart on reaching this memorable milestone.
We of Aleturald hope one day to share this marvellous achievement. Our esteemed leader, Lord Chrichael is beside himself and continues to encourage rampant birth rates, poor family planning and governmental contributions to the Catholic Church in hopes of achieving this same phenomenal population level.

Minister for Foreign Affairs.

First Earl of Leorgine
Drakonian Imperium
24-11-2003, 23:59
The Drakonian Imperium welcomes his honorable and strong ally Fyreheart into the Billions Club. We salute your achievement, and look forward to seeing another billion citizens in our allies nation. Remembering our own recent achievement ( of a billion plus size, we again welcome and congratulate our allies on their own achievement.

All Hail, the United Emirates!

Drakonian Diplomatic Corps.
located in Drako Throne,
capital of the Grand Dominion of Drakonian Imperium
25-11-2003, 04:07
25-11-2003, 04:22
We congratulate our old ally in this achievment. Through the years, from the RGGA era to the modern era, Fyreheart and Omzian Democratic Republic has had a great relationship. We wish our ally well and hope our ally to continue prosper.

--Foreign Affairs Minstry

OOC: Very soon for me... Very soon :P
25-11-2003, 04:30
Goobergunchia extends a warm congratulations to Fyreheart.

Lord Goobergunch, Goobergunchian President [population: 1.059 billion]
DU Regional Delegate
25-11-2003, 04:34
"The only thing neccesary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

hey, that's my national motto..well, it was too big to fit so my national motto is that in a nutshell 8)

and also, philopolis' 1,000,000,000th citizen was born October 26th