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Fomation of Bar Fabarec {officeal anouncement}

Bar Frybarec
24-11-2003, 20:59
Offishal Name Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari (The Humankind Empire of Abh)

offishal Language: Baronh

Politacal Milteristic Fudalist System
the Empire is made up of 12 Kingdoms Controled by one of the 12 root Clans wich is further Devided into smaller areas controled by Local noblemen New nobility is made threw Miltary service Titles and lands are granted to Bright Soldgers when and if the the land area is avalable.

The Fabarec Laboursec (Empire miltary) has become a imporent Economic Body Of Bar Frabarec As all of its citizens at one time or anoter Serve By eather reqirement or to gain Noterioty or Titles Becouse the Miltary is co importent the miltary is so importent govenment centers around the Military. Althow Miltary Service is not Mandantroy for Citizens ithe Minimum of 10 years of miltary service Must be done by titled Nobility. this minmum service requiremnt Goes up with the higher youre title is for example members of the Empereal clan can serve up to 50 years in the military service and are Required to be in the Combat Section

At the top of the covermnet Sits The Empror (this Position is curently held by His Highness Ablïarsec Néïc Lamsar Larth Barcer Dusanh) Who is a mamber of one of the 8 Famalys Belinging to the Empereal clan Ablïarsec Sucession to the Empreal thone is Miltary infact the Empreor holds the Rank of Rüé Spainec the Emperor Only holds this position for 25 uears than a new emperor is placed on the throne (who would be the next Ablïarsec to earn that rankthre the regular process of Military Permotion ) Retired Emperors go in to Serve in the Cuncle of former Emperors and Kings that Serves as the magistrates for the liltary and decide miltary law try war crimes and decides upon miltary prmotions.

Economic the econmy of Bar Frabarec is a controled free trade system all long range Vessels alowed to leave and enter the empire are Porperty of the Emperor and may be leased ut to local Nobioty threw the Empire Merchent group. The local noble may have controll of the Ship sise and type but the Ship and Crue are controled by the Empire Merchent Group.

[/B]The inhabetance[b]
The People of Bar Faybarec are known as Abh it is a well known Fact that amungs the Abh Genetic manipualtion is a requiremnt over the years they have spent time geneticly pulling out that they felt were Superior Human features The Side effect of this beaing Hair that is Blue in color
The abh are Evlish in aperance (the Ablïarsec whos noted feature is a pair ot long pointed ears see picture below of his highness) Nave a lifespan of 200 to 250 years and do not phiscly age past 25 years) Amungst thire strangest Chrictoristics outside of a Deminor that can be Mean Sperated at times is the adition of a Compund eye located in thire Forhaead (that resembles a diamond Shaped perl the pourpose of this that it alows the indvigual to have a visual range of 360 degrees
His Highness Ablïarsec Néïc Lamsar Larth Barcer Dusanh