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24-11-2003, 19:13
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12:12 PM CST, NOV. 24, 2003
HVITTSTED (Nov. 24) -- Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that membership in the UN has been confirmed, and government officials are working hard to create a new office within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to deal specifically with UN matters. In response, a flood of applications from newly graduated college students has hit the Ministry, and this new Office of UN Affairs is expected to hire an extra 21,000, improving the unemployment rate, which has been going down since President Weston was inaugurated several months ago.
The President has voiced his utmost happiness at the UN confirmation, and has already ordered a vote on the current UN resolution. While the Blått Hus (Blue House) has not yet confirmed what position it took on the current resolution, it assured Lietuvs that the information would be out soon.

For all your latest news updates, check out, your only online news source in the USSL.
24-11-2003, 22:39

President Weston announces terrorism concerns
3:31 PM CST, NOV. 24, 2003
HVITTSTED (Nov. 24) -- At approximately 2:58 PM CST on Nov. 24, 2003, President Adrian Weston announced concerns of terrorism. He has enacted the Border Patrol to alert status ORANGE, and has contacted police forces in all major Lietuv cities. He has also voiced concern for our embassies around the world, and is making steps to increase security.

These concerns have come after several days of protests in Hvittsted concerning the membership of the CACE and the United Nations. It appears far-right insurgents are threatening businesses nationwide, which are of course state-run, therefore allowing the government to know the threats made against those businesses. Apparently these insurgents are unaware of the private enterprise ban in Lietuveska.

More news will be brought as it comes, until more, this is your only online news source from the USSL!
25-11-2003, 16:07

State of economy severe
8:58 AM CST, NOV. 25, 2003
HVITTSTED (Nov. 25) -- The Ministry of Trade and Economy announced today that the Hvittsted Stock Exchange (HXE) would be closed for the duration of the week, due to the stock market's near-crash yesterday. Recent events, namely increasing military size from .08% of the population to 1.3%, has caused the sudden economic decline. The unemployment number has not increased, and the UN's economic ranking of our country leaves us at producing little GDP per capita. The President is being heavily scrutinized, and with an election coming soon, he is urged to do something about the drastic state of the economy. A statement from the Blått Hus this morning clearly defined that as soon as they could, they would deal with matters of the economy.

This new economic collapse, which is simply a repeat of the state of the economy for the past 15 years, is causing some to wonder yet again if the Lietuv socialist system can truly work. The Lietuv Conservative Party points that if Lietuvs want to exit the shaky economy, they must turn to a more pro-capitalist system. In a round of local elections that took place yesterday, Conservatives seemed to come close to toppling Socialist leadership in several major cities such as Hvittsted, Vilnius, and Göteburg.
29-11-2003, 04:57

Economy makes shocking recovery!
9:49 PM CST, NOV. 28, 2003
HVITTSTED ( Nov. 28 ) -- The economy has made a shocking recovery, with huge rallies at the HXE (Hvittsted Stock Exchange), and new hope instilled in Lietuvs. Apparently the Weston Administration thought it wise to adopt a moderate position on allowing corporations to donate money to political campaigns. That sent the economy rocketing, literally, to an all-time high, at Good. This change is an extreme shock to all Lietuvs, as just a few weeks ago (days RL), the economy had sunk to an all-time low at Basket Case. According to Automagfreekian ratings, this sets our nation up for new trade oppurtunities, not to mention the shocking climb in 7 economic ratings!

The Weston Administration has proclaimed that its moderate position towards corporations has indeed helped the nation greatly, and they are looking into furthering the economy. While the Weston Administration was facing severe consequences of joining the UN several days ago, consumer confidence rallied with new policies has sent the President's approval rating from 34% to 71%, guaranteeing sure victory in the next election, to take place 10 December. The President has also mentioned that trade will be re-opened, just in time for the holiday season, where many Lietuv families buy imported goods to give gifts at Christmas.

From your only USSL online news source, Happy Holidays!
20-12-2003, 08:42
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Civil Rights, Political Freedoms Nonissue
1:38 AM CST, DEC. 20, 2003
HVITTSTED ( Dec. 20 ) -- In a recent report filed by the Lietuv Ministry of Information, it has been found that most Lietuvs consider civil rights and political freedoms nonissues. The report says that while Lietuvs consider civil rights and political freedoms sacrosanct, they are not worried about losing either. These reports come after the Weston Administration took a rather shocking turn to allowing PepsiCo, one of the world's largest soda producers, to sponsor the latest shuttle flight. Lietuvs apparently seem unphased by this sudden shift towards a more capitalistic policy, but Dr. Hans Kreugel of Vilnius National University says that Lietuvs "realize that moderate policies are what saved the USSL to begin with when the economy took a tank a year ago."

Also in the report were statistical data regarding the ethnic makeup of Hvittsted, with a 64% majority being Swedish.

From your only online news source in the USSL, Happy Holidays!
21-12-2003, 07:29

Lietuveska Withdraws From CACE
12:20 AM CST, DEC. 21, 2003
HVITTSTED (Dec. 20) -- Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Lietuveska would resign from the Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies. This move has been in planning for some time, but President Weston ordered the resignation today after a reported CACE member sent a threatening telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the acceptance of aid from Knootoss, a SATO member. The South Atlantic Treaty Organisation is apparently a natural rival of the CACE, due to conflicting economic ideas.

The citizens of Lietuveska are suprised at this move, and are wondering if this is a larger step towards capitalism. The Blått Hus has denied such, and urges that Lietuveska is as socialist as ever. The issue of the economy is predicted to be a prime debate source in next year's presidential elections on January 25, 2004.

Check out ( for more information on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proclamation. Remember to visit for all your information needs!
21-12-2003, 14:24
How ridiculous, another example of irresponsible reporting. We challenge the LNA or the Lietuveskan government to produce this 'threatening' telegram. The fact is that the telegram did not threaten anyone, and expressed surprise that a CACE nation would go to a government that actively sought war against the CACE before asking the CACE for help, especially since the charter of the CACE explicitly states its purpose is to provide mutual economic aid. The telegram also suggested that Lietuveska be sure there are no strings attached to the aid, since WBO nations will likely demand market access in return for aid.

At any rate, the charges against SeOCC, who sent the telegram, are groundless.

Nathan Palouse
Minister of Information
21-12-2003, 14:50
I fully endorse the response from my comrade in SeOCC. It is highly inappropriate for a member of CACE to seek aid from a nation that has not only sought to bring themselves and others into conflict with us and is even now actively promoting a defense alliance to counter us. It amazes me that the government of Lietuveska were unable to see this conflict of interests.

Michael McKay,
Celdonian Foreign Minister.
21-12-2003, 18:18
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21-12-2003, 18:24
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-Ruhrian DIA Agent
21-12-2003, 19:05
We wish to inform the international community that this thread is simply a place of news reports provided by the government-funded Lietuv News Agency. We request that all rebuttals be posted elsewhere, as the integrity of our news agency must be preserved, and any arguments to a particular news report will not be countered.

Also, the Blått Hus has issued a statement declaring that we are not asking for a conflict. It is our sovereign right to withdraw from any alliance we wish, and our inactivity in the CACE was large. We are no longer a member of the alliance, and will not be treated as such.

>>Ministry of Information<<
21-12-2003, 19:15
21-12-2003, 19:17
We request that all rebuttals be posted elsewhere, as the integrity of our news agency must be preserved, and any arguments to a particular news report will not be countered.

Given that this agency falsely labeled the telegram as threatening shows that, in fact, it has no integrity at all.

MoI Frontdesk
22-12-2003, 01:47
We request that all rebuttals be posted elsewhere, as the integrity of our news agency must be preserved, and any arguments to a particular news report will not be countered.

Given that this agency falsely labeled the telegram as threatening shows that, in fact, it has no integrity at all.

MoI Frontdesk

OOC: And given that this is the first place I notcied the withdrawal, and that I have little reason to start a thread dedicated to Lietuveska, I'm afraid you'll just have to suffer the intrusion.

If you'd prefer us to post elsewhere then I suggest you post a reference in future.
23-12-2003, 04:01

Lietuveska Expands International Relations
8:54 PM CST, DEC. 22, 2003
HVITTSTED (Dec. 22) -- The Blått Hus today confirmed that relations with EOTED were definately improving, after yesterday's backing of its actions. The EOTED has reportedly apologized to the Triumvirate of Yut, and the world, for actions done in the past. President Weston confirmed that he would seek to continue this newfound relationship with the EOTED.

Also, relations with Knootoss, who has given $300 million in aid to Lietuveska in order to allow construction of a new electric plant, have taken a sharp increase. It is expected soon that Knootian delegates will be sent to Lietuveska, and vice versa. The Blått Hus has said that the Knootians have many views that we do, and also that they are dedicated to furthering relations.

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25-12-2003, 22:21

Good Christmas, Fun Atmosphere
3:03 PM CST, DEC. 25, 2003
HVITTSTED (Dec. 25) -- As always, Lietuvs celebrated Christmas today with parades and festivities, being the natural tradition to celebrate the birth of Christ in the middle of the day. Festive cheers are still high as parties continue around the nation, and millions are filled with festive cheer.

The Lietuv Committee on Economic Statistics reported that this year's holiday cheer and finances would be closely related. For the first time in Lietuv history, the USSL has kept a strong economy for nearly a year (NS time). Lietuvs spent approximately $1,500 on gifts this year, up from $300 the year before. President Weston has credited himself and his staff with the soaring economy, and the HXE closed at 6,512 yesterday, an all-time high.

The government has called all employees home for the remainder of the week, and is allowing families to take off work for next week also, in time for New Year celebrations. From your only online news source in the USSL, the Lietuv News Agency wishes a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!
14-02-2004, 22:48
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Knootian Ambassador Arrives
3:26 PM CST, FEB. 14, 2004
HVITTSTED (Feb. 14) -- Today the Vice President welcomed Tim de Boer, the Knootian Ambassador here on a visit. Vice President Van Arsden offered no statement to reporters, but his assistant divulged some information. "Vice President Van Arsden and Ambassador de Boer are getting along quite well. I believe this heralds a new beginning in Lietuv history and foreign politics." More information to come, from your only online news source in the USSL.

New Budget Appropriations
3:29 PM CST, FEB. 14, 2004
HVITTSTED (Feb. 14) -- Yesterday, the Blått Hus announced that it has developed a new budget for this fiscal year, and military spending has been reduced by half a percent. With the powerhouse economy that Lietuveska has experienced for the past two years, the federal budget has been blossoming. Tax rates are very high, producing much income for the government. The Minister of Information has said that there is a $400 billion budget surplus this year, the first budget surplus in Lietuv history. Below is the budget planned, per department, for this fiscal year.

Fiscal Year: 2004

Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- $25 billion

Ministry of Information -- $10 billion

Ministry of Defense -- $30 billion

Ministry of Health, Education, and Culture -- $400 billion

Ministry of National Defense -- $25 billion

Ministry of Trade and Economy -- $15 billion

Ministry of Transportation and Infastructure -- $310 billion

Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection -- $50 billion

Ministry of Social Affairs -- $10 billion

Total Expenditures -- $875 billion
14-02-2004, 23:00
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19-02-2004, 02:47

Nathan Korvana wins Foreign Minister elections!
5:52 PM, CST, FEB. 19, 2004
HVITTSTED (Feb. 19) -- In an election that was expected to carry Joshua Thompson for another five years as Foreign Minister, millions of political analysts were shocked today when they realized that Nathan Korvana has won the elections. In a strong showing, with a few votes scattered amongst Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Bealte, Nathan Korvana carried more than 60% of the vote.

Mr. Korvana will be inaugurated tomorrow at the Blått Hus by President Weston, and it is expected that striking policies will soon take place. It is believed that his amazing victory is somewhat credited to the fact that his wife is the top ambassador and diplomat in the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Several tabloids have called this a government plot to install well-liked families into power, but an investigation headed by the Hvittsted Chronicle, a satellite entity of the Lietuv News Agency, has found no evidence regarding those claims.

At tomorrow's inauguration, Nathan Korvana is expected to thank those that supported him to allow him to become so prominent in Lietuv politics. The President gave a sneak-peek of what to expect of new policy announcements: "Of course the USSL's policies regarding the international community will naturally change. I think we should expect a few more friends within a few years." Korvana has made no public statement regarding the President's words, but has offered his heartfelt thanks to many: "Those Lietuvs who supported me, who were behind me through this campaign, and those that realize that I show the true message of progress and peace, I thank you all for giving me this historical oppurtunity."

With a new Foreign Minister, it is expected that more money may be given to the Ministry. The Blått Hus has offered no comment to this rumor, but several top aides have expressed their belief that it "would have been a danger to raise the Ministry's budget under Mr. Thompson's control." This statement has been met with shock by many, including Thompson himself. "If I was such a threat to the security of this country, I suppose the Blått Hus would like to explain why I was allowed to keep my position," he said earlier today. However, many consider Joshua Thompson out of the picture, and his arguments baseless. The Blått Hus has promised to update the Cabinet roster.

From your only online news source in the USSL, LNA wishes you well in whatever you do!
24-02-2004, 04:04

National Name To Remain Same
9:05 PM CST, FEB. 23, 2004
HVITTSTED (Feb. 23) -- The USSL shall remain the United Socialist States, according to senior officials of the Blått Hus. According to international law, no nation has the ability to change it's official title until it has reached 500 million. A recent census accounted for 506 million legal citizens of Lietuveska, but no attempts to change the nation's name have been considered. Several gotens have requested a name change, but they have not been sucessful.

President Weston made a statement today at a press conference when asked the ultimate question: "When, if at all, will the Blått Hus request the changing of the official title of the USSL?" The President's reply was that it "is not necessary to change the title of a nation simply because one can. When, or if ever, the government changes, I am sure that there will be request for a name change. The President after me, or the one after him or her, may wish to change the official title of our great country. Until then, I intend to keep the same title we've had for the past decade."

Therefore, it has been resolved that Lietuveska will keep its official title for an unannounced period of time. For more news from your only online news source, watch our newest channel, LNATN, with the latest HDTV and digital technology!
14-03-2004, 02:33

Tax Cut Proves Beneficial
7:16 CST, MAR. 12, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 12) -- Over the past two months, enormous tax cuts, made possible by the Lietuv Conservative Party, have proved extremely beneficial. Although the tax cuts took some money away from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Information, the LCP maintains that Lietuvs must be able to support themselves. The erradication of several needless government programs have also offered more money to the people. By cutting the tax rate by nearly 32%, the average middle class family is expected to receive $10,000-$20,000.

Economists say that the new tax cuts have pushed our nation closer to capitalism, though private enterprise is still illegal. It is expected that the GDP per capita will rise a few thousand Litas. However, a noted economic outlook group, Lietuv Economics Outlook Organization, has predicted that the government must first take pro-business steps to move towards capitalism and legalize private enterprise.

All of this new conservative popularity has been increasing, largely due to the tax cuts. However, most Lietuvs are growing more moderate as the years go by, according to the Lietuv Research Poll. In 1991, the first year of Lietuv independence, approximately 21% of the population considered itself more conservative than liberal. However, a recent poll taken by the LRP has discovered that over 58% of Lietuvs consider themselves more conservative when it comes to economic issues and trade. It has also shown a popular trend to national defense, making the recent press release ( regarding the government position on terrorism a very popular move. The press release was driven by the LCP.

This has sparked belief that the tax cuts, as well as the LCP's pro-defense stance, will be a major factor in the 2004 Elections ( for 100 seats, or half, of the Getczechen.
14-03-2004, 04:11

First Lietuv In Space?
9:00 PM CST, MARCH 12, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 12) -- The Blått Hus announced this afternoon that it would be attempting to send the first Lietuv male into space within the next fifteen years. Already, the Getczechen has prepared to accept a new budget being devised by the Weston Administration. Prepared in the new proposed budget is $100 billion set aside to a new agency that will be placed under the Department of the Air Force. The Blått Hus suggested it be named the "Lietuv Space Initiative," a name that has seemed rather popular to most who have discussed the issue.

Plans for the first manned spaceflight include a week-long orbit around the globe, as well as top-of-the-line technology. Already, the government has started inviting engineers, technicians, and other experts who will receive a bountiful pay for their services. The Blåt Hus said that it wishes "to establish the USSL as a power on Earth and off. The time has come that we make our presence known to the international community, and become more independent in doing so."

Some have criticized the plans, saying that constant spending by the Weston Administration will lead the nation into debt, and that taxes must be increased to pay for the planned spaceflight. The Blått Hus has responded to these criticisms by saying that "it is of utmost importance that we expand-to learn, to grow, and to prosper. The cost should not matter, for the only results that we will experience from such exploration shall bring good to our nation."
14-03-2004, 05:06
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15-03-2004, 00:23

National Name To Change If LCP Wins
5:10 PM CST, MAR. 13, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 13) -- Chairwoman Lashira Vladonski of the Lietuv Conservative Party has expressed that she intends on proposing legislation to change the national name if the LCP wins the current elections taking place, in which the districts will be voting over the next week. Election results for each district will be kept secret until all results are compiled.

The exact name that our title would be changed to is currently unclear, but Chairwoman Vladonski has said that party leaders have discussed several terms. When asked what these terms were, Mrs. Vladonski replied, "Oh, I think we'll know that soon enough." This statement has been attacked by other parties, claiming that the Chairwoman is too optimistic and arrogant about her party's success. The LCP has responded, saying that Mrs. Vladonski was not predicting the outcomes of the elections, and attacked other parties for forcing politics into every way of Lietuv life.

However, the LCP has said the name change would express a more moderate position, economically and politically. This announcement has been met with support and opposition. Most middle-class Lietuvs support the change, while wealthier Lietuvs are opposed to the name change, saying that it destroys the historical richness of Lietuveska. Hvittsted College of the Arts Professor John Qu'Al-Ahmad has responded to that statement. The professor says that it,"takes more than twenty years of history to call something historically rich."
19-03-2004, 04:48

USSL Sends Troops To Hamptonshire
9:00 PM CST, MAR. 18, 2004
HVITTSTED ( Mar. 18 ) -- Yesterday, after the Grand Duchy of Hamptonshire accepted a peace-keeping force of Lietuv troops, the Blått Hus confirmed that it has actively engaged in anti-terrorism activities worldwide. President Weston has said that this deployment to Hamptonshire is "my way of showing the world that we are not weak, defenseless, and tired. In fact, I intend to tell the international community that this is just the beginning."

The contigent sent to Port Victory, Hamptonshire is listed below:

1st PeaceForce Deployment
3,000 troops armed with M4s, M16s, and M40 frag grenades
100 T-95 tanks
150 Humvees
200 APCs
50 Paladin Howitzers
10 Apache attack choppers
10 Blackhawk attack choppers
10 Chinooks

During the past few weeks, Hamptonshire has suffered severe terrorist attacks (, upon the Royal Senate and House of Representatives, resulting in most government officials being killed in the blasts. The total cost of lives has been over 2,000 dead, not to mention billions of dollars in property damage. A statement was earlier issued to the government of Hamptonshire by the Blått Hus expressing condolences for the terrible losses.

The PeaceForce Deployment is expected to arrive at Port Victory fourteen hours after takeoff. Scheduled takeoff is 12:00 AM, March 19, 2004. Families and friends have been partaking in farewell parties for troops being sent.

The Social Progressives Union of Lietuveska has all but abandoned the President. They feel that he has strayed from their party, and are demanding that he resign as president, or at least from the party. Chairman Jundaus of the SPU has voiced his concern that President Weston "has been defiant against all of my proposals and suggestions, while heartily embracing the LCP. This is an embarrassment to the party and to the Lietuv people. Surely a President could be more mature than Adrian Weston has."

The Blått Hus has issued a strong statement in response to Jundaus' attacks. According to Weston's administration, he no longer bases his judgements on party lines, but between right and wrong. The Blått Hus argues that the President has judged every decision he has made as being right. Therefore, President Weston "will not budge in his determination to better this nation as he sees it should be. The Lietuv people have long supported the presidency, and the new conservative movement in Lietuveska only drives the president to be what he truly is--a servant of the people."
19-03-2004, 05:04
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27-03-2004, 06:01

Lietuv Conservative Party Wins Elections
7:50 PM CST, MAR. 25, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 25) -- Today the final results of the 2004 Getczechen Elections were displayed across the nation, not surprising many with the high victory of the Lietuv Conservative Party. The election results of the Lietuv population were close to the international community's opinion:

Lietuv Conservative Party: 96 seats of 200 (gain of 50 seats)
Socialist Progressives Union: 79 seats of 200 (loss of 25 seats)
Labour Democrats: 10 seats of 200 (loss of 14 seats)
Independent Party: 15 seats of 200 (loss of 9 seats)
Maata Environmental Front: 0 seats of 200 (loss of 2 seats)

The only party to make any gains whatsoever was the LCP. The LCP-Independent Coalition now creates a total of 111 seats on the side of the LCP in the Getczechen.

The SPU and Labour Democrats lost heavily, and are now facing the serious consequences of political defeat. No comment has been offered by either party.

The MEF has collapsed completely, ending a 15-year presence in the Getczechen. Many political analysts were not surprised by this turn of events, but were notably surprised that the Independent Party still has a footing. Many political analysts assumed that voters would vote for LCP candidates instead, but that largely turned out to not be the case.

The LCP has announced that its first step will be to change the national name. Names are now being presented to a panel in the party, and they will soon choose several names and hold an international poll. Then a vote will be held at home to determine the new national name for Lietuveska.

The President has staunchly opposed this move, crediting it as a way to destroy the history of Lietuveska.

Also on the agenda of the LCP is changing the national government to a parliamentary government instead of the current federal one. This has been met with support by most Lietuvs, as a recent LNA poll found that 78% of Lietuvs supported the idea of a parliamentary government. If such a change occurred, the President would be forced to leave office, while being able to run for Prime Minister at a later date. The LCP has proposed that Lietuveska follow the Knootian model, having all Getczechen elections in the same week to easily determine new party power changes. The LCP has said that it intends to keep the Getczechen unicameral, though has suggested an increase in the number of members to 500.

It is unlikely that the President would ever pass such a bill, but the LCP has considered intense political pressure and guarantees of a political office if he agrees to pass the bill.
27-03-2004, 06:35

UnAPS Situation With Allanea Gets Better or Worse?
11:05 PM CST, MAR. 26, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 26) -- Relations between Allanea and Edolia recently hit a downturn when the Allanean government issued a statement condemning the United Alliance of Progressive States and its members, which Lietuveska is proud to say it has membership of. Apparently Edolian security forces stopped illegal smugglers on the island of Axackal, who were detained soon after the condemnation. In response, Allanea violated international law by detaining Edolian government officials with no clear reason or charges being made.

Lietuveska was the first to bring the situation to the UnAPS, and has been watching the progress very closely. The Weston Administration says that it has no plans to mobilize troops, and the UnAPS is taking a "very calm, prudent policy" on the issue. Copiosa Scotia, who is the Secretary of Diplomacy of the UnAPS, has issued a policy statement within the alliance, and the Blått Hus has announced its intention to follow that policy through. "We intend to contact the Allanean government to negotiate terms and ease tensions that may be rising or falling. According to intelligence we are receiving, it is not clear which way Allanea is going at this point. However, Lietuveska will continue to follow the path of non-aggression, though we will be placing the Lietuv military on a higher alert status," said an high-ranking official of the Lietuv Central Military Command.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has further incited that it will find every way possible to help the situation behind the scenes. It has admitted to not being very active in the face of things, but has been closely watching things progress. Within the next week a message will be sent to Allanea, requesting some form of communication.

For all your online news needs, rely on LNA!
28-03-2004, 00:20

PeaceForce Deployment To Return Home
5:10 PM CST, MAR. 27, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 27) -- Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it would be returning ( the 1st PeaceForce Deployment. About a month ago (NS time), troops were deployed to the nation of Hamptonshire to help provide security. Terrorist attacks had rendered the nation rather helpless and vulnerable, and the Weston Administration decided to step in and provide aid.

Hamptonshire was contacted secretly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs several days ago, inquiring whether Lietuv help was still needed. After the Grand Duchy gave its support, the Weston Administration decided it was time to pull out. "We understand that troops already miss their families, and it was our aim to bring them back quickly as possible."

However, the LCP has fired back angrily, saying that the President only used Hamptonshire as a political motive. "It is quite clear that the President has no motives of preventing terrorism and protecting its victims. A month of security is hogwash--the people of Hamptonshire are no safer than they were before we got there," said LCP Chairwoman Lashira Vladonski. "Our presence was barely even felt," she added. "It is not possible to make an impact in the period of one month, especially with the small amount of troops we had."

Mrs. Vladonski's remarks have been met with support from Lietuvs, even from the families whose relatives are away in Hamptonshire. One such family member said that he was "appalled that the Weston Administration would so quickly retreat from the face of danger. A month ago the president said the fight had just begun. Well, to me it looks like it just ended."

The Blått Hus has been at a lost for words, and many in the President's staff have offered no comment to the recent statements. It is apparent that the President believed he would achieve a political victory, especially with his rule on the line, and that would gain supporters. "Unfortunately," says Professor Roger Borstein, "the President incorrectly estimated the people's responses. Now he's got to face the consequences, and let's not doubt that they will be severe." As a joke, he added, "This is only the beginning."
28-03-2004, 00:29
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28-03-2004, 00:49

Economy Booming, Tulips Blooming
5:30 PM CST, MAR. 27, 2004
HVITTSTED (Mar. 27) -- As Spring is just around the corner and tulip fields are filling up, the Ministry of Economy and Trade today announced that Lietuveska's economy is now one of the strongest in the world, at "Frightening". The report showed that Lietuveska relied heavily on potato exports, though high coal and book exports have also contributed to the economy. The Book Publishing industry in Lietuveska is one of the most lucrative in the world, and several major publishing companies have established manufacturing jobs here at home and abroad.

Perhaps one of the most influencing factors on the Lietuv economy has been several recent mergers with the Knootian KNN and several small media companies in the USSL that only rely on the government for less than half of their income. These mergers have provided more jobs and opportunities for Lietuvs, therefore helping the economy.

Lietuveska has gained large trading partners, through UnAPS, especially Edolia, Iuthia, Knootoss, and Omz222. These have started trading exstensively with Lietuveska since it has joined the alliance. The LCP also gives itself credit for fueling the movement to join UnAPS, which has largely helped the Lietuv economy, by establishing many trading partners.

The Weston Administration has received little credit for the latest economic news, as the Lietuv Conservative Party has worked very hard to push the USSL to a more capitalist agenda. It argues that its policies have worked in making Lietuveska one of the most powerful nations, economically, in the world.
01-05-2004, 06:17
OOC: Since I haven't posted here in a while, I'm just going to post major events that lead up to the news story.

--Lashira Vladonski elected Prime Minister.
--Lietuveska becomes pro-capitalistic, and military revamping begins.
--Allanea declares war on Edolia
--Allanea invades Axackal.
--Lietuveska declares war on Allanea and sends aid.
--Phyrric invades Lietuveska.
--Cease-fire between Lietuveska and Phyrric.
--Shaky negotiations between Lietuveska and Phyrric..(ongoing)


Students Hold Protests, Communist Union Gaining Power
12:10 AM CST, MAY 1, 2004
HVITTSTED (May 1) -- Today in Hvittsted nearly 1,500 college students protested the current government, calling it a trouble magnet. After Prime Minister Lashira Vladonski was sworn in several months ago, they claim that she has brought on more strife, terror, and hardship than any ruler in the past. Other rallies were held nationwide, and the Communist Union, embracing several members of the UnAPS, has gained more power. Party Chairman Boris Kasparov has declared the current Conservative government unable to handle crises and meet diplomatic situations with calmness and firmness.

The recent invasion by Phyrric, which has destroyed much of the far northern sections of the country, has set off massive revolts in cities close to the action. Police are desperately trying to keep control and order, but as thousands protest, and even riot, trouble is brewing. When the Vladonski Administration announced plans to arrest Chairman Kasparov on charges of treason, nearly 10,000 surrounded his home and threw rocks at police who approached the home. Several were injured, and Kasparov has escaped to an unknown location.

The Communist Union has no power in the Getczechen, but elections established for the date of May 5 to increase the size of the legislature from 200 gotens to 500 are drawing a large crowd of supporters for the CU. Prime Minister Vladonski has received threats that if she cancels elections, then revolts will sweep across the country. The growing uncertainty of Lietuveska's political future has millions worried as the election date nears closer.
05-05-2004, 00:41

Prime Minister Cancels Elections, Nation In Uproar
6:10 PM CST, MAY 4, 2004
HVITTSTED (May 4) -- Today Prime Minister Lashira Vladonski has announced that the elections planned for tomorrow have been cancelled, "due to the risky political situation of Lietuveska." The elections would have increased the size of the Getczechen from 200 gotens to 500. Many polls suggested that the Communist Union of Lietuveska would have pulled in a large majority of votes, therefore removing the Conservative Party from power, which would have ended Vladonski's term.

The cancellation has resulted in uproar from many citizens, notably socialistic students from universities across the country. Protests have been planned, and riots erupted in Hvittsted's university district, forcing police to resort to drastic measures to attempt to control the crowd. The Chairman of the Communist Union, Boris Kasparov, has come out in strong opposition. While he has urged that citizens protest peacefully, he has faced difficulty hiding his anger. "This action by the Prime Minister is an outrage to the democratic system we live under. The vey things we hold dear have been raped by the fascistic woman who calls herself a leader." Kasparov is calling for the immediate resignation of the Prime Minister, or "the consequences shall be great."

A protest of nearly 20,000 has been scheduled for tomorrow. It will take place at the Blått Hus, and the LNA will bring the news as it happens, right to your computer screen!
05-05-2004, 00:44
12-05-2004, 03:57

Three Provinces Secede, Declare Independence
9:55 PM CST, MAY 11, 2004
HVITTSTED (May 11) -- After weeks of crippling riots, strikes, and demonstrations, the Blått Hus now has yet another crisis to deal with. Today, after apparent secret negotiations, the three governors of Sociano, Aldonska, and Nurvaaks made a brief statement and walked out of the annual Governors' Ball. They have declared their provinces independent nations, and the three are now allied. They have threatened that if Prime Minister Vladonski attempts to send troops to reclaim the area, they will retaliate without hesitation and in full force.

The Blått Hus has condemned the actions of the three former provinces, and has said they will not tolerate "such blatant acts of treason and the disgusting ungratefulness for the Lietuv government." However, the former three provinces, all in northern Lietuveska, are suffering from severe shortages in food, water, and housing. The recent invasion of Phyrric crippled northern areas of the country, with Aldonska hardest hit.

Needless to say, this recent act has only worsened the political situation in Lietuveska. Communist Union leader Boris Kasparov is calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Lashira Vladonski even more than before, and the Blått Hus is hard pressed to solve the massive crisis that has swept the country. An anxious nation is waiting in fear, for either decision will change Lietuveska forever.
16-05-2004, 00:58

Prime Minister Injured In Attack, Dep. PM Surrenders Power to Kasparov!
7:00 PM CST, MAY 15, 2004
HVITTSTED (May 15) -- Today around noon, the limousine that the Prime Minister was riding to an event was attacked by a mob, according to witnesses. Nearly 150 people surrounded the car and began pelting rocks, and security personnel were attacked. Two were killed, three more injured in the riot, and the Prime Minister suffered casualties, and apparently was shot twice. She is now resting in Weston Hospital, reportedly in Critical condition.

About two hours after, Deputy Prime Minister Gordon Borkas publicly announced that the Vladonski Administration would resign. Shock has gripped the country, and the three former provinces are currently celebrating. Boris Kasparov, chairman of the Communist Union, has said that he will accept the duties as a temporary leader. He announced that he will temporarily assume control of all branches of government, a move that has sparked outrage among his dissenters.

Kasparov has said that he will meet with the leaders of the three former provinces, Aldonska, Sociano, and Nurvaaks, tomorrow afternoon to draw up an agreement. Kasparov has hinted that an alliance may be formed, but the three republics will likely remain largely independent. Mr. Kasparov has also made a point to began immediate rescue efforts in all areas of Lietuveska suffering shortages, and has already sent hundreds of work crews across the country, restoring power and running water. To squash opposition groups, Kasparov has installed military assets in every city, and checkpoints have been established on major highways.

Kasparov has announced that his first intention is to repair infastructure, and has said that he will hold elections in one week (1 RL day). The Getczechen is very nervous, as polls are skyrocketing for the Communist Union. Another poll, conducted by the LNA, which asked the question "Would You Support Kasparov as an Absolute Ruler?" turned back amazing results. A stunning 70% said yes, something that has gone completely unprecedented.

The LNA will make sure you're updated all the time, every time!
23-05-2004, 21:12

Lietuveska, Sociano, Aldonska, and Nurvaaks Forge a Union
3:10 PM CST, MAY 23, 2004
HVITTSTED (May 23) -- Yesterday at De Strandville, the former mansion of retired actress Bella Montague, acting leader Boris Kasparov and delegates from Sociano, Aldonska, and Nurvaaks met. The meeting was held in the afternoon at the expense of Kasparov alone. The meeting has defined several new things, and created a powerful union. History has truly changed for citizens of all four republics.

Kasparov and delegates worked out an agreement, which they called the Hvittsted Pact. It has defined that citizens of each entity will be knows as Lietuvs, and that "Lietuv" is an ethnicity. Kasparov said to reporters this morning that he was "impressed with the amount of progress we have made. This nation's history has changed radically, and for the better." For it is not only the ethnicity and nationality of the people that has been changed--the name of our nation has changed as well.

The meeting was also one to create a single union in order to combine four new republics: Lietuveska, Aldonksa, Sociano, and Nurvaaks. The Hvittsted Pact has declared all these republics under one new banner: The United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact, or the URHP. (Think USSR people) This change has sparked praise and criticism, but the "deal is done", said Kasparov. He has promised elections will be held very soon, after all voting booths have been fully readied.

When the elections are held, there will be those for the Getczechen, and two new positions. All republics will vote for a Premier, and Boris Kasparov is seen as a solid choice for that position. However, each republic will elect its own President, of which the four will meet at De Strandville monthly, and will be named the "Presidential Council." Their meetings will concern inter-URHP matters, such as trade and transportation. The Premier Council, consisting of the Premier and six heads of department, will concern inter-URHP matters, as well as foreign affairs. The Premier Council will meet weekly. Also to be formed is the Supreme Council, consisting of the four presidents and the Premier. It will cover matters across all scopes, and will meet every four months.

Kasparov has said that he intends the URHP to follow a semi-planned economy, and will likely implement small-scale capitalism in some areas. These changes are bringing questions to the table, but most Lietuvs feel that the changes will be for the better. The LNA will bring more news as it happens.
30-05-2004, 17:16

National Improvements Noted
11:05 AM CST, MAY 30, 2004
HVITTSTED (May 30) -- Across the URHP, reports of improvement have been pouring in. The Ministry of Trade has reported that trade will increase drastically due to KIST, or the Knootian International Stabilisation Treaty, one which is supposed to increase trade and foreign relations. The Blått Hus has reported that nearly all areas have been restored with running water, electricity, and sewage facilities. The Premier's office has repeatedly said that this is proof that electing a leader for life can bring more stability to a nation.

Just a week ago, after national elections, all four republics voted Boris Kasparov with over a 70% majority, and Aldonska, Nurvaaks, and Lietuveska have elected socialist presidents. Sociano has elected a libertarian one, who has promised to ensure high civil rights and an open political process for the republic.

Many in the nation are revelling in new feats. The URHP seems to have solidified unity among all Lietuvs, and has created a rather strong sense of nationalism, but Lietuvs still stick with their basic principles. Many gotens in the Getczechen are urging the Premier to increase military spending, and embark on a major overhaul of the Lietuv military. Several have warned that the times in which we live are dangerous, and the Premier is to make a speech on the issue within the coming weeks.

From Hvittsted, this is LNA, giving you the latest news!
06-06-2004, 18:39

Premier Announces New Economic Policy
12:35 CST, JUNE 6, 2004
HVITTSTED (June 6) -- Last night the Premier of the URHP announced that his economic plan had failed miserably. Saying that workplace production had been cut nearly in half since his plan had been passed, he promised to "retrace [his] steps" and adopt a more capitalist-friendly approach. He has mentioned that he intends to lead the URHP into limited capitalism, driving away from the communist economy that has apparently cut into Lietuv prosperity. The Communist Union, becoming more wary of Premier Kasparov's actions, have offered suspicions that the Premier is attempting to upset his own party. The Blått Hus retorted quickly, saying that the CU was placing its own agenda ahead of the well-being of the people.
08-06-2004, 06:11

Premier Renounces Own Party, Admits to Lying!
12:05 AM CST, JUNE 8, 20xx
HVITTSTED ( June 8 ) -- In a shocking move last night, Premier Boris Kasparov renounced his membership of the Communist Union, a party that he founded during his college years. The Premier admitted that he had lied for the past several years about his true political and economic identity, deceiving the entire population of the URHP. Outrage has swept the nation, and the Premier has announced that he will hold a referendum next week. The referendum shall decide whether he is removed from his position of power, or if he remains to be Premier of the United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact.

Many Lietuvs are outraged that the Premier has lied to them for the past six months. "I worked my --- off, all in the name of what he believed, or what I thought he believed," cried Communist Union spokesperson, Derik Savinskas. "Lietuvs should rally behind the CU to support its cause, and impeach this -------! He is a liar and a disgrace to the country!" In response, the Blått Hus made a shocking move. Blått Hus spokesperson Gina Borskav admitted that "Mr. Savinskas has a point. The Premier has said that he will accept the consequences for lying, and if that means it costs him his job, so be it. He has specifically ordered that we not defend his position, for he feels that he is indeed in the wrong, and will not argue with those that choose to criticize him."

There are many Lietuvs who still strongly support the Premier. "I believe that he is a noble man, and though he did lie, his honesty has cancelled his irresponsible action," quipped Lietuv Conservative Party spokesperson Lashira Vladonski. "While he may have been the reason for my downfall, I must commend him for holding this country together. He is the strongest leader I've seen since our independence 20 years ago, and I do believe that we should all give Premier Kasparov a second chance. I will personally be meeting with him tomorrow afternoon to discuss a coalition between our parties."

For more on this stunning development, stick with LNA, your best news source in the URHP!
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Kasparov Takes Position on Colombian Situation
6:30 PM CST, JUNE 13, 20xx
HVITTSTED (June 13) -- Today around 3:00 PM, Premier Boris Kasparov announced that the situation in Colombia would not deter his faith and trust in Prime Minister Lady Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan of Knootoss. After recent situations in Knootian Colombia, a legal part of the Dutch Democratic Republic, have arised, several nations have cried outrage at the Prime Minister. The first incident occurred several months ago, when a mysterious, supposedly non-lethal, gas was released into the air during a protest against capitalism. About 14 were killed by the alleged non-lethal substance, with dozens more injured. A citizen of Hell Bovines died in the incident, enraging Bovinians to take up arms and call their government to take a position against Knootoss. Soon after, a rogue group from Tanah Burung, calling itself the Rumbiak Brigade in memory of a great Burungian, was caught accepting smuggled arms into Knootian Colombia. Prime Miniser nos Círdan has repeatedly called for the Tanah Burungian government to decry the Rumbiak Brigade, and delcare it a terrorist organization. The Tanah Burungian government has not done so yet. The latest incident surrounds a mining facility in a remote part of Knootian Colombia. Apparently several have died this year already, which is being blamed on the mining facility owned by a Knootian corporation. The New Sydney Times of Chimaea has reported that the corporation failed to provide adequate workers' protection and put the employees in harm's way.

Despite all of this, Premier Kasparov still says that he will remain faithful and loyal to Prime Minister nos Círdan. At a press conference this afternoon, Kasparov was high in spirits. When asked whether he had demanded a solution to the mining crisis in Colombia during his and the Prime Minister's video conference, he replied rather pleased: "Prime Minister nos Círdan gave me her full assurances that the matter will be dealt with. Perhaps if you had been watching the news more closely, Knootian teams are already at the mining facility, taking water samples and attempting to alleviate the situation." He was also asked about whether the URHP would be taking a larger role in the situation. "It is very interesting that you should ask that, and I thank you for the question. Yes, indeed, I will be sending an independent investigation team led by one of our top diplomats. I will allow the Getczechen to select a total of 10 persons to inspect the situation, and they will spend about a week or so in Knootian Colombia, and return with results. I assure you that though I will not waver support for the Prime Minister, it would only make me a hypocrite to not discover whether civil rights are being harmed." The press conference then surrounded other matters, though Kasparov did promise that the Investigation Committee would be sent within the next few weeks.

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URHP Resigns From UnAPS
11:50 PM CST, JUNE 18, 20xx
HVITTSTED (June 17) -- In a shocking move today, an announcement was made via television that the United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact would be resigning from the United Alliance of Progressive States. The decision was made early this evening after an announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shortly followed by a statement from Premier Kasparov. Millions of Social Progressives cheered in the streets at the announcement, for the party has been known to dissent the alliance since Adrian Weston applied for membership. The Lietuv Conservative Party has made no official comment, and the Communist Union has condemned the move, claiming that the Premier has "broken Lietuv tradition and destroyed a reputation that our nation was only just beginning to receive."

The announcement written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was made around 6:30 PM this evening, and made it clear that the "URHP has no intentions of disbanding or worsening relations with UnAPS members." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs came under heavy fire, and protests are planned for all next week, conducted and planned by the Communist Union. The Blått Hus has said that if any violence should occur, all offending protestors will be arrested immediately, and the Communist Union's party leaders will also be arrested, on the charge of disturbing the peace.

Public reaction has been somewhat surprised, but overall supportive. Many say that the UnAPS was preventing the URHP from achieving greatness. Polls conducted across the United Republics indicate strong support, with Nurvaaks resenting the most. Following are poll questions/results conducted by Hvittsted University:

How would you rate Premier Kasparov's handling of the UnAPS?
Good: 67%
Bad: 23%
N/A: 10%

Do you support the URHP resigning from the UnAPS?
Yes: 81%
No: 16%
N/A: 3%

What is your opinion of the UnAPS?
Good: 37%
Bad: 53%
Don't Know: 20%

Do you wish to keep Premier Kasparov in power?**
Yes: 61%
No: 39%

**--These are the results of the latest referendum. Premier Boris Kasparov shall continue ruling the URHP.
19-07-2004, 22:38

Tax Rate Drops For The First Time In Five Years
4:40 PM CST, JULY 19, 2004
HVITTSTED (July 19) -- For the first time in five years, the national tax rate for Lietuveska has dropped below the 100% mark. Yesterday, the Getczechen passed the first tax cut since the years of Prime Minister Lashira Vladonski, failing to do so under near the end of her leadership. Steady tax rises for the past decade have crippled chances at capitalism, though Premier Kasparov's hard work has finally paid off. Economists note that this is the most remarkable milestone in the direction of capitalism since the Premier entered office. This morning, Kasparov issued a speech to the nation from his desk, informing all Lietuvs that this was only the beginning of many great steps to capitalism under his plan dérive, or "drift." He noted that this would be slow integration, and it would probably be many years until Lietuveska was sufficiently able to legalize private enterprise on the corporate scale while keeping a frightening economy. "I know that this change, or drift, to capitalism will be unpopular. I know it will be scary for many. However, I see it as a great adventure; a stunning journey into a world of peace, power, and prosperity. I ask that you follow me in the name of our longevity," said the Premier in a stunning close to his speech.

Critics, namely the Communist Union, have furiously condemned the tax cut, claiming that the health and safety of millions of people are at stake. "These tax cuts will hurt the poor, needy, and sick. In cutting taxes, the Premier is also cutting vital services. The Communist Union demands that the tax cuts be stopped immediately, before millions get hurt." The remark angered many, but most people agree with the CU to a moderate extent. "I think that the Premier had better have a plan for those that are going to get hurt by this. I really didn't mind the government distributing and controlling all the money. I'm worried that this is the wrong path to take," remarked noted author and political scientist Calvin Neilstor. However, capitalist advocates, namely Lashira Vladonski, have praised the Premier. "It was something I failed to do. Capitalism is the right way to go, and I'm pleased we're headed in that direction. True freedom is when you can control your money how you want to, have the freedom to purchase without the government knowing what you buy, and being able to enjoy that item in an environment where privacy is respected. Premier Kasparov has willed what I shall call his largest achievement so far." Lietuvs are struggling to decide whether they will support Kasparov, all the while trying to determine which direction they want their country, the URHP, to go in. Trust the LNA as your most popular news source, all the time, every time.
21-07-2004, 18:57
Joseph Van Arsden Appointed Vice Premier, Political Bull**** Follows
12:45 PM CST, JULY 21, 20xx
HVITTSTED (July 21) -- This morning at approximately 8:00 AM, Joseph Van Arsden was appointed Vice Premier of the United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact. The move is a historic one, and long-awaited. For the past year, many have been waiting for Premier Kasparov to appoint someone to aid him in leading the nation. So far, Ivana Kasparov, First Lady of the URHP, has played a pivotal role in government, and it is expected that Van Arsden will relieve her of many duties. He is already planning to attend a peace conference that is expected to be hosted by the Iuthian government, though the details of the conference have not been disclosed as of yet. First Lady Kasparov will play a key role in domestic affairs, though she will most likely be the most-used person to represent the URHP in foreign affairs.

Vice Premier Van Arsden has said that he is honored that he was selected for the job. "It is truly humbling that the Premier saw me as a viable candidate. Though I have experience in government, I feel that this will still be an amazing adventure. I promise to do my best to represent Lietuvs across the URHP, and I will not waver in my endeavours."

The Communist Union has decried the selection of Van Arsden as a mere political move. They claim that due to the former Vice President's popularity, Kasparov chose him to boost his own approval rating. The Blått Hus retorted angrily, calling the CU's attempt to "derail the Vice Premier's ability to rule" a disgusting display of politicking, and has demanded that the CU "apologize for its rude remarks concerning the new Vice Premier of the URHP." Many have observed the political firefight between the Communist Union and Blått Hus as pathetic and silly. "I work every day, pay taxes, feed my children, and then I have to watch the news and listen about some immature volley of stupid insults going back and forth between two groups that are in it for themselves and nobody else. It's utter bull****," cried an angry mother in a Hvittsted grocery store after her four children wreaked havoc upon the store's staff.

The Vice Premier has even offered dissent. "There is no need for this arguing, especially over the petty issue of me. I kindly request that the Blått Hus and Premier settle down. I'm not offended, there is no reason for them to be either. Can't we all just get along," Van Arsden added in an attempt to ease tensions. The Lietuv Socialist Party has offered no comment, though with Getczechen elections nearing, the pressure is on. Can Vice Premier Joseph Van Arsden handle it? Only time will tell.

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28-07-2004, 03:05
Lietuv Intelligence Gathering Agency Formed
8:50 PM CST, JULY 27, 20xx
HVITTSTED (July 27) -- Earlier today, Premier Kasparov of the United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact created LIGA, or the Lietuv Intelligence Gathering Agency. The event was a historic moment in history, for it marks the first ever official formation of an intelligence agency that controls all four republics of the URHP. Kasparov has said that the agency would be controlled by General Dínendal Elensar, Supreme Commander of Lietuv Forces. "He is the top man for the job, and there is no other that is more experienced than the General. I have full faith in him to do the job well." General Dínendal, not available for comment and apparently on vacation on a remote island in the Atlantic, did issue a statement via letter to the public. In the letter, he stated that he was honored to have the position, and pledged to make "all of the URHP safe from harm and those who would attempt to our nation down." Lietuvs have been feeling a growing attitude by the government that they are in danger, and many have begun to grow suspicious of the Kasparov Administration, though voicing opinions has grown harder during the past year. Perhaps the Premier will have a change of heart in the near future, for hope is always on the horizon.

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14-08-2004, 21:47
Capitalism On The Way
1:25 PM CST, AUGUST 14, 20xx
HVITTSTED (Aug. 14) -- According to many government officials, the privatization of thousands of businesses across Lietuveska, the primary republic of the URHP, will be "set free of government control." While businesses in the last remaining socialistic republic will still be regulated heavier than in those of the other three republics, the "noose will be loosened." This is seen as a milestone in Lietuv history, perhaps propelling the nation into the future as it becomes wealthier. Premier Kasparov, appearing smug and happy today, pronounced that Capitalism is to thank for the "new prosperity that we have all enjoyed. Under my policies, the URHP has experienced more growth, more power, and more prosperity than under any other before me." The Communist Union, the Blått Hus's political enemy, only offered a feeble statement saying that the direction is not one that they would prefer, but feel Kasparov is doing a favorable job overall. Kasparov's supporters have hailed him for bringing such prosperity to the people and nation.

Due to this latest action, Lietuveska has officially turned the corner. "We have worked for years to put Lietuveska on the right side of the world, and that work has paid off. Now the only step to completing our journey is establishing a fair tax rate." The Blått Hus has said that a "fair tax rate", as established by Premier Kasparov, is one which taxes all citizens 10% of their income. Currently, the income tax rate is 52%, but attempts to drop the rate have increased. More news from the LNA, now an independent enterprise, to come as we get it!
15-08-2004, 21:27
Hvittsted Chronicle
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URHP Declares State of Peace with Allanea
Government officials remain staunchly pacifistic in latest crisis..
HVITTSTED (Aug. 15) -- Earlier today, the Blått Hus firmly announced that the United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact (Aldonska, Lietuveska, Nurvaaks, and Sociano) are officially at a state of peace with the United States of Allanea. Advisor to the Premier, Itarildë Eledhwen, has pronounced that the URHP has no desire to continue an official state of war. "Though the response from the Allanean government was firm, our rebuttal will be stubborn. In no way with the URHP engage in any act of war with Allanea, and in no way will we be attacked. Such options are simply not realistic, fair, or rational." Furthermore, the Premier publicly displayed a message sent to the Allanean government by the Lietuv Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Premier Kasparov, however, did not make the Allanean response public, only giving one quote out of the message, which was said to be very brief. The Allanean government said that they would "sign a peace agreement with you on condition that the trade boycott will be repealed, of course." This message is rather vague, but it was assumed that the Allaneans wanted the entire embargo introduced by Knootoss to be repealed, which is "a prepostorous ultimatum," said Itarildë Eledhwen. "Even if the proposal were that the URHP alone retreat from the boycott, the Premier and I have agreed that such a direction is not sensible and is out of the question. We are at peace with Allanea as far as the URHP is concerned."

The entire debacle has arisen over all four republics of the URHP signing a KIST-sponsored embargo upon the United States of Allanea for immediately rendering a $100 million transaction useless. The self-proclaimed liberal nation was unhappy with the quality of products sold by Zero-One, and thus cancelled its transaction. The URHP, seeing this as a heinous, selfish, and ridiculous act, immediately signed the KIST-sponsored embargo placed upon Allanea. With its oil fields burning, and now with dozens of nations halting all trade and the future of any trade, the United States of Allanea is "in the doghouse," as the Advisor to the Premier stated.
20-08-2004, 02:53
Hvittsted Chronicle
A branch of the Lietuv News Agency

KIST Ends Embargo, URHP Maintains
HVITTSTED (Aug. 19) -- In a shocking move today, the Allanean government, under fire and an embargo for recent actions, agreed to terms set forth by the KIST-sponsored boycott. The Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss and the Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar issued a joint statement praising Allanea for its decision to accept the terms of the embargo. Itarildë Eledhwen, Personal Advisor to the Premier, voiced the official government opinion on the situation. "While Knootoss and Menelmacar have our full support, we feel that the Allaneans have not proven themselves to be trustworthy as of yet. Therefore, the United Republics will continue the embargo placed upon the United States of Allanea."

The statement offered by Itarildë was met with shock by the Lietuv populace. Growing used to a government that rewarded nations that did as they were told, the Lietuv people were surprised when they learned that the government would remain stubborn on this position. "It is, of course, the right course to take. I mean, come on, like Allanea could keep another promise. The only reason they did this time is because the world was against them," quipped a blue-collar mother of three. The opinion voiced by this regular Lietuv seems to be the same of most of the nation, and Kasparov will likely see a small increase in his job approval rating. Noted economists say that the action taken today will do little to harm either economy, because trade with Allanea was practically nonexistant before. "However, on a political scale, the effects will likely be astounding. We will definately suffer in relations with the Allanean government, and the Menelmacari may take our actions as an insult to their judgement." Some argue that the Menelmacari "may fret all they like, but it was not us who broke a contract," according to Professor of Economics at Hvittsted College, Renauld Giporre. "If the Menelmacari were to get angry, it would only show a high level of hypocrisy." When asked about the Blått Hus's position on the elven empire, Itarildë offered little comment. "Relations with the Eternal Noldorin Empire will not be too damaged by said actions, or so we hope." The statement offered little insight as what direction the URHP will take in the future.

However, what is known is that the URHP will take no further efforts to improve relations with Allanea at this point. The Blått Hus will continue to uphold a no-contact status with the United States of Allanea, until “such time that we have been shown that the Allaneans are serious about being integrated into the world of peace, maturity, and stability,” said Itarildë Eledhwen.
21-08-2004, 17:47
The Hvittsted Chronicle
A branch of the Lietuv News Agency

Allanea Attacks Martian Nations
Martian nations respond viciously
In a shocking move over the past week, the United States of Allanea has again sparked war with peaceful nations. In an attempt to build a space station by the name of New Detroit over Martian orbit, the nations of Mars reacted rather negatively, primarily because the station would house Allanean Arms, Inc., a large weapons manufacturer in the USA. Also shocking was the forced placement of ten Allanean men upon the Martian North Pole, after seeking no permission from Mars nations or informing anyone of his arrival. "It is truly disgusting that any nation would behave in this manner," commented Vice Premier Joseph Van Arsden. "Such blatant aggression cannot be tolerated, though the aims were 'peaceful' at first. I hardly call an unexpected drop of ten men on an inhabited planet peaceful."

Not long after in a mass of confusion, attacks broke out. While it is not yet clear to the URHP who shot first, it is clear that the Allanean government has once again sparked confrontation. At current, according to wire reports from several Mars-based colonies and nations, fighting is heavy, and nations such as Zero-One are reportedly pummelling Allanean military assets. The Blått Hus has issued the following statement regarding the entire incident:

To whom it may concern:

It has come the recent attention of the URHP that Allanea has once again sparked conflict upon peaceful people. Such aggression was uncalled for, and entering Martian space unauthorized was not only rude, but undoubtedly wrong. This action has obviously led to a larger conflict, one that the URHP will not take part in. However, we do wish to offer goodwill and hope that Martian nations will be able to drive this aggressor from their lands, and the Blått Hus condemns Allanea for such irresponsible, indefensible actions. It is amazing that this project has even taken place, with millions of Allaneans indubitably starving due to the recent economic collapse in their nation. The United States of Allanea needs to take a look at home, and repair their own nation. If such repair is possible, considering that the government is filled with gun-wielding nutcases and the population is effectively brainwashed into thinking a bullet can feed the starved, heal the sick, and help the lost.
21-08-2004, 18:50
Lietuvs watching television and/or listening to radios were immediately startled by a loud beeping sound, and the following message was displayed on all television screens across the country. The same message was read on all radios in the URHP.


This is a government announcement. All Lietuvs are ordered to seek shelter immediately or remain inside their homes. The Allanean space station Gene Roddenberry has exploded in Earth orbit, and debris surviving the descent to Earth is likely. Again, the Lietuv government has issued a warning for all Lietuvs to seek shelter or stay in their homes in the interest of their safety.
22-08-2004, 02:17
Television screens across the URHP end commercials and switch to the scheduled Special by the Lietuv News Agency. All channels have been required to air the special, as to inform Lietuvs and educate them. A woman with dark hair, tied in a tight bun looks into the screen, smiling slightly. Her small, thin-framed glasses reflect the glare of stage lights, and her bright brown eyes shine with exuberance. This was her dream, to report on such a major, stunning event.

The camera zooms in on her position as she sits at the large glass desk, and she immediately looks into the camera. A picture of burning and destruction is displayed beside her head. As she begins to speak, the picture enlarges to full-screen. "Today, the most remarkable event in modern history took place. A country was effectively knocked back to the Iron Age, surrendered, and is now a protectorate. Undoubtedly, this is the most destruction that has ever been seen, and the United States of Allanea is now completely powerless, useless, and a total waste. Thousands of people were killed at the fault of a corrupt, selfish government today, and thousands more will probably die of starvation in the coming weeks and months due to transportation issues. Everything, and I must stress everything that contributed to Allanean society in a major way has been destroyed. Roads, bridges, factories, refineries, military bases, and more have been completely obliterated. The nation of Zero-One, as well as others, such as Kajal, Sentient Peoples, and Northwestern Liang destroyed Allanea and burned it to Hell and back. In tonight's special edition, we will cover the destruction of Allanea, the terms of surrender, and much more. For now, we go to a commercial break.."

The night carried on, and the LNA Special Edition Report lasted nearly four hours. It highlighted major events of the day, and educated viewers on everything that happened, including the hippy ship that attempted to act as a human shield. Lietuvs have gained a full understanding of how bad it can really get, and due to this report, attempts to arm the URHP will probably be more urgent. A lesson has been learned by a pacifistic people, and they will not turn back.

(OOC: w00t. I didn't feel like detailing everything. :p)
22-08-2004, 17:06

Sometimes it's fun to write a newspost, sometimes you don't feel like it. This is one of those days that I don't feel like it, but I need to reference this anyway. Kasparov dies, Van Arsden controls and enforces Martial Law, Itarildë then is handed the government, changes her title to Erasita and locates the capital at Itaros, and lives in Laurelus. w00t
22-08-2004, 19:23
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