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Multiple treaties voided. End to trade and alliance.

24-11-2003, 18:54
The Xanthalian Republic is hereby formally severing it's membership in the following alliances:
The Chromestar Alliance,
The Ur Trade Pact,
The Protecters.

The Republic will retain membership in
The Alliance of Equals.

Effective immediately the Republic is cutting off all informal (non-government) trade with other nations and is voiding all of it's outstanding trade agreements. The Republic is also releasing the Antares, Cal, Cancri, Epsilon, Kruger, Kyte, Luyten, and Sirrok systems from it's control.
47 Ursae Majoris claims will be left to the Chromestar Alliance.
In addition to it's standard trade agreements, Xanthal is also voiding the Mega Tau agreements, the Takian accords, the Valinon pacts, the Xanthal/Jitano treaty of alliance, and the Xanthal/Soviet Trasa treaty of international law.
Western Might
24-11-2003, 19:42
General Mark Kerth read ver the lateest report. "Hmm this is intersting." He called a captian to jis office. "Captian follow up on tese systems Xanthal let out of it's control see if there is anyway we can move in."

"Yes Admiral" The captian took the paper and leftnthe office.
24-11-2003, 23:11
OOC: If you want them there's nothing to stop you, but they're worthless systems. A few of them had resources, but they've been stripped.
24-11-2003, 23:23
May I ask why this is happening? And are you still part of NATO?
25-11-2003, 01:17
Yeah, we had free trade in the UTP, why end it?
~A surprised Knootian civil servant in the ministry of Economic Affairs.
25-11-2003, 05:23
The Interplanetary Republic has decided that it is unwise to retain so many alliances, the obligations are too far-reaching. Our economy took a hit, but we'll survive.

Tiburon: Xanthal was never a part of NATO.

Knootoss: Because Xanthal wishes to bring foreign trade to a minimum. Xanthal operated with a massive trade deficit anyway. Better to cut it off rather than let it catch up with us.
25-11-2003, 11:44
OOC: Damn, another good export market gone. :P Well... we'll cope.
25-11-2003, 11:45
Yeah, we had free trade in the UTP, why end it?
~A surprised Knootian civil servant in the ministry of Economic Affairs.

There's also a UNAOTO trade pact that not that many nations have signed. Not sure why. But if you wanted trade in Xanthal, I would say that you should sign it, no?
25-11-2003, 12:04
OOC: Hmmm... I am a member of the UNAOTO. Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out. 8)

*expands markets while whistling a happy tune.*
25-11-2003, 16:30
Xanthal has had it with international trade. Our economy functions fine on it's own power.
25-11-2003, 20:20
Yet your economy just hit the 'glass floor'. Hmmm... no trade seems like a bad idea.
~Some economist.
25-11-2003, 20:28
Well we don't have to worry then, not with our treaty with Xanthal.
25-11-2003, 20:56
It was a conscious decision, and one worth thinking about. Do we want to have more money with more drains, or less money with less drains? For the sake of simplicity and self-sufficiency, the Xanthalian government chose the latter.
25-11-2003, 21:01
UTP's credibility: +38743

25-11-2003, 21:09
I think that should be +38752, in all fairness.
27-11-2003, 01:07
One last bump for viewage.