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Kaeneian diplomatic channels opened.

23-11-2003, 21:58
Caelistis sighed as his forehead pressed against the cool, temperant glass. He relaxed as he allowed the pane to take the weight from his weary feet. Slowly his head rose, and his eyes looked beyond the panel. Rain lashed downards, drumming unceasingly against Administration One with an irritating and unrepenting force. A thick mist hugged street level like an over-affectionate pet might regard its master. Buildings struggled and pushed through the blanket of obscurity, rising to suprising clarity against the morning sky. He managed a weak smile. Nature suprised him....No, it toyed with him. Altering his moods to match the weather that she chose. It acted as a reminder to the quiet man. For the wonders he knew Nature simply overrode. He was able to leave now, this construct of man made materials and depart via craft that negated gravity as though it were an impudent street urchin asking for credits. That could perform ridiculous aerial maneuvers without a thought to carefully construed laws of motion.

But she would be there, waiting with justified satisfaction when wonderous technology failed, and once more man was left at her mercy. Sometimes, he thought, she would show compassion. Stories of Gravimetric craft failing, and plunging towards certain doom only to seemingly survive against impossible odds flooded his mind. She would punish those only who in their arrogance could not see who really controlled and who really obeyed.

The gentle creaking of opening doors roused him from his inner monologue, and he looked, upwards. Slowly he leaned away from the glass, the oddly comforting scene forgotten.

"I did not expect you to return so quickly." He mused.

Kilthanus smirked, crossing the distance between them, and taking a seat. "It was simply lunch. Unlike yourself, I have a department that occasionally works, and as such, needs supervision."

Caelistis shook his head, mirroring his close friend and taking his seat behind his desk. "Yes, but your wife is not usually one to allow you back to early. I was about to have you taken into arrest, simply so my intelligence wing might have its overseer back."

The two men shared a laugh. One free of the strains so difficult to overcome and the burdens that weighed heavily upon their minds. Killthanus was first to break the comfortable silence. "The Union Address was well recieved."

Caelistis nodded, as he placed his writing implement down, the document at hand forgotten. "It was satisfactory. It isn't as entertaining as it once was. Much of the granduer has been lost. Its become another beauracratic excess."

His Intelligence Minister frowned, standing. "Perhaps. But you have issues to address from the Union Address. You know as well as I..."

The forgotten pane now thrust itself back into contention as Caelistis turned, regarding the foggy morning that had captured him so vividly earlier. Standing also he folded his arms across his breast. He did not reply immediatley, but mulled. "You mean diplomatic access..."

Killthanus nodded. He had known his leader too long to second guess or worse, mock him. "We are simply too closed my friend. I sense the coming times as you do are hard ahead. A blanket is descending on us. But we are choosing a path that will lead us to damnation. Not only us, but billions of lives will be in danger. As ancient Earth law once stated, Ignorance is no defence. Becuase we have no contact with the outside and those of it, does not mean they cease to exist, merely we fail to address them."

"We cannot rely on our sister to protect us indefintley. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of self-delusion. I understand we are not overly eager to draw attention, or malice. But, we must risk to gain. Or we shall lose it all in eventuality."

He needed no reminding the reasons that Killthanus enjoyed the power he weilded now, and why without even being a Citizen, he held one of the most powerful positions imaginable. But once more his friend reminded him so.

"Very well, but I wish that our choices are wise. Would an open invitation suite so?"

Killthanus pondered, idly examing the many trinkets that decorated Caelistis's desk."We must seek diversity or our knowledge will limit itself pointlessly. An invitation to Menelcamar might be in order. They represent a sizable portion of earthly interest, and have a great cultural base. We would learn much. Of course, an invitation to our sisters would be mandatory, and I am sure they would be pleased to attend. I advise that other than those we transmit via WorldDisc redundancies, therefore our offer would find itself transmitted to as far flung corners as the Triumverate and, dare I say Arda itself. We do not discriminate needlessly. Within our borders rivalries are forgotten, and vendettas pushed aside. We seek relations, not favouritism."

Caelistis nodded, as the rain pounded his chamber window violently.

"Make the preperations my friend. Our door shall be open."

Outside, Kaeneians continued as they had. Sheltering from the unpleasent weather, working and living their lives. Overhead, storm clouds carried out a bizarre parallel, obeying only as nature herself directed. Rain soaked the green spaces and man made constructs. Fog drifted lazily through the sparsely moving streets. The occasional hum of gravitical defiance ghosted through the air.

>>>Transmission to:Associated Information Networks, Menelmacari Data Networks. ToY Datalink & Angelus Mainframe <<<
||From: Administration One, C/o WorldDisc transmitter redundencies||
||Re: Diplomatic Invitations ||

As is my perogative, exercised with the blessing of the first, I extend the arm of diplomacy. Kaenei hereby opens an avenue of diplomatic visitation. This message has reached you becuase we request only your time to read this. From regions as different as Arda to the Triumverate the hand of friendship is unwavering. Rivalries, disagreements and war only serve to further us. We request now no more of your time. You will make the choice to accept our offer or not. We desire the former.

We thank you.

Minister Killthanus, Head of Kaeneian Intelligence.

Most Serene Republic Of Kaenei.

>>>Transmission Terminated<<<
23-11-2003, 22:22
"'Rivalries, disagreements and war only serve to further us.'" Razak folds his arms, tapping a finger on the desk. "That's a rather odd construction."

Agreed... but Kaenei has been nothing but cordial in the past. Plus, with all the rebuffing we've been doing, we may find ourselves friendless.

"Well... okay, Bob, contact 'em. You're wired to the Mainframe and so are they, shouldn't be too hard. Nothing wrong with being friendly, especially seeing how that's our SOP: Trust everyone until we're given a reason not to. Still, I want you to find out what that disagreements thing meant before we get closer."

On it, Julie.

"Also, get me any information the Mainframe's willing to give up on Kaenei. I know you've got access, and I don't want you to abuse it... too much. Still, after our mistakes like the FSP and EOTED, we don't want to make too many more."

Kommetrez grins. If I can get it, I'll pass it along.

~>Route: Automata AK1 - Angelus Mainframe - Kaenei Redundancies
{We have always been cordial in the past; maybe it is time to become}
{closer, to grow past recent lapses in diplomacy with others. We are}
{willing to come to better terms, but first our mild paranoia must be}
{appeased. You mentioned how "Rivalries, disagreements and war only}
{serve to further you." We simply request some clarification before we}
{continue. We have been... too eager to be friends, and we have burned}
{too many times previous by our enthusiasm. Hopefully any friendship}
{we engender will change this pattern.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Advisor Automata Alshai Kommetrez
International Relations Section
Federation of Scolopendra
Dread Lady Nathicana
23-11-2003, 22:55
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23-11-2003, 23:22
Blu and the X-series float serenely in the blank stillness of their Cspace meeting environment, all conversation ceased for a moment as the Kaenian invitation arrived.*
"So, Our sister state is expanding their international experience..." X3's voice is soft, and yet filled with the warmth reserved for a family member or a loved one.
"Apparently." Blu's voice was similarly toned, and a small smile has spread across her face. "Ultimately for the better, I would think. They have exhibited isolationist policies for far too long." She sighs, and a concerned look passes across her face. "I am concerned for the First Citizen, however. His datafeed into the Mainframe has shown increased levels of tension and worry. Something weighs heavily on his mind..."
X10 makes a noise, and attention shifts to her. "I concur, and the Mainframe has been expressing concern as you all know. X1, you know him better than any... what do you think?"*
A short silence follows, and finally X1 looks across at the others. "I think I will accept the invitation to visit. It's been awhile since I left the Disc, and I think I would enjoy myself..."*
The others nod, and X1 smiles to himself. "I'll be leaving in a couple of hours. Next point of busines..."
24-11-2003, 19:24
>>>Transmission to:Associated Information Networks, Menelmacari Data Networks. ToY Datalink & Angelus Mainframe <<<
||From: Administration One, C/o WorldDisc transmitter redundencies||
||Re: Diplomatic Invitations| Further clarification ||

It would seem my arena to apologise. Whilst I prefer transmitting these messages, it would seem good reason we utilise the services of checking staff. Something I perhaps should heed. My thoughts did not agree with the text. I meant in reference, that "Further us." should not be to our benefit, but that war, conflict and the such drive to "Further us" apart. My aplogies once more, I shall in future have somone other than myself check my works.

Minister Killthanus, Head of Kaeneian Intelligence.

Most Serene Republic Of Kaenei.

>>>Transmission Terminated<<<

[OOC: Slight confusion...."To further us." Was meant as a reference to war and rivalries driving nations further apart. I didn't realise how my shorthanding had appeared. Rest assured we did not mean personnel fufillment deriving from war.]
24-11-2003, 23:11
"Oh. Well then... okay." Razak shrugs. "Can't see why not."

I'm off. Alshai folds up his portcomp and gets up from his desk, arranging things at the last minute.


Vrak's got a little trouble at the moment and so I'm on call. Big deal concerning missiles and what-not... Hesche just doesn't have the experience required.

"But... but... dammit." Razak grunts and almost pouts. "I'm no good with tact unless it deals with loaded weapons."

Don't worry, Julie. Kommetrez grins and taps one long brown finger to his temple. I'll keep a corner of my mind dedicated to this. Mainframe, remember? His eyes glow slightly brighter for a moment.

"Oh, yeah. Nifty little rig you got there." Razak winks with a smirk.

That nifty little rig is my life, Kommetrez attempts to feign insult, failing with a smile, and don't you forget it. Again.

"You sure about that?" Razak smiles thinly.

Alshai ponders for a moment. Doesn't make much difference to you, does it?

"Not really. You're still Bob Kommetrez in my mind. You could turn into a Snel and I think that'd still ring true."

Kommetrez nods with a grin. Gee, thanks. Well, shuttle's leaving soon...

~>Route: Automata AK1 - Angelus Mainframe - Kaenei Redundancies
{Oh, we understand. We've just gotten out of a long argument with EOTED}
{concerning the appropriate semantics of a diplomatic discussion...}
{accidents happen. At least you're willing to admit your mistake rather}
{than make up reasons of why it isn't one. We respect that a great deal.}

{As stated in the previous message, we are now willing to open up}
{friendly diplomatic relations and thus will take you up on your offer. I}
{personally have a situation I must attend to concerning the Federated}
{Klatchian Coast, so any immediate suggestions concerning visitation}
{will be attended to by a Diplomatic Officer of the Scolopendran}
{Diplomatic Corps. Hopefully this is an acceptable arrangement... I}
{can't... rather, I choose not to be... everywhere at once.}

{That's a different story for another time, though. Let us be friends.}
~>Route closed

--- (
Advisor Automata Alshai Kommetrez
International Relations Section
Federation of Scolopendra
Dread Lady Nathicana
03-12-2003, 16:36
To the Esteemed Minister Killthanus, Head of Kaeneian Intelligence,

Greetings and well met. I would be honored to engage in more formal relations with your great nation. If I may be permitted to send one Evangelista Ravenelli, my Minister of Public Relations, to enter into dialogue with your government? I assure you she is quite skilled, and represents our nation well. She has my unwavering trust in this.

Your valliant actions on Europa have not been forgotten here. We salute you and your fallen for the sacrifice they made on our behalf - intentional or no. Here in the Dominion, we do not take such bonds of blood lightly, and would be remiss not to recognize such valor.

I look forward to your favorable response.
--Nathicana D'Aquisto, Dread Lady of the Dominion
13-12-2003, 23:04
Caelistis stepped through the small doorway. He shuddered as the temperature of the sorrounding air dropped from the artifically regulated warmth of the interior to the cold, showering atmosphere outside. The immense landing pad stretched out ahead of him, empty of craft awaiting departure or arrival. Only the gentle, rhythmatic pulse of the guidance lights provided any calming infulence Flanked to his left Killthanus briskly followed, completing the tiring climb upwards and through the spiralling form of Administration One. The First slowly crept towards the towering edge. Placing a hand on the guidance rails he allowed himself to cast a gaze downwards.

The height they stood at defied comprehension. Incredible distances that brought the construction to the gates of the heavens and himself face to face with anything so wishfully complete as a creator. Caelistis followed the lantern beacons downards, their pulsing glow marking each level, disappearing from his view and down towards street level, which very well might have been a million miles from where he stood now. Alternativley and as not to favour he looked upwards. Over their heads stood the massive form of the data transmission spire. Though it made not a chirp nor dazzled with light it computed and processed at speeds that seemed to laugh at the organic brain. War reports from rebel torn cities, political reform in aristocratical monarchies and scientific breakthroughs in colonies throughout Terra and space itself were all collated and transferred. Nothing would be allowed to go unprocessed, He sometimes longed for the total order from chaos that such a mundane task would bring. The computation systems responsible for the spire's function did not feel, they did not complain nor think, they simply were, they simply acted as they had been instructed too.

He envied such an ordered existance.

The pair stood at almost the very pinnacle of the govermental throne. Shielded from the incessent downpour only by their garments they exchanged small talk and conversation. An almost surreal picture painted as the droplets of rain bounced from the pad's surface and petered out, caught in the bathing glow of the sorrounding illuminations.

"The Kia will arrive shortly. Weather patterns are disrupting traffic movements throughout lower city sectors and aerial lanes."

Caelistis nodded as his intelligence minister talked on.

"The Scolopendrian delegation are expected to arrive within the next two point four hours. They are scheduled to arrive at Lianna Gravport. The Dominion are expected to send one Evangelista Ravenelli, a distinguished diplomat. Their crafts are expected within three hours approximatly."

The first retreated, back within the comforting obscurity of the entry they had passed through earlier, allowing himself respite from the ferocious weather that pounded them. Clearing his throat, and wiping the irritating moisture from his vision, Caelistis spoke;

" It is almost humorous, In a few short hours more foreign nations shall visit us than in nearly four hundred and thirty years. Have we placed choir children at the entrance, and made sure our finest minds are waiting to shake their hands?"

Killthanus allowed a small grin to break apon his face, "Anna has prepared earth cookies, chocolate chip I believe."

Laughing, they moved into the silent stairwell, the thundering downpour quietening as they sheltered. "Sarcasm aside, this visit is extremely important. Though we will dispense with decoration and other pleasentries that would look us fools, This is our first contact with our Trium allies outside of the Angelus collective. Our sisters are receptive, however the Scolopendrians will not understand us as well even though they too access the mainframe as we do. Though I do believe we have outgrown "first impressions" the impetious is still there. Let us show them Kaenei as we see it."

Killthanus nodded, even as the whine of a Gravcraft fought the rain for sonic supremacy, and the graceful, floating form of the Kia ascended into view.

I shall keep the cookies."
18-12-2003, 16:30
The entity shell once known as Xanone floats serenely before the singularity situated at the heart of the WorldDisc. That which was the Mainframe, existing now as a glowing jewel hovering in the emptiness where the Mainframe once stood.

The entity spread its arms and suddenly becomes the epicentre of an intense light, and simply is no more.


Far away, another intense flare burns into existance on the steps of Adminstration One, and Xanone glides back into reality, his entire body suffused with an aura of pearly luminescense. For a moment, he simply stands there, his head uplifted to the sky, the feeling of rain falling gently on his face giving him pause.

And then he steps forward, his attention once more focused before him as he steps through the front doors into the grand entrance hall of Admin One.
18-12-2003, 19:51
Dread Lady Nathicana
12-01-2004, 02:01
Evangelista anxiously awaited the word from the cockpit that they had arrived. This was her first solo trip outside the Dominion in her Minister capacity, and she had never much cared for flying.

She had her work cut out for her. Though The Serene Republic and the Dominion had had dealings in the past, they had been more passive, even including the work they had done together on the frozen fields of Europa, and despite the more recent addition of Kaenei into the Triumvirate.

"We will be landing soon at the Lianna Gravport," came the voice over the system speakers. "Please make certain your lap belts are firmly fastened. Slight turbulence is expected, as it is currently raining down there."

Hearing this, Evangelista groaned, one hand going to her stomach, that was already clenching at the thought. Turbulence, they say. The last bit of 'turbulence' just about shook the teeth out of my head. And now we're landing in a storm to boot?

The minutes ticked by, and the transport was indeed lightly buffetted on aproach. She clenched her hands over the comfortable armrests, her eyes riveted on the scenery out the viewport. At first, just a grey haze could be seen, moisture streaming across the thick panes in tiny rivulets. Then they descended from the clouds, and into a steady rain.

Lianna Gravport and the surrounding land came into view, the many spires and towers glistening in the falling rain, beautiful despite the overcast skies.

With her stomach still turning flip-flops, the craft finally touched down, and Evangelista breathed a quiet prayer of thankfulness, and a sigh of relief.

Now, to gather myself, and present the proper face for the Dominion here.

She stood, smoothing out her jacket, drawing on her trenchcoat, and prepping her umbrella. With the assistance of one of the flight crew, she walked carefully down the ramp, and into the pouring rain, umbrella quickly going up. Seeing the Kaeneian representative waiting, she smiled pleasantly and waved in greeting, putting out her hand when she reached them.

"Evangelista Ravanelli, Dominion Minister of Public Relations," she says by way of introduction. "I am honored to have been given this opportunity to encourage formal diplomatic ties with your great nation."
Evangelista Ravanelli - Minister of Public Relations
12-01-2004, 02:11
17-01-2004, 00:21
Melyanna turned her head towards Killthanus, she flashed a smile, beautifully brief in its presence, but betraying the excitement she felt at such an encounter only a month or so after her appointment to the Serene^Union. Her hands were clasped in front of her, palm against palm. Her long, golden blonde tresses had already become slightly unruly, angered almost by the heaving rain that splashed on the smoothened surface of the landing pad now occupied by the impressive Dominion transport.

Killthanus felt himself shiver, not in response to the cold or the weather itself, but Melyanna, and her smile. The acting first chided himself, angry almost at his foolishness. He managed a solemn nod in response, his emotions struggling to escape the cage they now felt imprisoned within as he tried to focus on the task at hand.

"Minister Killthanus, Acting First." Choked the conflicted Kaeneian, almost sounding normal, but falling slightly short in pitch and voice. Melyanna immediatley shot him a look of concern, but it passed quickly as her professionalism superimposed over trifling, human or elvish worries.

Melyanna introduced likewise, her english slightly tainted by a curious accent wrought by her relative inexperience with the languages she was now called on to discuss in constantly and without rest. The pair gestured towards a hatch that led from view, and away from the incessent downpour.

A spiral staircase lead downards, the way ahead lit but overly so as to reveal seemingly too much of the sorrounding path or to allow those who travelled a distraction. After a time, in whch a comfortable, natural silence reigned the group found themselves at the beginning of a long, stretched corridor.

The walls and floor were coloured in a dark blue. A dark sea at unrest, awaiting the comming storm and making protests apparent. Across the colour lay veins of a lighter hue, nearer the shade of a sky at peace. Creating a striking, marbled criss cross of random points and lines.

The ceiling however dominated attention. Two large conduits ran overhead, along the points a which the wall became the roof overhead. Transparent as the air that sorrounded the trio, a sluggish, green liquid lazily wound through the tubes. It seemed to almost light the corridord itself, a curious method of providing illumination. Curious still, the hue cast on the corridor was almost natural light, and not green as the colour of its provider.

"You may perhaps be familiar with this method of photoillumination. We have developed artificial chemicals which will react and produce illumination of various hues and types depending on the input stimulation. Not only is it more reliable than conventional lighting, but far more efficient. It does of course, look slightly odd. But what one considers strange another might find beautiful."

After a time, they came to a set of large doors. By large, they dominated to the four times the height of a man, and his full length wide. Their faces reflected a black starscape, dominated by a trillion points of light vying for the right to the attentions of those who would watch them. To the right, a blue orb, a world of deep seething oceans dotted with small forms of green, their small size belying the billions, who would call this globe home.

Around the perimeter of the doors ran text. Swirling lines that melded into curious shapes. Letter patterns were familiar, and with experience of translation one might almost be able to form the structure, but the translation would remain frustratingly elusive, and furiously difficult to comprehend.

"The chamber doors, depict the Kaeneian homeworld. Solarri." Began Killthanus.

"A world much distance from Earth. We once called this tranquil place home. Before the displacement that sent us to Terra, and where we have remained for almost as long as others who have inhabited since the begining of sentient life on this world. The writing is ancient Kaeneian. A language so complex I myself had to seek a translator to fully understand. It depicts the location of Solarri in coardinates and astronomical units long since discarded and forgotten."

Killthanus looks upwards, to the apex of the roof above. Seemlessly,an opening of conventional size makes way within the frame of one of the entry doors, though the massive structures do not move at all.

They step forth into an office of sorts. On the walls that lie right and left, extensive cases rest. They house Datanodes in their hundreds. Covering subjects that have been recorded or accessed by Firsts since records began or they came into power. The cases extended to over fifteen feet high, steeped in the accumulated dusts that go with items untouched for almost a hundred years apiece.

"These cases, are the accumulation of every note, speech, thought or worry recorded into a Datanode by the ruling First of the Union since we began keeping records. Never once have they been cleaned of their legacy of age. The dust is not seen as untidy, but rather a testament to a time forgotten and past. Any member of the Aengelistorium may access these records. Is it not a saying that those who do not respect history are doomed to repeat it? Well perhaps this will go some way to ensuring that does not become reality."

The attention however, was attracted ahead.

The entire far wall was non-existant. Instead replacing it a massive bay window. From which sorrounding spires and habitation blocks rose and battled for supremity in an impressive visual display. THe rain pattered angrily against the plexiglass panes, a relaxing rattle casting through the large room.

Atop the ceiling, towards the rear a large cylinder hung. It seemed wrought of a blackened metal. Its original finish long since gone, through what seemed a savage, brutal affair. Twisted around its length seemed sections of barbed wiring, undamaged and wrought in a cruel, sharpened blue.

Affixed to this, a lone cast figure of marble.

Her head gazed downards, her eyes cast towards those who would find themselves stood below her if they ventured to the desk which stood in front of the viewing window. Her arms were shackled, raised upwards painfully. Her lithe body was suspended, her legs together and dangling without support or help.

From her shoulders, sculptured wings rose. Battling her picture of helplessness that her thinnish, weakened appearance cast. They spread outwards, taking up a large space. They were coloured the same darkened blue that had been the entrance corridor finish.

The figure was similiarly blackened, with a furious burning pattern that almost seemed to be weapons fire of sorts. But the thermal burns passed too deeply within to be mere personnel arms. A closer inspection would confirm the strange. Starship based disruption weapons had caused the damage. Before anymore could be gleaned, Killthanus spoke up.

"She is the Aengelis Protectoresse of a Kaeneian starship. Each and every vessel of considerable size produced by Kaenei is gifted with this watcher. Whilst she sits atop the cente for the individual shipboard electronic intelligence, her function is to watch, and bring luck and fortune to those who work within her hull. However, that is not to tell the true reality behind the one you watch now."

"She is known only as Sara. We believe her to be the original Aengelis Protectoresse aboard a Kaeneian starship, one of many who made the long, and now forgotten journey from Solarri to Earth. We do not know her ship. her crew, or even the fleet she moved with. Few records of such exist, and none cover her. The damage she has suffered is original, and leads us to assume her craft was lost and her hands lost also. We cannot be sure, and do not even know fully of how she came to reach Earth."

Melyanna stood quite amazed. She too was as new to this as the Dominion envoy. And had learned or heard few in the way of past stories or reasoning.

Killthanus slowly walked towards the desk, perching himself on its edge, and gestured through the rainy cityscape below.

"Welcome to the Serene^Union of Kaenei."
Dread Lady Nathicana
23-01-2004, 00:12
Evangelista tried to take a measure of the two who greeted her, maintaining her pleasant smile, and in truth, feeling it genuinely. Off the damned transport, and into pleasant company. Most excellent ... I wonder, are those two ...

"A pleasure," she says with a polite nod of her head, following as directed into the building, shaking out her umbrella and putting it away.

She looked around as she walked, taking in the unfamiliar yet beautiful architecture. The photoillumination was quite unexpected. "I'm afraid I'm not familiar with it at all," she said apologetically. "But it is indeed a most aesthetically pleasing method. Quite artful."

The large doors drew her eyes upward as she attempted to comprehend the patterns and flow. "Impressive," she breathed half to herself, then nodded at the explanation. The letters escaped her entirely, only adding to the aura of mystique that seemed to surround these people. "Perhaps at an appropriate time, you could tell me of this displacement?" asked, hoping it was polite enough while showing such answers were of course at their leisure.

The history room was of great interest to her, and she listened attentively as it was desrcribed. The thought of so much information having been so meticulously gathered in one spot was overwhelming. Nothing in the Dominion could boast such a feat, and they had always prided themselves on their rich history.

Still, all of this did not prepare her for the room into which they walked last. Her eyes traveled over the lines of the figure so beautiful and yet so tragic all at once. A strong sense of familiarity struck her, the image, to her echoing the iconography she had been raised with. It filled her both with an awe and an aching sadness that she couldn't entirely explain. She knew only what she had been told of these people, and of this vision of broken yet defiant beauty yet ... it touched her deeply. What visions had this Protectoresse seen? What far distant sights in the vastness of space had passed before her downcast eyes before her enemies had laid her low?

Evangelista shivered, feeling small and altogether too human and finite as she stood looking up at the pale bound figure, wings outspread. Killthanus' words stirred her from her reverie, and she looked at him, startled, following his gesture to gaze out across the spired city in the rain.

"Il dio ..." she breathed softly.
07-02-2004, 10:42
"Well, at least it gets me off this ship." Flashing a grin, Diplomatic Officer Walter Retief raises his mug of synthesized mead before taking a slug.

"Aww," Captain McEvoy of Triumphant replies, "I thought you enjoyed my hospitality."

"That I did, sir," the diplomat responds with a casual air, "but you must admit that there really isn't much for a D.O. to do on a cruiser. Over the last year, what have we done? I talked a little bit to Tor Yvresse, ya, and the Durinians who have since disappeared. An assignment to Kaenei... I'm starting a permanent mission with an ally. Not bad, I think."

"Not bad at all." The captain nods, then stands up. "I'd best be letting you go; you've a shuttle to catch. Even if they're our newest member, there's no point in getting large amouts of warships nearby."

* - * - *

The standard Scarab-class shuttle, an ugly yet effective collection of curves and blocks, drops out of the sky with a barely audible hum, felt in the bones more than heard. Its low-distort gravydrive spinning down, a side hatch opens to reveal a blue-uniformed figure who steps down easily, looking about as he deploys an umbrella. Brown hair, on the long side of regulation along the top but well trimmed along the sides and back; alert blue eyes taking in the landing area of the gravport; medium build moving easily under the charcoal and blue double-breasted uniform.

A Kaeneian official catching his eye, he turns and waves, walking quickly to meet; his umbrella in his left hand and his right hand extended in greeting. "Diplomatic Officer Walter Retief," he introduces himself simply, "Scolopendran Diplomatic Corps."