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The Democratic Republic of Nexum bids you all greetings

23-11-2003, 21:43
My countries information:

I am the newly elected leader President Corbus Melheim of Nexum. We would like to send a warm greeting to all nations and friends. We hope to make great progress with all of you. We are a small but caring nation and generous people. We have recently been accepted into the UN. Our nation is not perfect and there is much we need to work on including strengthening our economy, enhancing our national defenses, and preventing crime.
23-11-2003, 21:47

You should consider New Separatism.
We greet you nation in the spirit of good will, peace and prosperity

OOC: If you intend to join, we advise that you take a long read of the various stickies at the top of the forums. No sense on not knowing about the NS world.

Lord Zhovhan
Leader of the New Separatists
Regional Alliance Thread:
23-11-2003, 21:47
The Dominion of Talkos welcomes Nexum into the international community, and wishes it good luck in all of its ventures. We are always looking forward to open trade and friendly relations with other nations.
23-11-2003, 21:49
The Dominion of Eredron extends a hand of fellowship to the nation of Nexum, and joins others in welcoming this new nation into the international community.

We invite you to build an embassy in our capital, New Eredron, and request permission to do the same within your own borders.
23-11-2003, 22:00
OOC: Welcome to NationStates :)
23-11-2003, 22:01
We are pleased that many leaders wish to have strong relations with us. We will exchange diplomats immediately and begin the process of establishing embassies wherever possible. We will also examine closely the proposition made by The New Seperatism to join their region and get back to them.