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1st Neonic International Wargames Tourney!-sign ups-

Neo Earth
23-11-2003, 19:10
1st Neonic Wargames International Tournament!

In a effort to help people fight GOOD wars, I am starting the 1st Neonic International Tournamet. It will be a double-elimination tourney, and the winner will win 1.5 trillion dollors for their nation (no taxes).


Entrance free: 50 billion

Modern Tech

You must post your army, with up to 500,000 troops, and up to 10,000 tanks.

You fight battles arranged by the organizer (me)

Once you lose two battles, you are kicked out.

I will supply the Wargaming equipment(really-really- good laser tag), but you must give it back when done

Your "casualties" are replaced after every battle.

No magic, WMD, space-based weapons.

Example of sign ups:


Money wired(donations please):