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EB schedule friendly football tour. [full]

Europa Brittania
23-11-2003, 18:42
Following their penultimate win against Ravenspire, The EBFA has scheduled a series of friendlies on the first ever overseas tour to be conducted since the Homeseries tournament of the early nineteen forties.

EB will play eight friendlies in total. The first shall take place next month, against TBF. The second being Total'nUtter Insanity. The remaining six dates remain open at this time, and opponents are welcomed.


#1- The Belmore Family V Europa Brittania

#2- Total'n'Utter Insanity V Europa Brittania

#3- Sliponia V Europa Brittania

#4- Oglethorpia V Europa Brittania

#5-Tanah Burung V Europa Brittania

#6-New Montreal States V Europa Brittania

#7-Pablicosta V Europa Brittania

#8-Kaze Progressa V Europa Brittania

23-11-2003, 18:45
Sliponia is willing to host your team for a friendly. Though we are sure our national team will be beaten, as we've only competed in one WC (either 6 or 7, I think) and will be participating in our second soon (WCX) we are just looking to see some great soccer. Our nation is a nation that is devout followers of athletics.
23-11-2003, 18:54
The Oglethorpian Wonderteam would be glad to play defending champions Europa Britannia in a friendly.

Will the match be a home game for us?

-- George McDouglas
Association of Futebol/Football
Tanah Burung
23-11-2003, 18:56
The Crocodiles would welcome a visit from the reigning World Cup champions.
Europa Brittania
23-11-2003, 19:00
[OOC: All Games are at home for my opponents Ogle, an excuse for me to get out and about ;) TBF has asked that Commerce Heights generate his score, But I am fine for all my opponents to generate them unless they otherwise state so.]
23-11-2003, 19:04
The Ice Paladins would love to host the defending champs to kick off their international career. If Commerce Heights would be willing to compute the match (since I haven't a clue how) that would be great.
23-11-2003, 19:08
Pablicosta Pheonix will play!
Kaze Progressa
23-11-2003, 19:14
Kaze Progressa begun their international career against Brazilico in a similar friendly before World Cup 7. (New Montreal States, you too could make World Cup 12. :))

They would love to entertain Europa Brittanica to complete their tour.
23-11-2003, 19:17
Kaze Progressa begun their international career against Brazilico in a similar friendly before World Cup 7. (New Montreal States, you too could make World Cup 12. :))

They would love to entertain Europa Brittanica to complete their tour.

And Association of Football record keepers have uncovered records stating an Oglethorpian victory over the Brazillicans in a similar friendly, 2-nil.

-- George McDouglas
Association of Football



Heh, I forgot about the Brazillico series of friendlies. I should add that to my extensive game history sheet :wink:
Tanah Burung
23-11-2003, 19:19
Yeah, we beat Brazillico that tour as well. Actually, most countries beat them.

I can't run that spread sheet, so maybe Ogle could generate the EB-TB result too?
Europa Brittania
23-11-2003, 19:20
David Dudley Donald-Duck Daniel Davidson, President of the Record Of Office at the EBFA has confirmed that Brittania also recorded a win over Brazillico in that tournament.

[ooc] Did they actually manage a win? ;)
Total n Utter Insanity
23-11-2003, 19:22
[ooc] Did they actually manage a win? ;)

I did all the scores for that tour, they lost most of them against the top 20 teams, but they beat all the newbies I believe.
Kaze Progressa
23-11-2003, 19:24
They beat us, but only 2-1. I still have the RP for that match :D
23-11-2003, 19:42
Did You Know:

Did you know that in World Cup VII Sliponia actually beat Kaze Progressa 3-1 and later tied them 1-1? Of course if the two meet in WCX, Sliponia would probably get killed. :lol:
Liverpool England
24-11-2003, 01:28
Liverpool England may be late, but we are offering Europa Brittania a friendly. We loved the sights during the World Cup and would like this friendly, if it goes ahead, to be played out in EB.

EDIT: We'd love to have a rematch of that semi-final... Plus we were defending champs before you...
24-11-2003, 01:30
And now all that remains is for EB to pick who he wants to play...
24-11-2003, 02:16
When will matches begin?
Total n Utter Insanity
24-11-2003, 02:17
As soon as he finds someone to generate the results.
24-11-2003, 02:18
Oh okay.
24-11-2003, 02:25
The Bureaucratic Tribune

Time to dust off the home pitch
In just a short few months, Europa Britannia, reigning champs are set to roll into town

By Bill Christmas

OGLETHORPIA (BT) -- Kuruma Stadium has largely sat unused since World Cup 8, hosted by Oglethorpia and Bedistan; the Porlamar Futebol Liga had sinced moved on from using Kuruma Stadium, located in Sheffingham, Porlamar.

But the government has announced its intentions to refit Kuruma Stadium to working order for the match against Europa Britannia.

"First," said President Marvin Thomas, "we want to increase the capicity from 90,000 to 108,000, and of course, get it in working order."

The pitch of the stadium is largely dead; and the government plans to refit its fixtures, seating arrangements and install new press boxes.

Come Europa Britannia's arrival in Oglethorpia [complete with the proper fanfare] Kuruma Stadium will be in tip-top shape for the match between the Oglethorpian Wonderteam and the reigning champions of World Cup IX.
26-11-2003, 03:08
Paladin Dome to receive revamp

With an expected turnout of over 100,000 people to see the friendly versus Europa Britannia, the only venue available was the Paladin Dome in New Montreal, an interior, "glass" (very durable, solid, transparent plastics) topped stadium usually reserved for ice hockey.

The grass is growing fine, however, and the seating adjustments required are almost done. Tomorrow groundskeepers intend to set up the goalposts and make the necessary measurements for the game, enabling the Ice Paladins to run practices on the field for the weeks leadin up to the game.

Defender Jean-Luc Picard is enthused. "We were here for the last hockey game to be played here for a while, and that was only two weeks ago. Now this field is the equal of any other soccer pitch. Frankly the groundskeepers have done a miracle here."

The Paladin Dome is expected to fit 108,750 after the seating adjustments. About 15,000 tickets were put out on sale yesterday, and they were snapped up within a half hour, the speed only limited by the capacity of the Dome's phone system. A sellout is expected for the first ever international soccer game played in the New Montreal States.

Extra tickets will be put on sale at 10:00 A.M. tomorrow morning at 1-800-PALADIN. These tickets will be for all classes of seating.

The New Montreal Patriotes, the usual occupants of the Paladin Dome, will be playing their next few home games at the Arctic Center in nearby Ville-Marie when the Pirates are on the road.
26-11-2003, 04:02
Sliponia's Best Invite the World's Best

Sliponian AP - The best players in all of Sliponia have joined together to welcome Europa Britannia in a friendly, on a date TBA.

Many players on this team will be preparing to face much more talent as they prepare for World Cup X.

Coach Gansler is still figuring out all the details of the line up, but we can tell you that only player on the WCX team with experience will most likely get the start.

Sliponia will face Europa Britannia on a date TBA at the Sliponian National Soccer Stadium (, which is being given top priority as the nation looks to build a new stadium.
Europa Brittania
26-11-2003, 16:42
[OOC I've been laid up with a virus, so sorry its been so long. I've TG'ed Commerce Heights and asked him to generate the first friendly result between me and TBF. After that, each opponent of myself can generate the score.]
Total n Utter Insanity
26-11-2003, 19:02
The friendly between TnUI and the World Champions was put on hold today as mass riots in the southern city of Flalar sparked fears for EBs safety.
Europa Brittania
26-11-2003, 20:21
[OOC: Well, someone *cough TBF cough* failed to inform me the friendly had already been played out and a report posted, and given TnUI is going down the tubes ;) we'll skip to friendly #3 V Sliponia and take it from there. I spose it would be best to post them all in the WC X pre-RP thread, as thats why its there... :D]
26-11-2003, 23:37
Results of the friendly versus Sliponia have been posted.