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Rolyvian Elections: Your opinion matters.

23-11-2003, 07:06
As some of you may know, Rolyvia is going to start its first democratic elections since its foundation, the election will be held on January 5th, the Independence Day and Rolyvian Anniversary.

The International Community will be a big influence on the Rolyvian citizens when it comes to choosing their new democratic leader. Just read the candidate's description, see if some of them have similarities with your country and post which one you support and why.

(You can check my old posts ( for more information about this and the history of Rolyvia, it will probably give you a better background on this but it's up to you)

The candidates are:

George Quiroga - Socialist Party

After current President Hugo R. Banzer decided not to run for re-election due to health issues and age, current Vice-President George Quiroga decided to run for the presidency of Rolyvia and will try to keep the Socialist Party in power and as the population majority.
He promised not to change President Hugo R. Banzer policies of social equality and a stable economy with the government interference on businesses. Reduction on government spending, increase on taxes, reduce considerably the Military's size, compulsory atheism, more than average civil rights.
The Socialist Party has being loosing support and size in the last years under Hugo R. Banzer, but George Quiroga says that he's going to change that and give the confident on the Socialist Party back to the people.

Rolando Barba - Nationalist Democratic Party

The major opponent to the current Socialist Government, Rolando Barba came back from political asylum just days after Hugo R. Banzer announced he was going to let Rolyvians have their first democratic elections. Rolando was independence fighter, founder and first president of Rolyvia, with his charisma many have followed him and sworn loyalty, but many others claim he's a traitor for neglecting the country and leaving it after social and political crisis erupted during his administration. He's back again and ready to clean his name and work hard for Rolyvia, so he says.
A strong capitalist follower, many say that thank to him Rolyvia has its current economy, he says that the socialism in Rolyvia is over and it's time for 'real' economic policies take place, the government should take its 'hands off' and let everyone compete. Plenty of Civil Rights and Political Freedoms, reduction in taxes, increase in government spending, increase in military spending, increase in welfare, much better health care system, freedom of religious exercise.
Many political analysts say that it's going to be hard for Rolando to get the people's confidence again, change an entire country from socialism to capitalism isn't going to be easy, but the fact that he was the founder and independence fighter will increase his popularity.

David de Lozada - Green Party
Strongly opposed the Socialist Party since the first day they took power, spent the first years in political jail during the hard years of the Socialist Government, finally was released and since then started a campaign to oppose socialism, now he sees a shot to become president and change things. Somehow popular among the population.
Hasn't stated a formal economic or political system, just says that the government will interfere whenver they see it necessary, low taxes, low government spending, high military spending, isolationism, normal civil rights, no religious preference.

Evo Moros - Radical Party
Not many people have ever heard of him, many say he is a former member of the Communist Party and somehow managed to survive the attacks and persecution of the Socialist Government. He declares himself as a diplomat not a fighter and never has discussed about his past, promises drasticals changes to Rolyvia.
Communist, high taxes, high military spending, low civil rights, no religion, use power to influence other countries.
23-11-2003, 13:27
Voted Rolando Barba - Nationalist Democratic Party

At least he cares about civil and political liberties.
28-11-2003, 16:47