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Imitora Military Industry (Pt. I=Technology)

20-11-2003, 00:26
OOC: This thread is to detail the current technology I'm using. I consider my tech level to be what I have coined as 'Clancy Tech,' meaning 2020-2025 level earth bound technology. It is also fairly realistic, I.E. no lasers or plasma guns for the troops. No space fleets, but there is a space program. On special note, I am not a quantom enginering specialist, nor do I really understand to a greater degree how certain things work, so please, just pretend the smaller inacuracies in this post do not exist. After I complete this, I'll begin work on the 'Application' thread, where you see exactly what all the tech here is used in...


Imitora Military Industry
Weapons for the For the Future, Today

What is Imitora Military Industry?
History: Imitora Military Industy, or IMI, was formed at the turn of the 20th century. It was decided that, despite pro-Capitalist, free enterprise, thinking of the Imitoran government, the military based companies of Imitora should be government controlled, in order to insure that the nation's military would be well equiped and armed. On January 2nd, 2010, the final contract was signed, and IMI was born.

On that day, the Weyland Yutani Corporation, Shinsei Aerospace, Ground Mobility Initiatives, and General Force Operations came together, under one roof, and began to brainstorm on the first product to be born from IMI. Now, ten years later, IMI is on the fore front of military technology, leading the way into the future.

Mission Statement: Imitora Military Industry will lead the way in military technology, in order to equip the military, and insure, the victory of Imitoran troops, no matter what odds. It is our goal to lead the way into the future of weapons systems. Imitora Military Industry will not be outdone.


To equip Imitoran military personel with the best quipment possible, be it aircraft, ships, tanks, or small arms,
To produce technologies that will keep the Imitoran military on the leading edge of combat systems,
Insure that the quality of goods is on par, if not beyond that expected of IMI



Plasmas are conductive assemblies of charged particles, neutrals and fields that exhibit collective effects. Further, plasmas carry electrical currents and generate magnetic fields. Plasmas are the most common form of matter, comprising more than 99% of the visible universe. Plasmas are radically multiscale in two senses:

Most plasma systems involve electrodynamics coupling across micro-, meso- and macroscale and
Plasma systems occur over most of the physically possible ranges in space, energy and density scales.

Plasma has been looked into as an energy source, but, IMI has taken the research a step further. Reversing the process used in the day of nuclear research (weapons to energy), IMI has taken plasma energy research, and turned it into a weapon source. Using the ideals of plasma fission, a small reactor is placed in the warhead of a missle or other form of projectile (MIRV, more specifically), alowing the use of a plasma explosion as a weapon.

ETC/EM projectile propullsion

Ever since the advent of newer and better armor, IMI has been on the lookout for newer and better ways to defeat the armor. It is this that had brought IMI to the world of ETC and EM weapons. Able to propell rounds at greater speeds, with greater force than standard chemical propullsion. IMI has already integrated the XM198 ETC cannon into its M1A4 Abrams, and soon will begin incorporation of the XM756 Gauss Cannon.

ETC, or Electro Thermal Chemical, cannons work on the same base principle of current chemical propullsion systems. The projectile is propelled from the barrel of the cannon by the sudden change in propellent presures. The change in pressure forces the round forward. Early in its research, IMI found that Electro Thermal energy could be used to increase pressure to levels unherd off in standard chemical propullsion. However, the levels found were not acceptable. Looking into the future, IMI managed to formulate the effective use of ETC weaponry. Using both Electro Thermal propullsion and and Chemical propullsion, IMI's XM198 ETC cannon, although chambered only for the 125mm smoothbore, the round impacts with the force and power of a 145mm round.

IMI also dove into the field of EM, or Electro Magnetic weapons. After working with research teams at the University of Imitora and Imitora Technical University, it was decided that a gauss gun would be used for the XM756 EM Cannon. The gauss gun utilises a solinoid in order to propell a round at extreeme speeds, creating massive impact force, and the ability to penatrate most, if not all, armor on the current market. At current levels, the XM756 can propell a projectile at speeds of over 10km/s.


The Greek program was thought up in order to insure the safety of Imitora Colonial Marine Corps and Imitora Navy Blue Water Operation pilots. The Athena and Trojan systems are, in essence, total opposites, but both provide for the defense of the pilot.

The Athena system is a stealth system that removes the need for expensive RAM materials or unorthadox and costly designs. An Athena equiped aircraft has several less than cm long antenas mounted under its surface. Then, radar waves are detected by Athena, and the raw data of the waves are sent through a super conductive, liquid cooled computer. Then, the computer supervises and orders the release of out of sinc waves from antenas under the planes surface. This prohibits the return of the radar waves to the aircraft of origin, therefore making the Athena equiped aircraft invisable to enemy (and friendly) radars.

The Trojan system works on the opposite principle, eliminating the stealth of the equiped aircraft. A Trojan pod, instead of masking the radar signature of the aircraft, emits a fake radar signal that in turn floods radar systems. This means that when one aircraft is attacking, radars register upwards of one hundred. When five aircraft exist, then it appears as if 500 are attacking. The Trojan system has prooven effective against many an automated air defence systems.

OOC2: I need to take a break from typing this up, when I get back, I'll put in the second part