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Rugby World Cup

19-11-2003, 08:53
Note: This is not a sign-up thread. Signup has closed, so don't post about signing this team and that team up. For the curious, the signup thread is at Teams will be telegrammed their groups and match results. Nations are encouraged to post "match reports" here as this will influence the selection for the Barbarians Match to be played at the end of the Cup.

The Draw
Group 1
New Hopetoun Kan-Kumuls
Jaurania Free Spirits
Englesreich Physco Monkeys
Never-Setting Sun
Audioslavia Bulls on Parade

Group 2
Pablicosta Rugby Pheonix
Protosania Dragoons
Chakana Ka'x'kakala
Sliponia Celtics
Austarvian Reds

Group 3
Lapse Bristlenoses
Thunland Cthrrrga
The Belmore Family National Team
Cockbill Street Seagulls
Kaze Progressa Kangaroos

Group 4
SPARTEN Springboks
Dyelli Beybi Crocodiles
Sagesquagmire Cho-Jas
Austar Union Wallabies
Woodford Hard Nuts
19-11-2003, 09:25
The Cunning Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog
19-11-2003, 09:32
YAY lapse :D
Austar Union
19-11-2003, 09:35
AU corporations are heavily sponsering advertisments to advertise the RWC inside the AU.
20-11-2003, 18:28
right i officially declare that englesreichs newspaper of the tournment to be............................ The Engle Star
Austar Union
21-11-2003, 07:59
When are the results going to be posted?
24-11-2003, 06:26
Sorry, couldn't access the forums for a while there. Results for the first-round matches will be posted here and by telegram to the teams involved in about 30 minutes after I've double-checked the scores.
Austar Union
24-11-2003, 06:31
24-11-2003, 07:44
oh, did i win :)
24-11-2003, 08:10
Pool A Results
New Hopetoun (90 ) def. Jaurania (18 )
New Hopetoun: 9 tries, 9 convs, 6 pens, 3 drop goals
Jaurania: 2 tries, 1 conv, 2 pens

Englesreich (28 ) def. Never-Setting Sun (26)
Englesreich: 3 tries, 2 convs, 2 pens, 1 drop goal
Never-Setting Sun: 3 tries, 1 conv, 3 pens

New Hopetoun (41) def. Audioslavia (23)
New Hopetoun: 6 tries, 4 convs, 1 pen
Audioslavia: 3 tries, 1 conv, 2 drop goals

Jaurania (10) lost to Never-Setting Sun (41)
Jaurania: 1 try, 1 conv, 1 drop goal
Never-Setting Sun: 5 tries, 2 convs, 3 pens, 1 drop goal

New Hopetoun (30) def. Englesreich (19)
New Hopetoun: 2 tries, 1 conv, 4 pens, 2 drop goals
Englesreich: 2 tries, 1 pen, 2 drop goals

Jaurania (35) lost to Audioslavia (41)
Jaurania: 4 tries, 3 convs, 1 pen, 2 drop goals
Audioslavia: 5 tries, 5 convs, 2 pens

New Hopetoun (26) def. Never-Setting Sun (20)
New Hopetoun: 2 tries, 2 convs, 3 pens, 1 drop goal
Never-Setting Sun: 2 tries, 2 convs, 2 pens

Englesreich (50) def. Jaurania (13)
Englesreich: 7 tries, 3 convs, 2 pens, 1 drop goal
Jaurania: 1 try, 1 conv, 2 drop goals

Audioslavia (26) lost to Never-Setting Sun (32)
Audioslavia: 3 tries, 2 convs, 2 pens, 1 drop goal
Never-Setting Sun: 3 tries, 1 conv, 4 pens, 1 drop goal

Englesreich (33) lost to Audioslavia (39)
Englesreich: 5 tries, 4 convs
Audioslavia: 5 tries, 4 convs, 1 pen, 1 drop goal

Pool A Standings
New Hopetoun (16 pts) F: 187, A: 80
Never-Setting Sun (8 pts) F: 119, A: 90
Englesreich (8 pts) F: 130, A: 108
Audioslavia (8 pts) F: 129, A: 141
Jaurania (0 pts) F: 76, A: 222

Pool B results to come
24-11-2003, 08:53
Pool A Standings
New Hopetoun (16 pts) F: 187, A: 80
Never-Setting Sun (8 pts) F: 119, A: 90
Englesreich (8 pts) F: 130, A: 108
Audioslavia (8 pts) F: 129, A: 141
Jaurania (0 pts) F: 76, A: 222

bit of match fixing their [jk]
24-11-2003, 19:06
(from the Engle Star)
The national team are off to a flying start with a victory against never setting sun. It was a tight game ending 28 -26 with the conversions from Kicky Mckickerson making all the difference. The nail biting finish when it looked like a loss was inevitable when Mckickerson scores a dramatic drop goal to win the match,but the real hero of the match was Ben Dover
hooker, captain and scorer of the first try, he lead with some exellent linouts and maul work and he provided the ball for the penultimate drop goal.

The next match against the hosts New Hopeton was an expected loss but our boys went out there gallantly and made sure they werent walked all over. they were forced into making mistakes which lead to their down fall.
However Ben Dover again put on a strong display, Mckickerson scored when he had the chance and Jimbo Sandwich put on good display at tight head prop.This is definatly turning out to be a team of the forwards.

This time all their hard work paid off and they wlked all over Jaurainia, along with the usual performances from Dover and the forwards, this was topped of with an exellent trys from tempory scrum half Sausage-Roll, back Billy bob jones and Karl Marx made this somthing to celebrate.

The less said about this the better, the whole country expected victory with a 33 point 1st half lead but it was all thrown away in the second half. nuff said.

Our player of the tournement so far is...... Ben Dover
25-11-2003, 22:06
\o/ doublepost
25-11-2003, 22:06
Audioslavia bow out on goal difference
Rugby side fails as spectacularly as the football side

two wins, two defeats, allegations of match-fixing and a partridge in a pear-tree meant that Audioslavia once again failed to qualify for the second round of a major sporting event.

The tournament kicked off on a sour-note, with the game against the alleged match-fixers New Hopetown ending in a 41-23 defeat, with numerous dubious refereeing decisions culminating in 2 penalty tries for the hopetowners just before half-time. With the game now tied on 3 trys and 1 conversion each after the 'slaves early dominance, Newhopetown rallied in the second half and scored another 3, putting all the conversions over the bar and holding their lead to the end, aided muchly by help of the team's 16th player, the referee

the second match was a more positive one for the 'slaves, as they defeated the struggling Jaurania, albiet with Jaurania almost out-scoring Audioslavia on tries.

Game three, probably the most important of them all against an evenly matched team, was lost by just four points, thanks to Never-setting sun's more capable penalty kicker.

2nd to last in the table and needing a big win in the final game, Audioslavia dissapointed against Englesreich, only scraping through after a penalty and a drop goal in the dying second stopped a would-be Englesreich win.

Pool A Standings F A Pts
New Hopetoun 187 80 16
Never-Setting Sun 119 90 8
Englesreich 130 108 8
Audioslavia 129 141 8
Jaurania 76 222 0

ooc: seriously though, why was it decided that New Hopetown would be a super-power and Jaurania would be crap? i think its pretty cowardly, pretty unfair and not very sportsmanlike if youve decided that your the best team in the world, and youve decided that someone else is like namibia :/

edit: ok so jaurania is a puppet nation, i'll let that one slip ;) but still, all the NS sports tournaments at the moment have the hosts in the final and winning every game..... (world cup, cup of harmony, this one....) *raises suspicious eyebrow*
Kaze Progressa
25-11-2003, 22:36
OOC: Maybe the RL WC bonuses of 1pt for scoring 4 tries and losing by less than 7 points could be used?
IC: From the Fellaix Freedom Daily (Jaurania's most-read paper):


Jaurania's last defeat out of four in a row was yet another utter humiliation, losing 50-13 to a rampant Englesreich XV.

Englesreich ran in seven tries, three of which were converted, and even had the gall to kick a drop goal with the last kick of the match from 40 yards when it was already secured.

Earlier in the tournament they were beaten 41-35 in a nine-try thriller against Audioslavia, leading 35-34 with two minutes left before a late try finished them off. A 41-10 defeat against Never-Setting Sun (who ran in four tries in the second half after a drop goal from fly-half Tertai Kirissin at the end of the first half put the Jauranians 10-8 up at half-time) was far more humbling, but was nothing compared to the astounding 90-18 mauling they took against the hosts New Hopetoun in the tournament-opening match. Dodgy decisions from the ref earned the hosts six penalties; dodgy moves from the entire Jauranian defence earned them nine converted tries, five in each half (according to the referee's logbook, although everyone knew it was 'only' nine).

Right-wing groups in Jaurania are hailing the failures of the side, who are mostly socialists, as proof that capitalism and conservatism rule over all.
The Belmore Family
26-11-2003, 07:41
OOC: I created a spreadsheet that could calculate the scores randomly NH. It gives you 15 attepts to score a try and you have a 25% chance of scoring. It gives you 3 attempts to score a penlty/drop-goal of which you have a 60% chance of scoring. Anyway, the scores (For a friendly between the teams in Group A and in Group C):
New Hopetoun 31 - 3 Lapse
Jaurania Free 26 - 24 Thunland
Englesreich 16 - 26 The Belmore Family
Never-Setting Sun 28 - 18 Cockbill Street
Audioslavia 19 - 16 Kaze Progressa
Kaze Progressa
27-11-2003, 21:54
Interesting idea. Though conversions need to be added - I think a 75% chance of scoring for each try would be about right. (Nearly all conversions are made when close to the posts, but if the try's in the corner it's 50-50 at best.)
The Belmore Family
30-11-2003, 15:41
This thread looks dead. I think I'll start up the "Rugby World Championship" to get one going.
Austar Union
05-12-2003, 08:54
I know ay! Aww I wanted to see my team play!....