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International Movement Against the Region of England

17-11-2003, 05:51
The growing region of Black Hole, , is pursuing options to create a union against the evil England, . Why? I, the cheif of Justice of Black Hole, was visciously insulted and threatened by Hangeshire, , who pledged a military movement against the innocent of Black Hole. This move was unprovoked, and against the UN. As a growing and just beginning region, we starte several days ago, we have 29 nations under us. This is not enough obviously to fight in full out war against the infidels of England. We wish for your support, and possibly allying up with us against England. Power to the people!
17-11-2003, 06:11
nobody has a grudge against this infidel region, named England?
17-11-2003, 22:29
IC: I am appauled. I make a promise now, that England has not seen the last of us! We may just mount a full out war in the name of brotherhood, or we'll wait...weaken england slowly..THEN WE'LL HURT THEM!!!

or we might not...

Anyone who wishes to help us in our quest to rid the world of this foul stench is welcome.