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Plane Vanishes in the North Atlantic

16-11-2003, 22:53
An attractive woman with dark hair and eyes says,
"I'm Maria Babeni for CNN. 747 Flight 132 out of Corlina is pronounced missing by Quorum Airlines. The flight included junior Albion Diplomat Tarn McKay (picture shown) and was four fifths to full capacity. Local coast guard and air force units have found no sign of the plane after a search of more than a week. The northern reaches of the Sea of Solarius are very active with volcanic and magnetic activity; this is not the first disappearance of a plane or ship in the area. The disappearance of the cruise liner Empress Josephine in 1936 is one of the most startling examples, as this enormous ship was lost with all hands and without a radio signal being given off.
In this case a powerful electrical storm occured just before the last rather garbled transmission from the plane. There are hundreds of miles of ocean and a number of small and large island nations where it could have gone missing.
For CNN, I'm Maria Babeni."