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New Penguinatan World Factbook Entry

Isla de Penguinata
16-11-2003, 19:22

The Corporate Commonwealth is proud to present the November 2003 Edition of our World Factbook Entry. This entry will follow the style of the CIA World Factbook.


Isla de Penguinata was founded in 1867, by Queen Victoria II. It has changed much in the past 150 years, and will continue to change. Isla de Penguinata is the mainland for the Corporate Commonwealth, with two other nations being protectorates, much like the UK with Canada and Australia. The current form of government, which will end as of today, will not be mentioned. The new Penguinatan government is to be announced, with the planned government form below. Isla de Penguinata is a member of 3 alliances, and has proved itself worthy of power in the galaxies.

Country Name:

Conventional Long-form: Corporate Dominion of Isla de Penguinata
Conventional Short-form: the Dominion, the Commonwealth (refers to all three nations, most widely used)
Abbrevation: CDIDP, CCIDP


Central North Atlantic, between Greenland and Iceland.

Area - comparative:

About the size of the Southeastern U.S.


The climate of the mainland varies with regions, although temperatures tend to be sub-arctic. Average winter temperatures for the entire mainland tend to be around 9°F. Summer temperatures average to around 56°F. This is a general average, for more information, see here:


Relatively flat Central Plain, hilly in the East, somewhat hilly in the West, mountainous in the Northwest, and flat with several mountain ranges in the South.

Natural resources:

copper, lead, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, silver, platinum, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, timber.

Land use:

Arable land: 15%
Other: 83%
Permanent crops: 2%

Natural Hazards:

Earthquake activity along southern coast, forest fires in the South, avalanches, blizzards, ice storms, extreme freezing in the Northwest, impeding development there.

Environment - current issues:

The western region is suffering heavy pollution and high smog levels, though that is decreasing somewhat. As it is 98% urban area in the western region, pollution is widespread, though it tends to be situated towards eastern regions of the suburbs of Chokai.


872,415,891 (Nov. 2012 est.)

Age structure:

0-14 years: 20.5%
15-64 years: 60.5%
65 years and over: 19%

Life expectancy at birth:

Total population: 89.28 years
Male: 85.63 years
Female: 93.11 years


Adjective: Penguinatan
78% Penguinatan Caucasian
17% African-Penguinatan
2% Native Penguinatan
6% Other

Major Religions:

45% Lutheran
24% Methodist
20% Catholic
5% Atheist
3% Buddhist
3% Other


Entire pop. bilingual by age 15, official language is English. Other languages that are spoken are are French, Swedish, German, and Russian.


Definition- Age 12 and over can read and write
Males: 99.8%
Females: 99.9%
Overall: 99.9%

Government type:

Constitution-based federal Imperial democracy, strong democratic tradition.

Administrative Divisions:

5 Provinces and 1 District*: Westhold, Easthold, Northwesthold, Southold, and District of Chokai International.

*--The District of Chokai International (DCI) does not have a representative in the Penguin Senate, but does have influential power in government.


15 June, 1912, from Queen Victoria II.

National Holidays:

Liberation Day (10 June)
Day of Last Peace (10 September)
Day of Reckoning (31 December)
Victory Day (15 June)


1871 A.D., 1913 A.D., 1935 A.D., 1970 A.D., 1996 A.D., 2002 A.D., 2007 A.D. 20 Amendments and 10 Bill of Rights, which are clear and concise.

Legal Ages:

Suffrage: Age 17, Universal
Drinking: Age 22
Smoking: Outlawed
Driving: Age 17

Legal System:

Based on Napoleonic Code

Executive Branch:

Chief of State: Empress Kei Cho
Head of State: Same as Chief of State
The Executive Branch is headed by the Empress, who is elected by the people every 15 years. The Imperial Council, which is basically the Empress' cabinet, is consisted of each member of the Penguinatan depts.
(see below) The current Empress is Kei Cho, who has been in office for 4 years.

Legislative Branch:

Unicameral parliament which consists of the Penguin Senate. It has 55 members, 10 from each Province, with an extra 5 to the South. The Penguin Senate has a majority of 30 Conservatives. The Indpendent Party follows closely with 15, with the Liberal Party dragging behind at 5 members. The rest consist of fringe groups that have little to no power in Penguinatan government.

Judicial Branch:

High Court appointed by the Penguin Senate. Much like that of the court system of the United States, with the exception of the Napoleonic Code.

Political Parties:

Conservative Party--holds primary right-wing beliefs, and is very pro-business and anti-tax. Supports current system of government.
Liberal Party--holds primary left-wing beliefs, slightly socialistic, pro-tax. Wants a more "democratic" government.
Independent Party--has no solid platform, each voter uses his or her brain to make decisions not based on political idealogue.
Capitalist Freedom Party--while holding little power in the Penguin Senate, the CFP is very powerful among corporations. It holds far right-wing beliefs, and wishes to abolish income taxes outright.



The Penguinatan economy is extremely powerful, and has been for decades, since the 60s. The government is leaning more and more towards corporations as taxes have steadily decreased since the 1980s, once being at 41%, which has now declined to 21%. The robust economy fuels the nation, and most live well-to-do lives.

(Some of these figures aren't in relation with the NS GDP calculator)


$34.6 trillion (compared to the U.S.'s $10.4 trillion)

GDP per Capita:

Population below Poverty Line:

Unemployment Rate:

Penguin Credit
$3 USD=$1 PNC

Military Branches:

Air Force
Special Operations
P-Unit (Penguinatan Urban Warfare Unit)
Space Administration
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