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Celack's starfighter storefront.(Now with tranports)

16-11-2003, 18:07
I have decided to open my own storefront but this one contaians(for the moment)only starfighters. Others sell capital ship but they can easily bee torn apart by starfighters. These fighters can be used for assualts or defense.

Xeonic Class Star Fighter

Its a small Starfighter, it generally flies in a formation of 12-16, and it used generally to distract laser fire away from Capital Ships.
Length: 30 metres.
Height: 12 metres. 18 metres with fin.
Shielding: None
Speed: 800 KPH
Crew: 1 pilot
Weapons: 2 double laser cannons. (fire linked)
Flechet Missle launcher. Capactiy:16
Cost: 5 million per fighter

Excellion Class Heavy Starfighter
A heavy starfighter, equally suited for attacking capital ships or supporting ground forces
Length: 15 metres.
Height: 6 metres. 24 metres with fin.
Shielding: Heavy
Speed: 700 KPH
Crew: 1 pilot,1 gunner
Weapons: 2 chain laser cannons. (fire linked. Rapid fire)
1 heavy laser cannon.
Nova torpedo launcher. Capactity:10
Cost:25 million per fighter.

Psyra Class Interceptor
An interceptor, it is used in a group of six and is used to destroy enemy fighters or small capital ships.
Length: 20 metres.
Height: 6 metres.
Shielding: light
Speed: 1000 kph
Crew: 1 pilot
Weapons: 3 laser cannons (fire linked)
3 Seeker missles.
Cost:10 million per fighter.

Gillia Class space bomber.
The Gillia is (erroniously) classied as a bomber. The fact is that it is a fighter and a bomber. It is the most comonly used fighter in the celackain space navy today.
Length: 25 metres.
Height: 6 metres.
Shielding: medium
Speed: 1000 kph
Crew: 1 pilot
8 AMRAAM Missiles
6 Sledgehammer Missiles
3 Multi-Phase Cannons
2 CapShip Torpedoes
2 Photon Cannons
2 Plasmatic Cannons
Cost: Not for sale.

Gorgon class transport
A sturdy ship that has been used for over 50 years. It can carry any cargo and most starfighter deliveries are in it. It can convert it's cargo bay's to launch aby to become a starfighter platfom.

Length: 550 meters
Width: 225 meters
Height: 100 meters
Decks: 4
Shielding: Heavy
Armor: medium-heavy
Speed: 250 kph
Crew: 2 pilot, 2 gunners,
2 Class-1 AS turrets
16-11-2003, 20:30