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Victory is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16-11-2003, 07:21
Yes, the epic battle to end all battles (and slavery for the Jews) is over. You can all rest in peace...for East Barakas has finally triumphed over the whore slut annette-infested nation of West Barakas. We have impregnated all their women, and have created a super-race of East Barakans. In turn, those pussies have turned and fled, exposing once and for all that they have deep, deep vaginas. So, for the final time, fuck West Barakas!!! Our job is completed, so you can thank (read: fellate) us later.

Long live East Barakas!
Steel Butterfly
16-11-2003, 07:35
yeah... :shock:
16-11-2003, 07:41
Gross :shock:

~~The Opressed Antisemites of Neue Warschau~
Anti-ZOGish pseudo-Moderator
One who has reached this stage of understanding will inevitably remain an enemy of the Jews all his life and will instill this hatred into his own children.