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EODS - Bionic Dragon Experiment. X-281

16-11-2003, 02:37
The Empire of Draconic States today, breaking a very quiet period of news from the region, issued a press release about the completion of one of their most recent scientific studies. Finished in silence, it has the citizens of the empire in turmoil and a lot of discussion being held over what the implications are on draconic philosophy.

The project, dubbed X-281 was the first attempt at merging draconic biology and machine. The first Cyborg Unit, having a draconic DNA based biocomputronic mind and a half automated, half organic body with many top secret capabilities was brought before a public audience. The material the body is mostly comprized of is a titanium-steel alloy. He has been named Andrake. It can reproduce with other female cyborg units, in which case the dna is used to produce the base body in the female's womb and the nanites take over to properly begin the construction of the steel substructures.

While being hailed as a huge step foreward for the Empire, there is concern that Andrake and his female counterpart Cyborgia may be threats to normal draconic life. Traditionalists are outraged at the government's attempt to play god and are calling for the resignation of Maelstrom Vortex as Emperor for even allowing this to be done. The silent majority approves of this technological advance as it may signal the end of a lot of problems relating to the flesh in future generations of Imperial Citizens.
16-11-2003, 02:50
Reacting quickly to the news, Solae has declared her support for Maelstrom Vortex and hails his program as a major advance in cybernetics that could usher in increasingly sophisticated medical technology. "This program is an excellent forerunner for a new direction in treatment of damage to the body. So long as it has the right application, there is no reason to be upset or outraged."

Privately, Maelstrom would recieve a telegram the next day.
To: Maelstrom Vortex
RE: Andrake and Cyborgia

Love, I'm pleased to hear about this advance and I think it's really exciting! I just hope it isn't taken too far. I'm not a wide-eyed fanatic but I feel I have a legitimate concern about where this is going. By a pure fortune of birth, dragonkind is physcially vastly superior to most other species. I feel that chasing the dream of perfecting our kind by replacing with metal what was once flesh will take away from the remarkable uniqueness of our kind. I hope Andrake and his female counterpart find a place and are truly happy; just caution restraint.

From: Jhesiara Rhah with Love
Garrison II
16-11-2003, 03:07
OCC: Your alive..... Where have you been?
16-11-2003, 03:16
ooc: Training to manage a retail store and setting one up in PA. I'm off and on, my life has gotten insanely busy at times :-)
16-11-2003, 03:23
We've already done it although we are a future nation so it don't really count.