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imported_Terra Matsu
16-11-2003, 01:46
OOC: This is the place to post your nations most recent and huge news, including country opinions on other wars and diplomatic situations etc.

IC: This is MNT channel 14, Thank you for tuning in. Tonight, the horrors of suicide.

(FOX news like music plays, the kind when a story is being told)It was a night like others, Ä'man'dä was home alone again, while her parents where going out again. She was always the good one, but she was hurting inside. They were always ignoring her, neglecting to feed her days on end. She decided that she had had enough. Drug Store K'lem'men has a videotape which shows Ä'man'dä walks into the store, and purchases a syringe, and the lethal potassium chloride. How the agent was placed there is unknown, and K'lem'men denies charges that it supplies lethal drugs to anyone. The funeral procession will take place tomorrow.