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The Eurydian Republic destroys the EOTED... OMFG!

The Eastern Bloc
16-11-2003, 00:18
This was the last straw. Icarus Traiden, Emperor of the Eurydian Republic, let out a long sigh as he shuffled through a pile of papers. All of these documents were related to the same topic, the EOTED. The AMF incident, the issues with the Reich, leaving SATO, all of these topics were before the Emperor. He looked down at the simple, white, elegant papers though he was passing judgment. He pressed a small button, and called out to his attendant.

The woman who walked in was young and beautiful. Her blonde hair rested ever so slightly on her shoulders, and her red eyes burned with the intensity. Her lips were large, and her breasts voluptuous. She was a striking beauty the likes of which men dreamed of.

”Can I help you sir?” She said with her usual seductive tone.

Traiden didn’t even look up to her; he merely uttered 3 words, ”Get me Mcneal!”

The secretary gasped and looked as if she was going to voice an objection, but a quick stare from the Emperor quelled all doubts in the ladies mind. She bowed to Traiden and rushed out of the room. Icarus let out a sigh and furrowed his brow slightly. He wondered if he was doing the right thing.

Within minutes the man Traiden had asked for arrived… Mcneal! ”Thank god you’re here Mcneal,” The Eurydian Emperor kissed Mcneal’s large, obnoxiously colored high school graduation ring before continuing. “I have important business that needs your attention right away.”

Mcneal was a seasoned spy and crime fighter in the Eurydian Republic. He was a large man, roughly 6’1” and 190 lbs. His hair was short, spiked, and brown. No one knew what color his eyes were, for he always wore large, black tinted glasses. He sported his usual Hawaiian shirt and a pair of gray surfer shorts. He had a considerable tan on his body. Mcneal let out a grin as the Emperor kissed the ring softly. As the fighter spoke, his voice was mellow and calm. ”It is good to be here Emperor… I have waited many months for your call.”

Traiden looked up to Mcneal, who continued staring forward. ”You mean you knew of the troubles caused by the EOTED? How do you always do it Mcneal?”

”Well” Mcneal started with a sigh, ”It takes deep amounts of concentration, and you have to tilt your head to about a 300 degree angle, so you can pick up the radio waves… bouncing off of… Neptune.” As he finished he gave a nod of self-agreement.

Traiden was confused for a moment… but he disregarded Mcneal’s rambling. ”Good good… so you know what I am asking of you. The EOTED has pushed people around for the last time! They have oppressed the people of Earth… nay… the universe for to long! We have been squashed under the heel of ‘justice’ for the last time. The torn and tattered banner of peace shall be placed atop Mt. Universe, so all can see and know its glory! We shall attain this by making WAR!”

Mcneal let out a hearty war cry and dashed out of the room. He knew what he had to do; go to EOTED and destroy it! He ran down the hallways of the Directorate until he reached his destination, the armory. He quickly searched around, and found a small jet pack. He strapped it onto his massively ripped body and made his way outside.

He switched the jet pack’s button from “OFF” to “ON” and the pack sputtered for a second before finally springing to life. He leapt from the ground and took off into the air. He passed through the clouds and quickly reached the upper atmosphere. He waved to passersby and various workers who were busily constructing Asgard. Safely in outer space he engaged his “time fracture rocket” and blasted into fifthspace. The coolness of space lapped against his cheeks, and they turned a rosy red from cold. His flowing hair and hawaiin shirt fluttered against the solar winds, and Mcneal was beginning to feel a bit chilly. (To cool for spacesuit)

Luckily he reached EOTED within 2 minutes of taking off from Eurydice. He managed to bypass all planetary defenses, and he punched through any space ships with his fists. They bled profusely as he landed on the EOTED homeworld. Their leader came out and greeted Mcneal.

”Hello young one, we are the Pompofied, Overly Intrusive Empire Of The Eternal Dawn. Leave now we’ll fire some really crazy weapons at you!”

Mcneal scoffed. ”You don’t scare me. I’m here to destroy you, and so I shall!” He removed his jetpack and closed his eyes. He began to summon up huge amounts of streangth, and it showed as his muscles bulged and flexed, the sinew taut with stress and strain. As he spoke, his voice wavered with power. ”I shall… use my secret weapon on you. I am changing myself into… Antimatter!”

He finished the transformation amidst bright flashes of light and beams of energy. The entire planet Mcneal was on exploded, and it caused an “antimatter chain reaction” which blew up all other EOTED controlled planets. Mcneal had won the day, and as he strapped his jetpack on he gave a slight wink to the rubble that was once the EOTED…

(or that’s how it ought to be) :wink:

(OOC: Indeed this is just a joke.)
Der Angst
16-11-2003, 00:27
ooc (is ic possible? o.O): rofl.

although it`s a bit weak at the end...

edit: my spelling sucks... especially when i`m half asleep...
The Eastern Bloc
16-11-2003, 00:41
Yeah, humor really isn't my strong point... but I figured I'd give it a shot.

haha... just for the record I have nothing against the EOTED IC or OOC. They've just been in the news lately.
16-11-2003, 00:42
OOC: I'm really glad this is a joke post, because otherwise it would be the worst godmod ever.

IC: "Antimatter chain reaction"?

Sounds like Commie talk to me.

- Pol Unoc
16-11-2003, 01:01
[OOC: :lol: Pretty good. 'Cept EOTED is right here on Earth, so that'd kill everyone... but good besides. One thumb up! ;)]
The Eastern Bloc
16-11-2003, 01:14
(OOC: Haha... thanks. I suppose Mcneal didn't know about the earth assets... thankfully.)