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The Resistance (Character RP)

15-11-2003, 16:41
It had been ten years. Ten years of living in the shanty town, ten years of evading the secret police, ten years of hiding from the rape gangs.

It was not all bad. When she was 10, her father; a drunken and sadist high-level bureaucrat who beat her hard for little or no reason had passed away under suspicious circumstances. The police report had stated that he had fallen off a bridge onto some bullets, a pure accident. People in Orodorod tended not to ask further, the government was always right of course.

And now she was 20, a good age but not to her. All her relatives were dead, she had no one to share the moment with.

She was called Kova Quen; after her father's death her house was set on fire by the secret police; the local paper had described it as an electrical malfunction from a kitchen toaster, naturally believed by all.
She fled to the poorer slums where the Communist Government had trouble maintaining their grip on daily life. But as in all things, one evil is replaced with another.
Instead of the Secret Police, their were the Rape Gangs, perhaps even worse than the former.
At 14, she was raped inevitably by one such gang. A scarring moment.
At 16, she murdered the local Rape Gang Boss using a rusty ice-pick to the head. She always did have a creative touch.
At 18, she joined a small resistance cell. Perhaps the only one in Orodorod. Accidents seemed to happen too often.
And now she was 20. She decided to visit her fellow comrades in arms in the Resistance, their were only 5 of them...
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16-11-2003, 18:00
Sebastian Norful had worked for the government of Orodorod for most of his life. He had been a police officer, enforcing the laws that the government sat forth, never questioning orders. For 15 years he had worked like that. Untill one day, he realized that he hadn't been arresting rapists. That he hadn't been killing murderurs. He'd just been arresting random people who had proposed new ideas. People the government didn't like. He had been killing innocents without reason! He couldn't believe it. When he brought this up to his commanding officer, the officer laughed saying "you only just realized that?"

That's when he had decided to start the resistance. He stole a small cache of guns from work one day, and never came back. He had never had his family, and by now his house had probably been burnt down. But he didn't care. He was going to make up for all the pain he had caused, if that was the last thing he ever did. He was 38, a little old to be trying to take on a government, but hopefully, he would get some help.
16-11-2003, 18:20
Kova walked into the shack, some of the walls were starting to be replaced by brick though some of the old and rusted metal remained. The ceiling was still scrap iron that had been salvaged.
This building was the small HQ for the small resistance of 5. The only resistance, most were too afraid of the government or too busy with trying to survive to put up resistance.
He saw Sebastian sitting at the table.

"Hey Seb, how are things?"
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16-11-2003, 22:15
"It's going pretty well actually...none of the cell members have been arrested or killed, and our HQ still hasn't been found out. As for me, I'm feeling alright...what about you?", answered Seb. as he continued to play his game of solitaire...