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The Fascist Solidarity: A new order.

15-11-2003, 14:13
For too long now, the world has been divided.
Divided by whom do you say?
The culprits are the Capitalists and the Communist!
We therefore have chosen a new path, a third way, a path of sense, a path of order.
We are creating a new international alliance; The Fascist Solidarity.

We aim to;

1. Protect our national prides, cultures and heritages.
2. To come to each others aid in times of war.
3. To build an economy that will serve the state and provide a good standard of living, efficiency is everything.
4. To eradicate democracy, individuality cannot exist, their is no existence outside of what a Human puts into the state. The State is life!
5. To eradicate racism; a scourge upon nationalism.

We also follow the basic premises behind Fascist doctrine.

1. Nationalism; pride in your nation, in your national traditions and heritage are the cornerstone of New Fascist Doctrine.

2. The State is all powerful, an individual does not exist outside of the state. The State is God, the State is Thought, the State is Life.

3. The Leader is the total manifestation of the State.

4. Compromise and Half-Measures are the curse of Humanity

5. Life is as it is, Utopia is a fools dream.

6. Nazism is evil, a madness, a foolish curse upon the Fascist Man

7. Your nation and people before others and yourself.

8. One must be willing to die for Fascist ideology.

9. Passion, struggle and action are the driving force of progress.

10. Power belongs to those who can wield it.

11. Fascism is not Conservative

12. Fascism is not Socialist

13. Fascism is the middle ground

14. All things must be beneficial to the state, the happiness of the people is the happiness of the state.

OOC Aims:
We intend to create a small community of good and active RP dictators.
20-12-2003, 10:58
The Dictatorship of New Fascism republishes the advertisement in the hopes of garnering support for our efforts.
20-12-2003, 11:01
Communism is the way to go!

OOC: And you spelled happiness wrong.
20-12-2003, 11:04
Communism is the way to go!

OOC: And you spelled happiness wrong.

OOC: So corrected, thankyou.