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In Search of the Enlightened One.......

15-11-2003, 05:54
Thanks to recent feminist protests in the fair lands of the Arctic Banana, His Most Enlightened One has come to the conclusion that his enlightenment does not extend enough into the realm of the female. In the interest of balance, He now seeks a female partner, equally enlightened to the ways of the female as he is to pratically everything else (except on how to program the VCR), to share with him the secrets of the female psyche, so that he might rule the Serene Republic of the Arctic Banana more fairly towards all sexes. Any sufficently enlightened females who wish to posses such an honor, please telegram "The Arctic Banana" with any and all details of the suitoresses.

- Voice of His Most Enlightened One

And make sure she's hot too!!
- Frank, His Most Enlightened One's Jester
15-11-2003, 06:15