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The Angel of Communism [Peaceful RP]

15-11-2003, 02:09
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IC: It had been five lonely years since Li-Pin Min's parents had died, five years of pain. Now that she was ten Li-Pin's memory of her parents was weak and faded, her mother Rose Spring who's beauty was the bait to which her father Dafu-Ping Min was snared. Li-Pin looked up at the ceiling above her bed, it was plastered with posters of the two Madame Mao's and the Chairman himself in all his glory with the usual (but powerful) slogans.

Li-Pin wore a new military uniform with Mao Pins and a red bow to keep her long jet black hair in a formal bun. Li-Pin glanced in the dirty window of the orphanage and looked at a girl with plain features but the prettiest hair without flaw or split end, Li-Pin wondered why Lady Tao had given her the uniform and had asked her directly (a risky thing as Lady Toa believed that children must been seen but not heard) and the answer was "Your new parents sent it as a gift, your meeting them today."

The knowledge that after firve years of waiting she was now adopted felt brought to this bright child mixed feelings. What would her new parents be like? Were they foreigners or Chinese? Would they be loyal Communists like her or Rads? Only time would tell. "Li-Pin," a dry and raspy voice said from the end of hall of bunkbeds where the children slept, "The car is waiting." Without another thought Li-Pin grabbed her trunk with her meager few possesions and clothes and left the People's Orphaned Children's Center #47 without another thought.

When Li-Pin saw the car that had come for her she was left stupefied, it was a black stretch limo complete with Chinese Flags on the hood. "Is this... for me?" she asked before Lady Tao picked her up and sat her in the car and closed it without another word. The driver wouldn't answer any of Li-Pin's eager questions so she just enjoyed the ride through the city of Beijing.

After she arrived at (of all places) The People's New Communist Revolutionary Party Headquarters she was ushered out of the car by two armed soldiers who took her into the large building that was the center of the Communist Party in Perfect China. A woman who's face wasn't visible due to the large number of guards around her was in the lobby waiting for Li-Pin. The first thing the girl thought was "Looks like my new family works for the Communist Party and in the big leagues.." Then one of the bodyguards moved a little too the left and Li-Pin's heart stopped and the world stood still. The woman was 6'5, with a perfect smile, lovely eyes, wonderful hair, and was wearing a simple military uniform with a red ribbon that said in yellow characters Promote the New Communism!.

The woman was Mao Tan Nah, President of The United People's State of Perfect China. "Hello Li-Pin Mao," she said with emphasis on the "Mao, "I'm your new mother, I would of had you brought to the Forbidden City but I had work to do here so we are going to have to get to know each other while I do the work that keeps the New Communist System going forward."
President Mao Nah Tan
The United People’s State of Perfect China
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15-11-2003, 02:21
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15-11-2003, 02:35
Li-Pin had enough presence of mind to keep her mouth shut. After a formal greeting of the Madame President, "No, my mother." she reminded herself even though none of the shock had worn off, she was surrounded by a few bodyguards before being escorted with her new mother to-of all places-the People's Politburo Chamber. Li-Pin stood by her new mother's side as she took in the sight of the members of the Politburo shutting up as the President of Perfect China walked to the podium (the guards also escorted Li-Pin to stand next to her) then she began to speak.

"Fellow Comrades in the New Communist Revolution, I come to you while the Politburo is in session in order to make this quick announcement. I have legally adopted a daughter into the Mao family as I learned to my great sorrow that I am infertile after an investigation by a team of expert doctors. So that she may carry on the Mao Family legacy I chose her based on both her records, the records of her parents who are dead, and on the glowing praise of Lady Tao, the Head of the People's Orphaned Children's Center #47, who even said that the other children called her The Angel of Communism, to this end I hope to teach her True Communism and the arts of leadership and the skills that any World Leader may need so that one day she may be the heir to the Presidency of Perfect China."

Before Li-Pin could process this information the guards ushered her out as Mao Nah Tan left the Chamber and headed to her limo to return to the Forbidden City admits a stunned Politburo.
President Mao Nah Tan
The United People’s State of Perfect China
15-11-2003, 03:09
Once they were in the Limo and the procession of black cars in front and behind the limo got underway, Nah Tan Mao smiled at Li-Pin and said in a warm voice, "Your going to be great one day, perhaps the greatest of all." Li-Pin then spoke to her new mother directly for the first time, "I will serve in what manner is demanded of me by the People." Nah then said, "Straight from the New Little Red Book, it seems that you already were learned in the basics of Communism, my job as your mother will be to prepare you for the mantle of leadership and to give you as normal a life as I can."

"Can you promise me one thing... mother." Li-Pin asked and stuttered a bit before saying mother, "Make sure that my life won't be boring." Nah's famous smile only grew at that request, "I promise my Angel, you will never be bored." Li-Pin then smiled as well as she looked out the window at the clean and beautiful streets of Beijing, the capital of Perfect China and the center of New Communism. The procession continued down the streets of Beijing towards the Forbidden City, the home of Nah Tan Mao, President of Perfect China and the home of every ruler in the history of China.
President Nah Tan Mao
The United People’s State of Perfect China
15-11-2003, 03:45
15-11-2003, 03:50
OOC:Hehehe, intersting, you know this is turning into a "communist" Imperal family from the looks of it. :lol:
15-11-2003, 04:25
OOC: Ok Here it goes

IC: A tall man, With a Stubbly mustache beard combination lept out of the way of the speeding motorcycle, and barely managed to avoid running into a woman with a baby as he stumbled and landed face-first on the sidewalk. The Man was Sergei Dzerzhinsk, Chochezken Intelligence officer

Sergei was lost in The PRPC, and that was not the best situation for an intelligence officer to be in. He Swaggered into a Restaurant to his right and sat down in the nearest chair. He had a bloody nose and he used some napkins to clean himself up. He looked around. The restaurant was one of those old, Mom and Pop places, which was asically just a living room converted into an eatery. Outside he could see cars of all sorts and bikes going past. What caught his attention however was the black limo, adorned with the Chinese flag, that zooomed past the restaurant guraded by a procession of black cars, obviously for protection.

"Thank you God" He said to himself in Russian and he exited the restaurant.

He looked around and spotted a lone motorcycle tied to a tree with a rope. The rope was held with a lock. Sergei quickly produced a small knidfe and slashed through the weak rope with ease.

He detached the side-car and left a few hundred Yen inside f it for the owner.

He began the chase and was soon following the convoy of vehicles.
"Ok Sergei, Remember, You're just here to get information" He said to himself
15-11-2003, 16:17
The Procession reached Tiananmen Square within a few more minutes of driving down the twisted streets of Beijing, the walls of the Forbidden City were now visible, "There it is, the Gates of Heavenly Peace," Nah pointed out to her daughter as they drove closer to the Gates, "The place where My Father and Mother stood and inspected the Red Guards, the place where both my mother and myself were declared the Presidents of Perfect China, it is also the place where I renamed the nation the United People's State of Perfect China, one day you will stand there and become the ruler of Perfect China, but that will come in time."

The Gates opened as the cars and Limo came to the Forbidden City to return the President and her daughter home. A few tourists who had come to Tiananmen Square to look upon the Forbidden City stared in awe as the Gates opened to admit the ruler of Perfect China and continued to stare as the gates closed as the last car entered, the gates closed behind it and the mysteries of the Forbidden City were secure once more.
President Nah Tan Mao
The United People’s State of Perfect China
15-11-2003, 19:16
Sergei screeched to a halt as he saw the gates of the Forbiden city being closed as the last car moved through.
He cursed under his breath as he turned the bike around. He would have to get into that city. His mission was to collect vital information, and survey the leader of the Chinese Communist party, and that was what he was going to do.

He moved to the nearest deserted alley and took out his cellular phone. He dialed the number for his Beijing informant Jye tung and waited for the answer. After three rings, there came a "hello" from the other end.

"Hey, Jye, Its Sergei, The quarry, was right on time, but they closed up to fast" He stated in His broken Mandarin

"Ok, I guess we'll just have to wait until they leave"

"I think I've got a better Idea"

"You can't mean..." he trailed off "But you'll be shot on sight if they catch you in there, You've got no diplomatic immunity"

"Yeah, I know" Sergei tried to say convincingly "But think Of the information I will be able to gather there, I'm sure it would be well woth it, And hey, You might even be able to make a profit as well"

"You know what, You just do what you want to do ok I've sat and warned you about everything here, and you seem to handle things well yourelf, so I'll see you later" Jye finished, And Hung up

"Well, all I need to do is find a tourist center now" He said to himself as he proceeded back down the alley, and onto the Streets again.
15-11-2003, 20:05
It had been a month since Li-Pin's world had been changed forever, once in a time that she could barely she was trapped on a path not of her making but she had no power to change, that path was called "The Path to No Where". Now everything had changed, now she walked the Path of Greatness, the path which every ruler of China had walked, the path that her mother Nah Tan Mao was preparing her for with all the knowledge and weapons at her disposal. Already Li-Pin's new reading assignment was the opera Empress Wu, an experimental opera written during the Japanese Invasion of China during WWII, it was quickly one of her favorites.

Within the single month Li-Pin and Nah had developed a very deep relationship like the one Li-Pin had between her own mother, but this one had a depth that had never existed for her, that depth was called mutual respect. Already Nah's "Angel of Communism" was at a level of intelligence that already had the few members of the Politburo who had met the girl in awe of her. The media already was portraying her as an Icon of Communist Glory for the children of Perfect China, her story of her rise from obscurity to glory was becoming a legend. Li-Pin reflected on this as she sat in the small library in the Garden of Harvest in the Summer Palace of the Forbidden City. This place was her favorite part of the whole Summer Palace, with it's many maple trees and the wonderful statues and gardens and ponds filled with pretty fish.

Li-Pin had never felt so alive than at this moment and soon her mother would come from her office in the Chrysanthemum-Fragrance Study and they would spend several hours playing, eating fabulous meals, talking about politics and Li-Pin's latests essays on topics ranging from Politics to Enviromentalism. Li-Ping looked at her watch and saw that it would be another hour before her mom would come to her, until then she had more reading to do.
President Nah Tan Mao
The United People’s State of Perfect China
15-11-2003, 21:51
He strolled casually down the street towards what might be his only chance to get inside The Forbidden City. He wore the uniform of an army courier. Since the reformation of the Chinese communist party, they had let a few extra freedoms slip into the grasp of the common people. He hoped that those freedoms counted for foreigners as well, or he would be caught before he even go the chance to say his name.

Sergei walked slowly towards the guard post and handed the guard his access papers. The actuall message was not very impostant, he supposed, since the actuall Courier had given it up for only about 50 Yen. Probably some finacial report or something he thought to himself as the guard looked at him, unconvincingly....

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