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New Consumer Product, Statues of Holy Prince Gabriel!

15-11-2003, 01:25
Report on New Product for International and Local Consumption: Aeon Corporation Memo Made Public:

At the request of the Black Empress who has given birth to her healthy son Gabriel new statues and images of all types of the young Prince are being mass produced by the Aeon Corporation for public purchase and admiration of the Demi-God. The various images, the bulk of which are miniature statues of all materials of the infant prince are expected to become hits in some nations but will be complete busts in others. However the profits of the Aeon Corporation will only grow because of this venture and we will try and create an Oil Painting of the Black Empress holding her infant Demi-God to invoke the Holiness of their perfection.
The Black Empress Helena Cocytus-Black
Seek Freedom and become captive of your desires, Seek discipline and find your liberty.
The Divine Imperial State of Axackal II
15-11-2003, 01:31
We wish to aquire a statue of your empress new son, congradutlations queen!!!!
The Trojan Empire
15-11-2003, 01:43
We'll place an order of 500,000. Our citizens could use more stylish urinal cakes, with a little extra modifying of course, for our public restrooms...

King Priam
-The Trojan Empire-
15-11-2003, 01:52
A vid screen flashes up of General Theallas sharpening his sword, he looks at the camera, then down at his sword, "ohh sorry" He sheaths his blade, "I congradulate th empress on the birth of her son."

Message ends, altough Theallas gave a congradulated the empress, sales never pick up more than 100 Credits per month.