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Rheinmetall Industries, providing Europe's finest arms

14-11-2003, 22:54
In today's volatile world, Rheinmetall Industries is here to suit your military needs. As Deutsche Demokratie's largest arms-based corporation, RI is authorized to export the country's finest arms at reasonable prices throughout the world. We currently offer only small arms and land warfare systems, but will soon be offering air and sea warfare systems as Deutsche Demokratie's military industry grows.
-President JJ Szewc, Rheinmetall Industries Chairman
15-11-2003, 00:38
Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank
Price Per Unit-$1.5 million
The Leopard 1 was on the front line in West Germany in the Cold War, and now it can be on the front line of your next armored spearhead. First produced in 1963, the Leopard has been an essential part of NATO ever since it's conception. The Leopard is called the "economy tank", and she earns the name well. She is cheaply priced for even the smallest nation's budget, yet has the stopping power needed to hold it's own. Armed with a 105mm gun, the Leopard can engage in combat effectively at approximately 2,500 meters from it's target. Also, thanks to device called an electronic hydraulic gyroscopic gun stabilizer, the Leopard can fire while on the move, so you won't have to stop in the middle of a charge to defeat your is also equipped with two 7.62 machineguns and two tank-mounted smoke grenade discharges, allowing you to move in secrecy. One of the Leopard's more innovative features is that she can be "sealed-off" from nuclear contamination. If you ever find yourself in the middle of a nuclear hotspot, the Leopard will allow you to perform limited combat operations in the field where any other army would have been stopped in it's tracks.
Specifications (FAS)

Engine performance: 610 KW (830PS)
Weight: approx. 42.4 t
Maximum speed: approx. 65 km/h
Operating range (1/3 area, 2/3 road): approx. 600 km
Mounted gun 105 mm
Combat distance: to 2500 m
Crew Four soldiers (commander, driver, gunner and radio operator/loader)
Length: 8.17 m (gun at 6 o'clock)
9.54 m (gun at 12 o'clock)
Width: 3.37 m
Height: 2.62 m
Weight: 42.5 t
Engine: Multi-fuel engine,
10 cylinders,
830 hp
Speed: 65 km/hr
Range: 600 km
Armament: 105-mm gun;
7.62-mm co-axially mounted machine-gun;
7.62-mm crew commander's machine-gun
Ammunition types: Armour piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot;
Armour piercing discarding sabot ;
High explosive squashhead;
High explosive plastic;
High explosive anti-tank;
*All images and techinical information are taken from the Federation of American Scientists website,
15-11-2003, 01:01
Panzerhaubitze 2000
Unit Price-$3 million
The PzH2000 marks the latest induction in German armored warfare. The '2000 is a self-propelled howitzer artillery piece that far surpasses it's American Paladin counterpart. She is equipped with a 155mm gun and is argued to be the most capable howitzer in the world by many. The howitzer's self-loading system removes the neccessity to have a loader onboard to keep the gun stocked with shells. Also onboard is a Global Positioning Sattelite system which determines the howitzer's position on the planet as well as works with the ballistic computer system to aid in taking aim on would-be targets. The crew is placed in the weapons compartment, which allows for a heavier set of armor around the chassis. While a minimum of three men are required to run the howitzer, the chassis may be modified so that it may only require a crew of three. The gun has an operational range of just under 42 kilometers at most.
Country of origin Germany
Crew 3+2 (3 men sufficient for operation)
Weight < 55 tons / MLC 60 tons
Length 11.669 m (overall) 7.920 m (hull)
Width 3.58 m
Heigth 3.06 m (turret roof)
Clearance 0.44m
Armament 1 X 155 / L 52 1 X 7.62 mm.
Ammunition 60 shells, 288 uni-charge modules or equivalent bag charges
Resupply 60 complete rounds by 2 crew members in less than 10 minutes 50 seconds
Elevation -2.5° to +65°; n x 360°
Maximum Range 30 km with standard NATO-projectiles 36.5km with base-bleed ammunition [proven] up to 40 km with assisted projectiles
Rate of Fire 3 rounds less than 10 seconds 10 rounds per minute (for 1 minute) 20 rounds less than 2 minutes 10 seconds 8 rounds per minute (for 3 minutes) 3 rounds per minute sustained rate of fire until system is out of ammunition
Rearm time less than 11 minutes
Engine 736 KW - power pack V8 diesel
Power to weight ratio 13.4 KW / t
Transmission Automatic
Suspension torsion bar and shock absorbers
Traction Caterpillars
Speed 60 Km/h Highway speed 45 Km/h Cross-country speed 750 meters 90-second survival dash speed
Cruising range > 420 km
Maximum gradient 50%
Fording ability 1.5 m
Crossing of ditches 3 ms
Vertical obstacle 1 m
15-11-2003, 01:44
Heckler&Koch G36 Assault Rifle
Carbine version with dual sight
C36C Commando Version

Unit Price-$700
When the time came to replace the G3 and AK74 after the unification of East and West Germany, Heckler&Koch was charged to produce the small arms weapon that would guide a new, united Germany into the 21st century. The answer was the G36. The H&K G36 is one of the most diverse small arms weapons systems in the world. The barrel on the rifle can be removed and changed with shorter barrel to create a carbine weapon, a heavier barrel to create a small fire support weapon, or a standard barrel for an all around powerful rifle. The stock can be folded to the right to shorten the weapon, and above the rifle is a carrying holder. Inside the holder is a 3.5x optical sight, one of the rifle's more convenient features to improve accuracy. Also, an infrared sight can be placed to the handle to make the G36 pin-point accurate even at night. Attached to the rifle are several connection points, which allow for flashlights, grenade launchers, lasers, or a folding bipod.

Weight: G36/G36K/MG36: 7.28 lbs (3.3kg) / 6.62 lbs (3.0kg) / 7.87 bs (3.57kg) (empty)
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 remington)
Barrel: G36/MG36: 18.9 inches (47.4 cm) G36K: 12.52 inches (31.5 cm)
Length: Stock in/out: G36/MG36: 29.84/39.29 inches (74.9/98.7 cm); G36K: 24.21/33.78 inches (60.8/84.8 cm)
Action: Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt.
Mode of Fire: Fully Automatic / Semi Automatic
Range: 1333 feet (400 meters)
Magazine: 30 round stick magazine or 100 round drum
Cost: $ ?
Made in: Germany
Special: New standard rifle of the German Army. Stock fully made from polymers, giving light weight. Fully ambidextrous. Detachable folding bipod. Easy mounting of Flashlight or Laser. High quality rifle.
15-11-2003, 04:15
We will purchase 1000 of the normal G36 models. Money wired upon confirmation.
15-11-2003, 04:23
I am very interested in your items for sale, but I have a few questions.
1. The Leopard 1A4 has been replaced by the Leopard II in some countries. With improvements such as gas turbine engines, better gun systems and so on, why should I purchase such a tank on my nation's behalf? Will you be making Leopard II's available?
2. Will you charge lower amounts to countries buying a lot of weaponry?

Having said that, we are interested in a demonstration of the firearms, and would like to send a delegation to try them out.

Lord Eyegor
Archon of War