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Mods: Appeal From Lecumberry

14-11-2003, 21:08
Please can you unban Lecumberry? He's to be involved in peace talks with Calladria but without access to the forum this will be difficult. He says:

"I promess I won't cause more troubles, if I do then ban me forever."

I understant if you cant/wont and we'll just have to try another way. But it would be much better if you could. Thanks.
14-11-2003, 21:52
14-11-2003, 21:54
The man is an idiot. i think he's only been forum-banned for a week. You can wait that long.

But having Hack lock like 20 threads in a row, he's lucky he wasn't permanently deleted.
14-11-2003, 21:59
MODALERT this goes in Moderation