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Ashes to Glory

14-11-2003, 18:04
Yuri had returned to the remains of the former capitol of Fenwick.

He sighed as he viewed the remains of the city, mainly slag and twisted metal. As he looked, the wind blew hard and dust kicked up, creating a small dust devil.

I wonder when she'll get here.

He looked down at his watch, then checked the M-16A2 he had slung over his shoulder for what had to have been the tenth time. The transport shuttle that had brought him to the courtyard of the old Imperial Palace had long since left, and he stood, awaiting the arrival of his former Emperor's wife, Ilandiel Davion. They were to go through the palace one final time, looking for a cache of critical files, and perhaps the data feed from the Overlord II, Leigh Davion's flagship.

He looked up into the sky and could see a bright dot moving swiftly.

Must be the Dawnbringer doing her orbit.

He checked his watch again and watched as the sun rose higher in the sky.
14-11-2003, 18:41
OOC: Ilandiel post forthcoming.... for the general information of all in NS, I play Ilandiel. ^_^ She's Menelmacari.

14-11-2003, 18:47
OOC: Looks like it could be good, so, I'll make with the tagginess.
15-11-2003, 04:39
ooc: BTW!

Quick history:

Fenwick was obliterated from orbit. :sad:
Leigh Davion, the Emperor is presumed dead.
Yuri the former Emperor's advisor has been elected Emperor.
Ilandiel and Yuri are gonna do some cleanup.
Leigh /is/ alive, but is in Daemonesu (Demoness).

Uhm... thats it for now. ^_^
17-11-2003, 16:39
19-11-2003, 16:35
The bright star was not, in fact, the Dawnbringer, but a much nearer, much smaller craft. Before long it arced downwards, growing until its sleek, bladelike shape could be seen - a gravshuttle of Menelmacari make, approaching the blasted ruins of the Fenwick Imperial Palace for the last time. The small ship set carefully down on the field of debris that was all that remained of the palace - a charred and blackened human skull unfortunate enough to be under the landing-foot of the shuttle was crushed by the mass of the craft.

The hatch opened, and a tall brunette female emerged, wearing simple, functional robes, suitable for the task at hand, with a longsword at her hip and a Menelmacari TRX-41 plasma rifle slung over her shoulder. As she climbed out of her ship and stood tall among the ruins, her Elven nature and regal bearing marked her as Ilandiel nos Dávionë, the former Empress of Fenwick.

She smiled wanly, managing not to be overwhelmed by the vista of devastation around her. "Hello, Yuri," she said, upon seeing him.
19-11-2003, 17:09
Yuri covered his eyes to protect them from the dusty backblast from the landing shuttle.

"Hello Ilan-chan. It's nice to see you. Are you ready to go down there? I'm not sure how stable the room is."

He shrugged the rifle strap back onto his shoulder.

"Lets hope we can find something this time."
19-11-2003, 17:11
Ilandiel nodded slowly. "I... I think so," she said; she took her comm from her belt. The Menelmacari device, ubiquitous in her homeland, served as cellphone, PDA, and scanning device all in one package, and would be useful again today. She looked nervous, though; it was not easy for her to be in a place such as this, which meant so much to her and is now little more than a vast tomb. Sirithil nos Fëanor
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20-11-2003, 06:09
Yuri scratched his head, then pulled back the long black hair.

"Lets get going. I don't want to be here when it gets dark out. Rumor of some odd things lurking about."

He pulled some IR nightvision goggles out of his pack and put them on as they decended into what was the basement of the old Imperial Palace. Once it became dark enough, he removed the protective lens and switched the goggles to full. The long hallway became clear as day, but a little green. Rubble, bodies, and shards of glass filled the hallway, making quite a stench.

They pushed through an obstacle of concrete and rebar, then made it into the computer center.

"Should be in one of these computers, lets see if we can get 'em running."
24-11-2003, 16:49
Yuri messed with a computer or two trying to power them up then snapped his fingers.

"Dammit. I'll be right back, I need the generators to start up the computers."

He ran out of the room and up into the courtyard when his eye was caught by the black sky and a bright white light coming from the east. He watched as the bright light took the form of a woman, then disappeared.

"Oh crap... Mother."

He grabbed the generator and his portable comm unit and ran back downstairs.

"Shit, shit, shit..."

He propped up the comm unit and hooked the generator up to the computers and the comm unit.

When he powered it up he immediately recieved a message from Yggidrasil:

Private Secure Communication to Fenwick from King Aistalókë

We understand that while this sudden disappearance has caught you off-guard, as it has all of us, steps must be taken now to preserve the land in qualified hands. In order to help ensure that the land is used by the true past friends and allies of Demoness we're willing to help you secure the mithril mines and a large tract of land along your borders.

We, however, would like to claim certains lands as well, particularly a large chunk around Sacred Rock that contains the headquarters for Ingen, ITC, and Techgate. As well as any holdings once belonging to those companies, though we'll relocate those out of lands that will be yours.

We already have ents there taking steps towards this.

He read a few lines, then sent his reply and a message to Krosa Island to be broadcast.

Private Secure Communication to King Aistalókë from Emperor Kershner VIA New Avalon Computer Net

Thank you. I need to make an announcement, as I could see what happened from here in New Avalon. I cannot tell you what exactly I'm doing in the old capital, of course, just that I could see it all quite well.


Minutes later a narrow stream broadcast was made from the location of the old Imperial Palace in New Avalon to Krosa Island Air Force Base.

Soon after a world wide broadcast was made.


*Fade up Kershner crest*

This is Emperor Yuri Gregoran Kershner of the Federated Commonwealth of Fenwick. You and your countries may have noted the strange activity in Daemonesu, and the dissapearance of any Demonessian citizens visiting your country.

As of this moment, Fenwick is making a claim to these lands as a former Colony of the late nation of Daemonesu. Any persons found looting the cities will be executed.

This is a warning, keep your forces and people out of Demoness, barring that you have permission from our government.

*Kershner crest Fades in, transmission ceases*


Private Secure Communication to King Aistalókë from Emperor Kershner VIA New Avalon Computer Net

Begin moving in. Our air force will be doing a patrol and picking up survivors.

He turned back to Ilandiel. "Well this should be interesting..."

He walked over to the computers and started looking for the files and comm traffic from the fight with the Shadows.

Hours later...

"Gah... all this stuff makes my head hurt..."

He looked through the last computer when something caught his eye.


He pulled up the data feed from the Overlord II.

"It says that they all ejected in escape pods just before the ship was destroyed... Leigh's course was knocked off by the explosion of the ship... took him towards the Demonessian Forest..."

I wonder if he survived... If he did, he should be easy to find now, with the forest gone...
28-11-2003, 07:44
Krosa Island
28-11-2003, 21:42