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The Truth is in the killing...(recruitment rp)

14-11-2003, 17:22
In the Mars moon of Fobos, a huge palace made of black iron stood, inside the dome of the Fiefdom of Aelos, the place surrounded by a sinister aura of impeding doom. Around the withered gardens, dozens of impaled corpses were marking the entrance to the wicked headquarter of Prince Ma'El Phaelos, the Betrayer.

Drow and Dark Eldar guards were everywhere, the figures of the grim Incubi protecting the Royal Chamber, the throne room of his master.

Inside, the ArchTraitor of Aelosia was resting in his throne, in his hand a little and delicate crystal reproduction of the Aelosian Craftworld. His homounculi servants were gathered around the regal and twisted form of Ma'El. The Prince, dressed in black and red garments, symbol of his status as a lifedrinker, opened his mouth to speak.

"What happened with the assasins sent to kill the mockery of Everqueen?", said the Prince, the cavernous voice hiding an unspoken rage.

One of the homunculi stepped forward, to answer his master. "They couldn't find her, she dissappeared with an Cyberutopian agent some time ago, and her current location is unknown. The assasins were intercepted in their way back by an Aelosian vessel and destroyed".

"Useless fools!. Tell me, tell me the news about our lost kingdom", said the powerful old one, smiling.

"They...they have started a colonization process in Mars, Sire. They are preparing to create a mining complex and a military base over there. Also they're making an alliance with the Empress of Bajon, she's determined to cleanse her country of vampires, and our cursed cousins are helping her", the voice of the homunculi was trembling, usually the Prince didn't treat well the bad news bearers.

"So, sad news, we are the true kin of the Bajoni people. We have a lot of agents inside the Olympus, I think, let them break havoc inside the Bajoni territory then. Send a message to all the mercenary guilds in all the nations you know. I want to recruit a new army, and invade the Craftworld once and for all, those stupid wretches of Aliria and Kithail will realize my power once and for all. The true ruler of Aelosia will regain his former glory. Let them be distracted by their new mars colony and the rest of the idle affairs, we will strike in the heart this time".

OOC: Ma'El is the former ruler of Aelosia, trying to plan a coup against the current Aelosian goverment. This thread was made to recruit the mercenary commanders (your characters) for his army. The tech level is space tech (not too advanced anyway), send your mercenary's bio and background and he will select the best ones.
15-11-2003, 03:49
Oh, BUMP, this will be a good RP...