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Request please help

13-11-2003, 22:47
The Holy Empire of The NecroZon would like to purchase 1 platonium field approximatly 1.2 acres to mine. i would like to purchase this in honor of my b-day thanks all!!!
14-11-2003, 00:07
*sends necrozon a breif, but highly tailored nuclear chemistry education package*

page 124 (extract):

plutonium ore has only been found in one place. a uranium deposit in africa. it is supposed, with high levels of supporting evidence, that water filtered down into the uranium ore body. the spontaniously generated neutrons that were genertaed were slowed down enough by the the water and the surrounding rock, so that they would fuse with uranium atoms. the subsequent beta decay then generated the high levels of plutonium now found. this is a highly unusual event. it is projected that it will occur in one of every five class m planets.

page 136 (extract):

to generate the amounts of putonium required for weapons production or power generation, it is simpler to artifically generate the plutonium. numerous techniques for generating and renfining the plutonium are outlined below.

page 5373 (extract):

for more information please contact
environment canda
123 sparks street
ottawa canada

*wonders if anybody will get the reference*
14-11-2003, 00:07
*oops double post*